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  1. My name is Lee James i'm from Kent, England. I was apart of The UN peace keeprs sent with a medical team to Chernarus. Apparently they are reports of unresponsive people roaming and an infection spreading. I was Apart of a detachment of 100 to Chapaevsk where a base was created for treatment and research. The research facility got over ran by dead people we tried containing the situation but with little result. We pushed out to Berinzino with the rest of the people in convoy. As we set up a containment zone in Berizino but as well we got over ran. So we started to push out to Elektro were i met a Sgt Gomez and he briefed me on the situation of the city but by the end of the night the city was lost. The next few days seemed like a blurr i lost my unit everyone i know is gone. So i started to push north away from the coast i arrived at a town called Staroye. From there i heard reports that Chernarus is completely blocked off we are in the middle of ground zero. I started to push following a road leading NW it seems passed a town of Guglovo and i reached a small city of Novy Sobor where i seen a group of 8 marines with a makeshift shelter. There i seen the Sgt that i met in Elektro and his good friend Tyrag Matthews. As we were waiting on scouting reports from Sgt Gomez. We were over ran by within an hr with all the confusion and chaos i high tailed it north. I made it to a town named Grishino i think this is where i will settle down in till my next move.
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