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  1. Born in Germany, early 2001, Sera is a child that did not know a world before the Internet and smartphones. During the time of the crisis, Sera at 16 was inseparable from her cellphone. She watched Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube like a hawk for any information about what was going on. This lead her down a rabbit hole, picking up a rare, short-lived Tweet from time to time about.. Zombies? Impossible. Yet it was the truth, her family found that out the hard way. They were all boarding up their home once the officials couldn’t hide the worldwide reports of the infection. During a break, the tech-savvy teen downloaded and printed a map leading to Chernarus- telling herself that if she survives, this is where she is going to go. The unfortunate side of this, was that she was not keeping a lookout for her mother and father. Once they returned to work, the parental units were jumped by one of these rabid infected. It was not in the living’s favor as the tangle of bodies were thrown to the ground before Sera. With the only exit blocked, the maiden had only one choice: To try to kill the “zombie.” Once she was finished doing just that, she realized that it was too late for her parents. So she packed up with her map and left for Chernarus.
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