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  1. @Voodoo As @SullyDat said. Im busy for another 3-4 Months with the army , training a new batch of recruits and beeing out and about.. no clue when I will get days off. Hope that will not pose a problem for myself or the group. Edit : Got Promoted to Lance Corporal the other day.
  2. Anton Winter was born on the 23rd of January 2000 in the city of Vienna. His early life consited of going to a private school , military gymnasium and the "Heeres Unteroffiziers Akademie" (NCO-Academy) Anton graduated as a "Wachtmeister" (Sergent) from the Academy and was assigned to the "3te Panzergrenadier Brigade" in "Mautern an der Donau" (Lower Austria) As a NCO his task was to train fresh recruits and lead units in the field. Anton loves nature , hunting , firearms and collecting army / unit patches. When the outbreak started he was a tourist in chernarus traveling the lands. His goal is to stay alive , if possible get back to austria , and help any and all other non hostile survivors.
  3. I cant record gameplay due to my rigs limitation , im allready running the game on the lowest of the lowest and im happy I can even play stuff like DayZ. TL;DR - No.
  4. I stopped at a gas station with two friends trying to refuel our already damaged BMW. After a minute or two I noticed 5 to 6 Armed individuals with drawn weapons running at us , my characters first instinct was to get into the car and run. Ontop of that Radek dislikes violence and people with drawn rifles running at him can only mean Ill intent. Seeing as Radek is not a fighter but a medic and humanitarian he ofcourse tried to value his life and flee . Ontop of that I was Injured already and got hit by our own car by accident.
  5. I was sitting in the back of the car sorting my inventory , as I heard someone call out people on the road , our driver swirved left into the field and the guy who got rammed ran into the same direction. We were in 4th gear close to 120 KM/H there was no real chance to slow down enough. We did however turn around and I tried to look if he was maybe knocked out. There was this woman at aswell which I tried to ask for her name and her friends name. She was upsat but after a while refused to respond or talk to us so we just left the sceen and dident take anything from the body. ~Sincerely Radek "Rad" Zelenka.
  6. Time to cull the horde and get rid of that chollera outbreak...
  7. *Radek would grab his radio and press the button cheerfully responding.* "Comrades it is good to hear from you again! Long have my fellow citizen's , comrades and brothers in arms waited for the legitamate goverment of this free nation to return , we are eager to fight and research for the free people of chernarus once more! Slava Chedaki! Slava Bolshoi!" *Radek was humming the Chernarussian anthem after a short static.*
  8. I really enjoyed @G19RP's roleplay today. Made my sleepless night a bit sweeter. Loved the Rp of everyone at lopatino actually. Was fun to play a role in it... hope to be affilliated soon. Slava Chedaki.
  9. Radek grew up with a fairly poor family back in his home country, where he had a brother and a sister named Evzenie. When he was only a year old, Russia occupied Prague where his family lived. His family chose to leave and they hid in abandoned factories and plants. His father, who worked in a nuclear plant, tried to take one of it's trucks so they could escape to Austria. While getting fuel for the truck, Russians came to arrest them, however a Lithuanian Lieutenant let them go. When he was young, his brother burnt down his home with one of the lit candles, forcing his family to live in a tent through the cold Czech winter until the house was rebuilt. After growing up, his sister had a son, who, as Radek pointed out "breaks things and smears thing on furniture". He also raised racing pigeons. He became a gifted scientist, and was once offered a job at Masaryk University. However, when he was offered a chance to work in Chernarus, he turned down the offer at the University and joined a team going to the Medical insitute located in Novodimitrovsk , where he was to work under Dr. Stanislav . Zelenka took part in the major breakthrough on biological and chemical developement such as produceing a very potent virus. Zelenka heard rumors about the virus for years before actually finding out the truth about it, He still dismissed the rumors. After completing his doctorate at Cambridge University, Zelenka took a temporary job at the Chernogorsk hospital where he went learned/picked up very usefull medical skills. Now Zelenka walks the country or Chernarus trying to find documents and his old friends to find a cure and combat the virus which has spread.
  10. Yevgeny Shevchuk was a regular 20 year old guy born in Moscow , Russia in 1998 (23.01) , turning 17 he joined the Russian Army and left service right before the apocalypse broke out , after leaveing service Yevgeny was a Taxi Driver and loner , heading to Chernarus to meet an old long time army friend. Now Yevgeny still has high hopes of finding his friend named Victor and if not so.. finding people with mutual interest , either bringing order or chaos to chernarus and the rest of the survivors. Yevgeny tends to brag about his martial art skills in karate and cqc skills with a combat knife from his old army times. He enjoys hunting , fishing , fixing up cars and tinkering with rifles in his free time. Yevgeny usually wears either Tracksuits or Hunters clothes , his favourite music type is Russian hardbass. Considering a life or crime as he became a taxi driver , Yevgeny thought twice about it before as he questioned his own morals and training he had received previously. Yevgeny came to Chernarus in his taxi crashing into a roadbarrier somewhere near Chernogorsk as he was drunk out of his mind , driving in the middle of the night.. not aware of what had happend in Chernarus.
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