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  1. POV, i was wandering around Sitnik, looking for building materials, Earl then picked me up as he offered to give me a lift to any random location to try and locate a friend. As we hit Grabin we where stopped by 5.0.3, Robbed and then we where taken to Tarnow industrial where we where questioned further. I was simply double micing by accident. I'm sure we are all human here and make mistakes. I did not directly respond to my friend on discord about being held up by CJ. No body acted on the info i was saying. As i didnt tell people who where in the game on discord. There was no meta gaming involved. This was a mistake and not intened malicously. This is blown way out proportion.
  2. Based off of the evidence provodied by all parties I would like to say that the OP's party was metagaming.. specifically CJ himself. As shown by the gif provided you can see that CJ viewed my profile during the time of the interrogation. The time displayed on the GIF is 12:34 PST Febuary 8, 2020. When convereted to UTC then to military time it is 20:34, which is fairly close to the time that we were tied up and interigated to. You can see in Eagle's video at 4:03 I get hit with a FAL at 20:39 so by using simple math 4 minutes prior would be 20:35, which is only a minute after they checked my profile. On top of that there DuquesneLR claims IC that they have a rat after "checking" but then saying nothing IC over any radio. This is where I believe the metagame had happened. https://gyazo.com/e742a36aeaa25753b3b9d7583a9fc08b
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