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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: None of my side of the conversation is or can be shown. I gave him a reasonable time to comply with my commands. He was silent for three minute then I told him I was going to kill him In three seconds and still got no reply. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was just playing dayz like I normally do. I seen that this guy had an ak that I wanted and decided to rob him (using proper rp) What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Me being released from this unjust ban What could you have done better?: Been more careful about the log out timer. I had to go to work so I couldn't control that.
  2. Server name and time:Server 1 (server time):(UTC): 2019-09-09, 20:55 Location: Orlovets In game name: Leon Aldridge (Wrath) Name of victim: Dimitri No allies No friendly or Vehicles No video or screenshots I was in orlovets talking to a group of russians about the whereabouts of Cherdaki. Shortly after they left in a car I heard gunshots from down the road. Well I go to investigate and find this guy shooting zombies. after I wave to him we finish off all the zombies together and I sit down. We exchanged names and I asked where he was going you know the usual stuff. Well I noticed a sweet ak on his back and got to thinking that this could be and easy one. So we were talking and he checked the sign to see where we were. As he did that I pulled my weapon and told him to drop everything. He looked at me and didnt do anything. after three minutes of waiting for him to talk I started counting down to three and threatening him. Well i made to three. Shot him. Took that ak and ammo. and walked down the road for about 5 miles and logged out for work I was unaware that 30 minutes hadnt passed and I am at fault for that. but I was only a few minutes off and I didnt know how long it had been at the time. Is there a warning for a first time offence like this. I will be more careful in the future to logging out too early
  3. I didnt know that the time between that interaction and me getting off for work were so close together. I traveld all the way to the gorka crossroads when i logged so i thought it had been about thirty minutes He didnt have any allies trying to make a move for me. I was all by myself walking all the way to gorka from Orlovets And If he has no allies and Is completly alone then I dont understand. He cant return to that area and has no memories of the interaction once he respawns. I thought i waited thirty minutes
  4. Those logs dont show any of my interaction I told him everything that was going on in the voice chat and gave him a chance
  5. I didn't combat log. I was actually on for about another hour after. I didnt rdm you, I rp'd with you and told you exactly what I was doing before I acted. Can you please provide proof of all of this because I think you are making a false accusation
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