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  1. My name is Sergey Kozlov, i am an russian citizen, i was raised in Russia, i had a wonderful mother that loved me with all heart, my father left our family when i was very young, so i can say that street raised me a little and i saw a lot of differnt stuff on the streets, maybe that is why i have no mercy and i am fearless, when i finished school i decided to work as a miner, and at age of 30 i was sent by my boss in Ukraine, we arrived with the ship late night. The second day was the first day of work, we were working at the mine from Solnichniy. I liked Chernaus, a lot beautiful forests, rivers a lot of turistic places, i had a good payment i even managed to get a car and a house. One day i was after work and as usual i went to pub to relax with my co-workers and there i saw her. A beautiful lady named Anya, it was love at first sight we started talking and we menaged to get known with eachother and by the time we were in a relationship. We were sleeping at my place. Everything was wonderful till the day when our world met the end. For me was a normal day i was slleping in my bed when in the middle of the night i heard something, when i woke up i couldn' t find Anya, i went to search for her and when i found her i fell down, her face was full of blood that already was not Anya, that thing was something else, she tryed to bait me but i managed to run way, i took my car and tried to bring an doctor, but when i saw what was going on the streets i knew that our world was finished, and the only thing that i wanted was to go back in Russia, so i took my car and drove to the ship, we and other people managed to get in and when we start moving, the only thing that i remember was that i heard an scream from the Capitan' s cabin and how we crashed, and then i fell unconcious on the floor. And i don' t know what will happen next but i hope that this is not the end of my story.
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