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  1. Alex has always known since a very young age that he was different from the other children. The other children he could see during his missions were out playing, socializing and having fun. All of those being very strange concepts for him since he was always on a mission with the sole objective of getting the job done no matter the means. All the other kids had families, parents, an apartment or house, a pet dog or cat. His only family was John, his caretaker. John was the one responsible for him, he used to take care of him, train him and teach him how to think about a mission and most importantly how to be successful during one. One of the first missions he had was infiltrating one of the few mafia families and taking it from the inside. The job was simple, he had to figure out who the head was and put a stop to all the bad things they were doing. Selling drugs, committing robbery and murdering people whenever they deemed necessary. However all of that did not matter for Alex because back at the training facility, or home as he would call it he was told that while being on a job the results come first. A job that would normally take years he managed to do in months. Being a kid they weren't always careful around him and would slip, give information on meetings and whereabouts. He quickly got the trust of the ones in charge of deals and such and it did not take long until he got to meet Francesco. While sitting at a table with the heads of the mafia he realized he can complete the job without any loose ends. He stood up, pulled his Beretta M92 and put a bullet in everyone present. Upon leaving the establishment he carefully took out the security footage of the cameras and left. The job was done, no loose ends. Nobody left that could connect everything back to him. He would occasionally realize something is wrong, that his whole life consisted of training and taking on jobs. However nothing mattered as the only father figure he had in his life, John was always there for him. What was most curious to him was the file he has found while on base. The title said "Project Blue Moon" and it contained a little information about him. However the most curious fact was that the number of survivors was 1. Was the the only one left? It did not matter because he had a job to do.
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