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  1. growing up in Mother Russia Crosko as a little kid loved to wear the tracksuit as matter of fact everyone in his school wore tracksuits because it was the school uniform it was like wearing a symbol of pride for them for their country as thay learned now crosko even being a kid always held wearing a tracksuit as a high honer and held it even in higher regard than god to disrespect the tracksuit meant death among his people Crosko was a very sociable person and worked through his problems with great efficiency and always got high grades one day in school the class gathered around timmy his best freind,jake the cheater,amy the goody two shoes,Bon the lazy everyone the teacher asked us what we wanted to be and explain why everyone told out loud to the class to what thay wanted to be Bon wanted to be a taste tester amy wanted to be a doctor jake wanted to be a whitehat hacker and my mate just wanted to be a comrade in soviet army as for me i went up there and said i wanted to be Missionary for a new religion he would be founding crosko said it would be called Track Head where tracksuits are holy items along with vodka and cavass everyone in class including the teacher got up shed a tear and claped and roared for him applauding after he was then allowed to skip most grades and when he graduated he got started on work on his religion made a church with alot of support from his fellow comrades unfortunately thats around the time when the apocalypses hit
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