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  1. Hi everyone, I've been part of the dayz community since the Arma 2 mod days. The game to me was always just a Loot and KOS type of game untill I came across this server. Needless to say I believe this is how the game was ment to be played. I hope to have great in-game interactions with all of you.
  2. My name is Gath. I am... I mean I was a general tech guy at a big corporation before everything went to shit. I was eating a sandwich, digging through a bin of old pc scraps when the warnings started blasting through on the radio. I flipped over to the tv and the news was blasted warnings of an outbreak of some kind on all channels. At first, I was not phased. "Ebola had it's time in the light and died down quickly " I thought . I tried phoning my wife to see what she was up to. She did not respond. 'Probably busy in the lab again' I thought to myself as I took another bite of my sandwich. I started scrolling through my twitter feed ready to complain about my boring ass job again when I saw the news trending twitter. The headline read: Miroslavl under attack. I start to panic. My wife was a researcher for CDC(Center of disease control.) She works away for 6 weeks and comes home for 2 weeks. She was due to come home in a week or 2 before the news and twitter blew up with the Miroslavl incedent. They said it's biological and that all the resources in and around Europe were deployed to Chernarus to find out what exactly is going on there. It's been several months and I am searching for her. All I can hope for is finding here in Chernarus.
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