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  1. Olivia Bjornstad grew up in a town in Norway, her father was a wealthy owner of a small private security firm. Olivia was alot like her brother Martin. They both did not care about school and didnt know what they wanted to do after school. At 18 she began to study medical school in Norway. She actually tried to go further in the medical world. Her brother Martin went away to Chernarus with theyr dad becasue Martin failed school. Some years later when Olivia was finished with medical school, she went with her dad and brother Martin. Her dad and Martin were part of the Private security firm and they were protecting medical personell while the outbreak was happening. After the zombie horde came cutting off the rutes out and taking down the people defending it. Olivia was seperated from Martin while trying to escape the city. She quickly found out that she was on her own, she had to find out how to survive and keep going. After staying alive for a long time, surviving of food she had found arround chernarus she understood that she was stuck here and that there was no way out. She desided to go out there and try to find Martin again to see if he was still alive. That maybe she would see a familiar face again and not be alone anymore.
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