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  1. Braden Daxter was raised by his parents and always respected them, his dad taught him how to survive when things hit the fan and he never forgot the most important lesson. Do not trust anyone. Braden is a very cautious individual who does things on his own and only for himself. He wants things and he will give things to get those things he wants, even if it is people. You can consider him as a hired gun if you will, walking the country side with his gun drawn and being cautious, hes not afraid to help others as well. If he feels like he can trust a group, it is never 100%. He doesn't take his word for granted, whatever he says he is going to do, he will do it. Braden is a skilled hunter as his father taught him how to survive by hunting cattle, chickens and etc. He can cook a good meal when someone is in a pickle. He has not killed a man or woman yet, but he will not hesitate to save his life or anothers. He is very middle grounded and will remain so unless his word is given to do something for something in trade. Whether it be loot, food, or just for positive reputation with that group. Braden Daxter was on the plane that crashed in Cherno, he was on a flight back home when the plane crashed and woke up in an apocalypse.
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