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  1. Im rather new here, but out of all the RP ive experienced 3/4 of the people ive met just ask non stop questions like who are you with, where are your friends. where are you going, whose faction are you with. Its pretty lame when you keep running into the same investigative robots. How about having a conversation instead of an investigation, not everyone is out to kill you.
  2. Well, here I am. I locked myself into one of the storage closest in this hospital. the screaming outside is horrible, I hardly slept all night. I sat here thinking about home, sitting on the porch drinking a cold glass of water after a hard days work. peering over the fields of corn we spent all summer cultivating in a small ghost town in north Dakota. I knew I had to get out of that place before I was trapped forever. I seen an ad for the United nations seeking volunteers to help with medical relief in suffering countries. I spent three years treating sick people in Africa, mostly as an assistant to the doctors but occasionally performing minor procedures on my own. we were doing well and the region we were deployed to seemed to really be improving. That's when we got the call to redeploy to a place called Miroslavl. I had never heard of it, but hey, i had never heard of any of the places we went to in Africa either. I assumed it would be a similar deployment, dealing with some mal nutrition and maybe some illnesses due to poor living conditions. However what we learned traveling on the ship to this place sounded like nothing i had ever heard of before. Rumors of people with strange symptoms like bleeding eyes and psychosis, not responding to family or doctors. I even overheard a couple of the lead doctors talking about soldiers being fired upon and seemingly not being affected by the bullets till they were nothing but pieces. I wondered what i had gotten myself into, and if my need for adventure had been my curse. I yearned for the simple times and problems on the farm. The stories were getting worse and my regret was building steadily. This would not be like the treatments in Africa i knew now. Once we arrived on shore there was no time to think about these things. The whole country was abound with activity. the roads were flooded with frantic people. The patients flowing thru the door never seized. we were so over whelmed with sick people and nothing seemed to be helping. I was in the middle of checking on patients when i heard the the gun shots ring throughout the hospital, shortly followed by men yelling orders to evacuate and screams of anguish while i watched a few of my coworkers running through the Hallway covered in blood. more shots rang out and i followed the herd of frantic people running for the escape exits. Me and two others were slit off from the group when a rabid group of patients poured through one of the hallway doors. we backtracked to a lab room and were contemplating what to do when we heard someone calling for help on the otherside of the door. I stressed not to open it to the man and lady who split off with me, but they did not heed my pleas. when they opened the door to let the crying woman into our safe haven the infected followed with her. i looked for an escape and decided it was either the windows or this small storage closet. Ive been in here for whats feels like an eternity. the sounds of movement in the room outside seem to be dying down. I need to try to make my escape now while i still have the strength.
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