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  1. Harry

    Alcohol drinks and Smokes

    Thats why you should add only toy guns and no-damage zombies in game. You cant have both, its either rape , toture murder and cannibalism or safe space, toy guns, 0 damage zombies. Please make up your mind
  2. Harry

    Raven Shield Mercenaries Corporation [Recruiting]

    Nice i remember this group from the very old days, never got a chance to run in to you guys unfortunatly trough. Maybe this time.
  3. Harry

    Lore Wipe SoonTM

    Doesn't change shit, maybe for one to two days. So nope.
  4. War has never been easy.. Seeing your brothers get killed infront of you has always left a scar on me. Its those kind of scars that are not visible to the eye but yet they stay there forever. My life has never been easy my father forced me to make something of my life, you could argue that he was a little nationalistic and to fed up of him self. When i was eighteen he forced my to join the militairy in this case the: CDF, i have learned a lot from my time in the army. Unfortunatly my mother left us early when she really saw the true colours of my father, i had never seen her again. I saw lots of boys going joining and coming back as a man, you would see things a normal person would never see or would never want to see in his life time. When the Russian invasion happend i had no choice but to fight for the freedom of our country, the CDF took many losses and not just by the Chedaki, but also those horrible "biters as i would call them" i had never seen so much chaos in my life.. This was nothing like a gun battle this was even worse, biters swarming the streets of Chernarus like ants. As far as i know there is bearly any CDF left, and now i am alone forced to survive not knowing who to trust. Beign loney and scared might be even worse then death it self.
  5. Harry

    Question in regards to kill rights.

    This whole ruleset is a grey area, why go trough this all confusion and trouble when u can easily switch back to the old one. Pvp will always be there as the game is also intended for it. And i dont see the arguement of getting more pvp to be a thing. It doesn’t matter what the rules are people will always pvp. And for all i know the amount of pvp has always stayed the same even with the old rules. Maybe it was slightly more in the mod but it was purely because gearing took no longer then 15 min.
  6. Harry

    Bring back KOS rights.

    I agree with Andrey here, these rules are to chaotic. Its almost impossible to keep track of who every single person of your group rps with who. Why have it so difficult when you just could make it in to a single rule which makes much more sense. And like was said, people that want to pvp will always pvp it does not matter what the rules are. Also pvp has always been a big part of the server when ever you like it or not, take the mod for example there was lots of pvp. And now this did not change at all.. so the arguement that it promotes more pvp does not have a lot of weight since there has always been lots of pvp. I dont see how this rule would cause it even more, its just more simple and easier to understand. People who dont want to pvp still have room enough to do as they please.
  7. Harry

    Krysí Hnízdo [Rats Nest]

    Well done, like the story and the artwork
  8. Harry

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed][GOTY 2018]

    Had a good run. SLAVA CHERNARUS
  9. Harry

    To the Kozlovs

    *Presses the radio button so he can speak* If it is true that one of your man did this then this man is no true Chernarussian, but instead he is a traitor. Chernarussian or not does not matter, traitors have the same worth as Ruskies or Chedaki so not much more worth then dogs. Which means that they have to be either cut into peaces or set on fire. *Releases the radio button while kicking a dead Russian in a grave*
  10. Harry

    DayZRP Seasons / Chapters / Episodes

    I see no point, people are going to play like they want anyway. Sometimes completely disregarding the lore. Just keep it as it is right now, and make the game more interesting by letting staff host some random and dynamic events.
  11. Harry

    S1: RDM - Zelenogrosk 11/10/18 - 19:30

    It doesn't excuse the fact that you are still responable for IDing your targets, you cant just kill people based on pure assumptions.
  12. Harry

    S1: RDM - Zelenogrosk 11/10/18 - 19:30

    Are you even serious? We just arrived at the camp when the dead body was already there... You confuse us withKameníci we had no part in that. So for that matter you just commited multiple RDM and KOS.
  13. Harry

    S1: RDM - Zelenogrosk 11/10/18 - 19:30

    My pov: We meet Kenneth and a guy from the free medics and we talk a little bit back and forward. Then suddenly out of nowhere we heard shots.. Kenneth drops dead next to us. And before we can completely understand whats happening, a guy walks right up infront of me and shoots me in the head. I never heard any iniation, nor did i get any time to react to the situation, which makes it clear KOS.
  14. Johan was a simple man with simple manners. His Father used to work in a bakery, when his father died he continued to work inside the bakery. He became proud of his country because of the story's that his father told him about how great it was. Johan is a man who respects his own country man but: because of the influence of his father and the fact that he had been tortured in the past by foreigners, made him very skeptical about foreigners who enter the lands of Chernarus. The only way they could stay in his eyes is if they prove their worth to him, and show that they have the best wishes for the country itself. If thats not the case he would be very happy to throw their asses back to the border, or even kill if it is nessecary. As for his morale he follows a few rules that he sticks to when it comes to killing, he would never kill a woman, or child.
  15. Chaos.. it is really what Boris has been used to. Since he grew up he always wanted to serve his country, his father a militairy man was his great example. After spending years of training to become a decent soldier the time finally came for Boris. Words were speading out that the CDF had killed Russian soldiers active in duty trying to save South Zagoria from its end. With this Boris saw a chance to finally do something great for his country, and so he was send to Chernarus to fight the real enemy the CDF. And so he ended up in lots of gun fights with alot of people dieing on each sides.. but as the infection quicky spreaded around him it became clear very quickly.. he was stuck in the country of his enemy with nowhere to run. He was left with the only choice left that he had, abandon his mission and use his only instincts.. survive..
  16. Harry

    Constant Pvp and executions.

    Just to make this clear i only made the thread to get some awareness on the subject. The argument of me beign in a group that takes many people, and thats why you get in many firefights is false. Did we take everyone when i was in Cerna Liska? No and yet we ended up having endless firefights and or executions. I dont care about any gear or losing. My point is that it can become so stale, and so demotivating that people in the end stop playing the game because of it. You dont have agree with me that is completely fine. I believe that i made my point clear, so i will no longer argue on this thread.
  17. Harry

    Constant Pvp and executions.

    Wowh thanks man. I just told my concerns. Ofcourse everyone can have their own way of roleplaying. But where is the RP in constant firefights and executions? I dont really care about gear itself. The only issue that i have is that it takes so long to get everything you need just to get back to RP. Since most people go to the triangle, so you dont get alot of RP outside often.
  18. Harry

    Constant Pvp and executions.

    That situation indeed made me also made this thread. I was dissapointed with the execution as it just ended the RP there. I cant complain about anything else as the RP was good.
  19. Harry

    Constant Pvp and executions.

    I did not call out anyone i just said that this our goal and not pvp or gear.
  20. Harry

    Constant Pvp and executions.

    Maybe but atleast our goal is to give RP and not to go look for some pvp or dank gear.
  21. Harry

    Constant Pvp and executions.

    So letting your group always get shit on that sounds like fun. Trust me i have tried this in the past but it doesnt always work. If we were at war and we did comply we still would get executed.
  22. Harry

    Constant Pvp and executions.

    Before i start: this thread might seem simular to the current issues thread but in my opinion its not. This issue has been existing since the beginning of SA. What i mean is that i am getting sick and tired of when a few groups are at war and there is constant gun fights and executions. I have experienced this since i joined Cerna Liska, so at a sudden point we were at war with the gamblers. Which litteraly ended up with us logging in, firefight, execution , dieing, regearing repeat. We all got sick and tired of this and many of us got less and less motivated to even play on the server. I mean hostile rp and iniations is fine but constant firefights and executions just no. If you want to pvp constantly just go play on a public server. Back in the mod it did not matter to much. And why? because you could just spawn back in find a weapon and you were done. But in SA you literally have to find EVERYTHING once again. This issue is still going on in dayzrp today and i believe it should be solved. Because i strongly believe that i am not the only one getting sick and tired of this. And no a little safe island wont chance this. Ofcourse a sieze fire could be offerd between groups but this doesnt all ways work. I am trying to think of a solution but its not so easy to come up with one. This maybe seems like a rant it maybe kinda is. But i just had to get this of my chest. When modding tools finally come out things might be better. But for now its just not fun anymore.
  23. Harry

    S1: Multiple KOS Kabanino- 06/24/2017 22:59

    I did not record because this came so unexpected. That i had no time to put on my recording software either, as i was getting shot out of nowhere. So i tried to survive instead but ended up beign killed. I did not recieve any iniation either so even if i had time to record, you wouldnt hear or see any.
  24. Harry

    Just got whitelisted

    Nice Have fun And just some piece of advice: Dont play a bandit just yet because its a hard thing to do when you are just starting out. What i would do instead is play with more experienced members and learn from them. Only start banditery once you have played on the server for about 3+ months, otherwise you might find yourself in many reports.
  25. Harry

    S1: Multiple KOS Kabanino- 06/24/2017 22:59

    Just to make this clear the only reason why we started to run is because we suddenly took shots. We never recieved any text or voice iniation. I even didnt have any mag for my gun, so what kind of sense would it have made for me not to comply?
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