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  1. Hey guys! I joined recently but never introduced myself! I've been playing the game on console for months now. I really enjoy role-playing and prefer it so much more to the standard KoS way of life that comes with public servers. So I made the switch to PC and this amazing server and I really do feel like I've found "home" Thanks for accepting me into this world, I hope to have amazing in-game experiences with everyone throughout my journeys!
  2. I was a hygiene specialist that had been working out of Europe for quite some time. I had developed a product that could actively kill germs and protect against pests in any household and last for over a month at a time. Unfortunately, some of the ingredients I used produced a bit of an unsavoury smell that I could never sort out. At least that’s the story I tell most people. The truth was that my invention contained cyanide, and a single sip would kill an adult in a matter of minutes. Thus, funding was cut and I turned my head towards medical science. A few months later I found a place looking for volunteers to assist with the civil war. I joined them without thinking twice and before I knew it I was on a military aircraft along with a bunch of other volunteers and supplies, en route to Chernarus. Soon after we landed we were escorted to a boat that was supposed to take use close to a hospital in a coastal town, that of which they never gave us the name. This should have been our first stop, but today was no ordinary day. The captain was drunk, but what happened was certainly not his fault. Quite some time into our trip along the coast, a helicopter came falling out the sky and split our boat in two, before erupting into flames and destroying the supplies. I somehow woke up on these very shores only to discover that there were bigger problems than the civil war. I suppose the only thing I can do now is search for other survivors and help in any way I can. I think by settling a small travellers Inn somewhere, this could be the best way to do it.
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