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  1. Can we get more wolves? the cold temp would drive them to wonder around more for food so it would make sense that we would see more. plus they are more fun then zombies.
  2. You might want to talk to an admin aswell as it sounds like your were KOS, and reporting it might be necessary. If whoever killed you did not properly initiate on you that is. someone can correct me if im wrong but simply being in someones base is not an act of hostility and would still require you to be initiated on.
  3. There is a way to move people, use a shovel to bury them 6ft down. For real though, I think the stretcher/carry/drag would be awesome and could create some interested rp moments. (caravan of people carrying wounded teammates from a firefight?) I would love boats too simply for deer isle, ive thought about swimming out to the rigs, but haven't gotten the courage yet.
  4. @Ducky Is it considered griefing if someone wants to steal a tent and has nowhere to place the items in said tent? Is the deciding factor whether there was room to put the items into something else essentially? I ask because we had a improvised tent set up next to a small lake with some fishing and cooking supplies in it and someone decided that a long stick and burlap was too much for them to find on there own and decided to take our tent leaving all the items on the ground. I thought about reporting it but It felt it a bit petty over a improvised tent and some fishing rods and cooking gear.
  5. took me 3 days to get the timing right when someone was home at the tower but I finally got ahold of a man named George at the gate 2 days ago. I hope he told you about the supplies I dropped off for your group. I ran a charity center in elektro for a short time til it was raided, so I know the struggles. I stopped by today too, but it was during a bad rain storm and was only able to throw a gun over the gate to an unkown man. it would have been nice to warm up there but I understand your guys caution in not letting us in. We have more supplies for you, but we had to find shelter to warm up and time ran out. Maybe tomorrow we will come back to drop them off. My bud max amann and I will try to stop by when we can to donate more guns, ammo, food, etc. "all it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing"
  6. rhothar

    Cooking our steaks

    A nice campfire and fresh steak, not a bad view either.
  7. rhothar

    A rifle would work better

    Max uses unconventional methods to hunt.
  8. rhothar

    Proud hunter

    There may not be any antlers, but the steak tastes just as good!
  9. rhothar


  10. go to deer isle. the roleplay is just as good there as it is in chernarus. Plus no anarchy! yet.......
  11. My first stag in chernarus. Thanks for helping me pack it out Max!
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