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  1. My grandparents migrated to Chernarus from Russia to expand their wheat farming business as superior and fertile soil in Chernarus was said to produce some of the best grain for vodka. The small family farm expanded into significant grain farms and shortly after the death of my grandparents my father built and operated the "Bardak and Sons" vodka distillery outside of Vybor with the help of me and my two younger brothers. My mother died of cancer in 1999 which drove my father to drink until he ironically died of cirrhosis of the liver in 2013. After my father's death, my two brothers left the distillery operations to me and moved to the United States to attend college. On the day of the outbreak, the infected had overrun Vybor but having made many connections while in the distillery business, I was able to secure transport and took refuge in a small encampment in Elektrozavodsk. As currency became useless my family history and affiliations became meaningless. The small amounts of vodka I was able to transport had long been exhausted and bartered away for food and used as a disinfectant to treat wounds. I am now part of a small population of survivors isolated in Chernarus fighting for my own survival. The whereabouts and condition of my two brothers is unknown. Perhaps I will someday rise to prominence in the anarchic society that remains with the hopes obtaining a more comfortable lifestyle and a means of establishing communications abroad to determine the extent of the infection and the fate of my family.
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