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  1. Borne in Rome in 8 of May 1990, he had a boring, classical childhood , he studied Medicine and wanted to do something, to do the difference: It was the 17th of July when a 29 doctor form Italy, specialized in Viral Diffusion and Contagion Processes, reached Miroslavl after he joined the NATO forces in support of the region. It was me: Adamo Morrello. I thought it was the right thing, but it was also the worst. I was assigned to a military team that had the purpose to capture an infected and bring him back to the base for further researches. I remember i was surprised when the captain said "capture" instead of "withdraw", it became clear when we first arrive on the battlefield. We could not accolplish the mission, when we arrived in Zelenogrosk the 19th it was too late and the city was cut off, we ran away with the civilians in a panic, the mission was clearly impossible to complete, but the military commander ordered to let the civilians go and continue anyway. I hate the military and fought violently with the commander that night. I remember his threats, the gun on my forehead and the bombing in the background. That night I was separated from the rest of the team in the ruckus, only Tom and I, a young cadet, remained. We were lost in the countryside outside Zelenogorsk trying to help a group of civilians reach an outpost on the coast. The bombings of the 20th cut us off from every escape route, the damned soldiers and their bombs! We were doomed and in the night we were surprised by the infected, only me survived. I survived for Tom, he was 4 years younger than me, but much more courageous. He held them back and I ran away. Damn. Forgive me, I had to die with you Tom. Since then I survive wing of the day, bringing medical aid to those who ask me. Recently I met some survivors with whom I can get along, neither is obviously a military man.
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