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  1. I always lived in the Rual mountains of Russia. My parents always talked English to wards me and tbh they where no Russians. Because I am born and raised on the maintains, I feel like a Russian. TBH I am the best farmer out there. I am one of the few who speaks English and able to talk investors. I am doing great, I got the best farm, I got knowledge of basic medicine(have to the vet is 6 hours drive form my place) I know how to hunt. People always called me stubborn. i just got a few friends. For some reason unknown to be be the apocalypse broke out, lost my girlfriend and my few friends. Sinds then I am wandering the world. Trying to find myself and trying to get in peace with myself. It was my fault that my girlfriend and few friends died, it is all my fault. I could end protect them. I am wondering what will happen, do i get friends who will help me to be good, or will I be used for the benefit of others. I like to plant plant to make the grown and to give water. I hate people who hurts me specialy those zombie types. I am on my guard and if I got a moment
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