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  1. yea i was just bugged ,i reloged a couple times and it worked, thx
  2. Hi, and sorry if i didn't post on the good topic , is my first time posting on a forum, i encountered the problem that i can place a single tent, it dosen't even give me the option to place it or something, am i the only ?
  3. Very tall white ginger male with brown eyes named Wizy . He is an engineer who served in the army for 2 years . He was deployed in two missions with minerva and sasha his two favorite weapons (minerva a five/seven pistol and sasha a TYPE 88 LMG). He likes video games, movies, TV series and always wanted to be a pilot on an Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopter but his superiors didn't let him to learn because he was doing a way too good job on the field as engineer for tanks and humvees. He was raised by his uncle because his parents died in a train crash when he was 5 years old. Since when he was little , he wanted to be an engineer because he liked to break stuff and the repaired it .First he wanted to be an space engineer but after finishing high school he decided that it's not his call and decided that army will suit him better because he loves the adrenaline and guns. He was deployed in Chernarus to deliver a package without knowing any informations about this mission.The only mission instructions were :bring the package to the destination offering him only a Beretta 92 and a suppressor. The package was a strange looking person that would not say a single word along the flight. It did not matter if he was being asked questions or not, other than giving his first name we did not know anything about him.
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