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  1. BlitzTech

    S1 NVFL Near Solnichny Factories 00:42:56 9/11/2019

    POV: We were from Cherno running north along the coast towards Berezino, as we made our way north we spotted a man on the road next to an industrial area and he booked it into the woods after seeing us. This sparked our curiosity so we ran after him and as he ran away we took chase into the woods. As we caught up to him I hear @Masonn start talking to him and trying to RP. The man kept backing up though, after so much time @Masonn tried to initiate on the man. He immediately raised his weapon and started shooting knowing he could see 3 of us and that we had 2 more close in the area coming for support, to which he gets killed and NVFL's.
  2. Waldo was born in Savannah Georgia and lived there as a troubled child up until being forced to move into London with his parents at the age of 9 due to job opportunities. He lived his teenage years there being bullied as he never fit in. Waldo lived his life in near solitary confinement at home as he was beaten regularly and never left his house. He failed in school and with all social activities. When the infection hit Waldo was happy, unlike most people. He enjoyed watching all the people he hated die, he never loved anyone. Waldo gained joy from watching his parents being eaten alive when the infection started. He knew he could have saved them but didn't care, all he cared about was himself. He has no care for others and is a ruthless person to those in need. His favorite pass time activity now involves watching others struggle. Waldo has no shame in eating other human beings and takes pride in it, often describing himself as superior for eating other people.
  3. Boone was a Lumberjack before the outbreak and his strength with an axe is what has kept him alive ever since. Boone was in Savannah, GA when the news of the infection broke and as you would expect in a large city at the time, chaos ensued. He was hundreds of miles from his family that lived in Columbia, South Carolina. After multiple failed phone calls he stole a vehicle in the middle of the rioting and made his way north as quick as possible. He didn't make it far before breaking down somewhere along the coast of North Georgia. After miles of walking along the coast he found an abandoned sailboat. After gathering supplies he headed out onto the water hoping to skip the traffic jams and rioting along the roads. As a man with no navigational sense or ability to sail, the second a storm hit on his third day at sea he was lost and had no idea where he was going. After drifting for probably a month, he finally spotted land. He didn't recognize the language on the street signs and realized he was far from home. He decided to head inland and soon came upon Chernarus. He doesn't believe anyone in his family is still alive anymore after the time that passed so his only focus is to survive in this foreign landscape he knows almost nothing about. He does consider himself a naturally protective person and will always stop to help those he believes are in need. This usually gets him into some pretty rough situations but he's a hardheaded steadfast person that will never change his ways.
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