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  1. My character's name is Rohan Myburgh, He is male and a ship captain of a cargo ship for tradeworld industries. We we're on our way to our dropping point when one of our ship's turbine's failed and we only had 1 left that was not powerful enough to get us to our drop point. We decided to use only the one turbine and eventually it failed as well. We had no comms with anyone and we were at sea for 10 days hoping that someone would find us. With only the open ocean and no shores in sight the crew started to panic. We were low on supplies so we started opening containers to look for food. Most of the containers only had electronics and clothes. Some of the crew decided to take the life boats in hopes that the sea would wash them up on the closest shore. After 20 days almost all the life boats were gone and myself and a few crew members were left. On night 21 I was sleeping in my cabin and got woken up by the loudest thunder I have ever heard. The sky was pitch black and flickering with lightning. 30 Minutes later the rain started and so did the waves. The waves picked up and the ship was taking a beating. containers were falling of the ship and one even killed a crew member. I could hear the horror in the crew members screams. We all knew this was the end. Suddenly a wave hit us so hard that I banged my head on the control board and blacked out. I woke up , It was sunny I could feel the sun's heat on my face and could hear birds chirping. Other than those sounds there was complete silence. I started screaming for help because I could not get up. I could move my legs but I couldn't stand for more than 10 seconds without falling. I screamed for hours and NOTHING. I decided to crawl all the way up the stairs to get to the crew's nest. I stood up and saw we were on the shore. I had no idea where I was all I know is we were on land. I was so happy but still in shock that nobody heard my screams. I made my way down to the crew's cabin and what I saw there haunts me till this day, I opened the door and all I saw was blood. Blood on the walls blood on the sheets and blood on the floor. What happened!! After regaining some of my stamina I decided to go down to the shore. I could only see the ocean's side of the ship. I threw a rope down and made a knot on one of the heater pipes of the ship just in case. I Jumped of the ship and started swimming around the ship to get to shore. My eyes were red and swollen but I could see black figures on the shore. I was the happiest person on the planet at that point because I thought I was safe now. I got to shore and tired to wipe my eyes. 20 meters in front of me I saw my crew member just standing there. He's name is Rob. I started walking to him and calling his name. He didn't respond. I got up close to him and touched his shoulder. Rob turned around except it wasn't rob. His cheeks had holes in them and his mouth was full of blood . I ran back to shore to and rob ran after me. I tried warning him to leave me alone but it was like he was mindless and unresponsive to anything he wanted to kill me. I stopped and got a stick from the shore with a sharp end! I screamed "ROB!! this is your captain stop this NOW!. He continued to charge me and I had no choice! I HAD NO CHOICE! I stabbed him in the stomach. Rob fell but after 5 seconds he got back up and I lost my shit completely. I cried while swimming back to the rope I let down. I climbed up the rope with no struggle since I had so much adrenaline in me. I got up to the captain's control room and tried the comms again. NOTHING!. I was stranded and did not have any idea what was going on. I got my flare gun and made a sharp melee weapon with one of the pieces of broken table in my cabin. I went down to the containers. I found one with a lot of clothes and put on dry clothes. After regaining energy I went out to look for food in the containers. All I found was baked beans in a blue can. I had problems opening the can but when I did eventually I must have ate 5 of them. I was dry and safe in my container but very scared. There has to be life on in this place I said to myself. I don't have anything to lose if I go outside. No wife ,No kids just a Captain on a lonely ship. I got the last life boats and lowered myself and the boat into the water. I tried making my way west of the shore and saw a road. This is it Rohan I told myself. It's time to survive and find a way of the place. I started following the road in hopes that it will take me to a city or somewhere safe.
  2. Good day, I saw a guide to the frequently asked questions somewhere but cant find it. My whitelisting has been approved but when I log in it says you are not whitelisted. What are the next steps in troubleshooting? Thanks in advance.
  3. Good day, I am playing from south africa and I know my ping might be a bit higher than usual. I would just like to know if there is a max ping set to the server. I should get avg 250ms from south africa to Canada. Thanks
  4. Good day, I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask or post. I accidentally logged in with the wrong steam account that does not have DayZ. Is there a way can undo the login and try logging in with the correct one? Thanks in advance. Ruan
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