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  1. Yeah I agree if you're going to play a game like this and don't want to play on a KOS server, then PC is really the only option. PS4 just doesn't have the following or capability to do what you can easily do on a PC server.
  2. I've always enjoyed the permadeath being added to servers, it makes people value their character and interactions alot more. It also makes people more likely to work together because when you know you have one life and it's over you don't want to die. You play the game the way it's ment to be played, it also adds a whole new level of character development and realism. Just my 2 cents on the matter though.
  3. Hello all I played on SCUM RP last year the server Jim ran, I was the leader of the Red Right Hand. Character name was Nicholas Hearon, yes that's also my real name I know very creative. Anyways if anyone remembers me from around there hit me up. I look forward to playing with you all and getting some quality roleplay going.
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