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  1. Having served in Army for most of his adult life, he was stationed in Germany as a Master Sergeant when news of what was occurring in Chernarus had reached him. Being apart of the US Army NATO division, he was unsurprised when the people under his command were rallied, and they were told they would be there not only to stem the outbreak of violence but to hopefully assist with any efforts in organizing the uninfected. When they had arrived, he was not prepared for what he was witnessing, and what he was going to be witnessing in the future. What happened within the two days of their arrival stunned even him, and as he and his men were forced to flee from a tide of creatures that were once human, he was realizing the gravity of the situation, and what was worse, he and his men were cut off from the extraction teams that had been meagerly set up. It was a saving grace, perhaps, as it was not long after that he found their extraction point had been overrun. Electing to take what surviving men he had up towards the Air Base in the hopes of consolidating with air and ground forces there, he was met with another disappointment. The highways were blocked by panicked people, news of the infection having spread into the outlying countries was at the top of the News tickers, and he was left in a foreign country with his men, stranded by both panic and incompetence of Top Brass. Most of his men succumbed to the cold, to illness, and infection, he is the only one to survive, by some cruel grace of God.
  2. Yep, for some strange reason it was a bunch of weird characters. Changed it and the game seems to be running stable now. Thank you!
  3. Let me recheck the launcher, it's been a bit buggy as of late with me.
  4. I made the character with the name of the one that I've created, however it lets me in the server for about 30 seconds before bumping me out and saying "this is not your active character". It lets me run around for a little bit, then I'm yoinked out.
  5. Born in 1970 when Russia was still amongst the USSR, his father was a member of the military, and in turn, very prominent within the studies and manufacturing of new weaponry for the Soviet State. It was only expected that Yuriy would follow in his father's footsteps. However, with the fall of the USSR looming on the horizon, and Yuriy's career only beginning, he was forced to conform to a lifestyle within the service that had been considered new territory. His father committed suicide three days after the official record of collapse, yet he remained to continue his services to the Russian Army. Maintaining a career position, much like his father before him, he had risen to the rank of Major, yet the civil war and the tensions between Chernarus would test not only his patience, but his own morality as well. Having been a vocal contester of the bombings that ravaged the former USSR military base, he made a few enemies amongst his higher-ups, yet he still did not waver from his stance on the interaction between Chernarus and Russia. He was forced to resign after the bombing of the countryside to resist the orders to assist in the operation, yet he was not fully made aware of what the situation actually entailed. He had returned to his family's farm for a quiet life when news struck of the strange attacks, the vicious spread of a "rabies-like virus", alongside images of a ravaged Chernarus. It was only a matter of time before the first infected were found scraping at the gates of his farmhouse.
  6. Dynastes


    Hi all! I bought the game recently but I've never really been interested in playing a shoot-em-up kind of style, and being an avid roleplayer, I found you guys. I'm literally a DayZ baby, as in it's downloading right now, but hopefully once I get my hours in and can go through the application process I'll see you guys in game!
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