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  1. Tbh as long as the trader sells common items, I don't think it will break the game, but can't say the same thing for the fast travel. It definetly shouldn't be on the server.
  2. My character's name is Hunter Price. He is a 43 years old Tanzanian. He was born in a Tanzanian village called Kilwa. He lived his childhood in povetry. He had lived there till he was 17. Then he decided to leave the village and go to a bigger city, called Arusha. There he did basic jobs like janitor. When he was 18 he joined army. The exact year a coup took place. General Sani Abacha overthrew the government of Interim President Ernest Shonekan (who had been appointed to lead Nigeria upon the resignation of Babangida three months earlier). Hunter played a key role nearby General Abacha. Government tried to assassinate General but Hunter saved his life by taking a bullet on his stomach. He had to stay in hospital for 2 months, but when he healed, General knew he was a trustworthy soldier and made him a colonel.He gained a lot of experience about military until General Sabi Abacha died due to a sudden heart attack in 1998. Hunter knew that General made a lot of enemies during his reign, also there were a lot of them who didn't want him at the first place. They knew Hunter was a person who General Abache trusted, that's why Hunter reckoned that they wouldn't let him continue his life. He had no choice but flee some other country. Then he lived in Turkey until 2002. . It was the year when there was a huge economical crisis in Turkey. Life was so hard that he didn't want to live there anymore. So he moved to Russia. He started living there and found a job just suitable for him. He was a taxi-driver. He always liked driving cars. A couple of years later, he met this beautiful woman who would be his future wife. They were happy and living the best life, then they wanted to have a child but that turned out two. They had twins. One boy and a girl. Boy's name was Igor and girl's Olga. Igor was black just like his father and Olga was blonde just like her mother. Life was perfect for him until the outbreak. He lost his family. What he did ever since is wandering and scavinging.
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