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  1. Not bad so far. It's not KOS so encounters are pretty interesting. Folks seem to be open to interact with a somewhat insane character.
  2. OOC: Hey folks! Been hanging out in this server for about a week now and I guess now's as good a time as any to make an introduction. I've ran into some folks on this server already and most encounters have been friendly. I've been rolling mostly solo but I'll love to join a group soon for some RP. Play style wise I'm trying to move away from the KOS stuff common on regular Dayz servers. I'm not one to shy away from combat but I'll love to RP and do some proper storytelling. Cheers!~ Day 10? I reckon it's been the 10th day since the Antarctic Star was beached. I buried Pavel, the ship's radio officer a couple of days ago...or was it last week? I don't remember. Our attempts to make contact with civilians were for naught. Instead we found only mindless beasts, murderous..mindless demons trapped in the shape of Men. We've been calling them the Infected. They're not unlike our Chief Mate Francisco. Francisco..he who tore into the throat of our helmsman João. He with the bloodshot eyes and blood curdling shriek. He who caused the beaching of our vessel. His soulless eyes haunt my sleepless dreams at night. After a couple of days picking through the nearby villages for what little sustenance we could find, we managed to stumble onto an abandoned Chernorussian Military Outpost. We sneaked into the base and acquired some dry clothes from the barracks and some firearms from the armoury. I picked up an AKM, a rifle I haven't touched since my days in the Army. While leaving, we were set upon by one of those accursed things. Shooting one only seemed to enrage the rest of the pack. In the chaos, Pavel was wounded. Our adventure in the military base proved to be costly as Pavel's wounds turned infectious and he succumbed to them shortly after. I buried him in as dignified a manner as I possibly could. Over the next couple of days we observed several groups of armed survivors roaming the land. From time to time we observe these groups speak Chernorussian, Russian, and English. We observed acts of cruelty and wanton destruction. Are these people...People? Are they shadows in my head? Every now and then automatic gunfire would erupt in the distance, waking us from our stupor, and prompting us to depart the area. Pavel says getting him killed wasn't my fault and that I eventually have to make contact with survivors. He says I'll join him sooner or later if I don't do that. I tell him those people are ghosts that roam the land, just like he is....
  3. Stuck between the frenzied infected and a predatory human, this cow managed to climb up the roof of a barn for safety. It watches nervously as it's herd mate is skinned and quartered.
  4. AramRP


    I have a bunch of canteens that I picked up BEFORE the patch that are still in my inventory. Are they safe to drink or should I pour them out and refill at wells? I'm out of chlorine tablets so can't treat them. Haven't really played much post patch due to work.
  5. As a new player to this server, can I get an official ruling? I'm afraid of doing a lot of things on this server because I'm afraid I'll either break the rules....or if I play it super safe, get my character killed when I could have defended myself without breaking said rules because of that fear.
  6. I get blinded the moment the sun rises. I think the item is fine as it is.
  7. Excerpt of the personal journal belonging to Aram Eskandarian, 2nd Mate on the Liberian registered Container Ship 'MV ANTARCTIC STAR'. July 2, 2017 This will be a bittersweet homecoming. I've been away at sea for almost six months and I've decided to fly back home to Yerevan at our next port of call. After Alan's death, my marriage completely fell apart. Nora couldn't bear to look at me; she said she only sees his face when she looks at me. No parent should ever have to bury their child. Going out to sea was always meant to be an escape and I can't run away from my problems forever. There are words I should have said to her immediately after the divorce...I must put this right. The Captain's been really understanding of my situation and has granted me early leave. I'm surprised Vasilios is letting me go to be honest, I guess behind that stone cold heart is a man after all. Even after six months with this crew, I still can't believe the contrast between Vasilios (The Stoic Greek) and our happy go lucky Filipino Chief Mate Francisco (The Joker). How in the World did these two seemingly polar opposites end up working with each other? Captain Vasilios has decided to make a quick Port of Call on Chernogorsk. The crew will disembark for some much needed R&R while I take the first flight home. July 7, 2017 Francisco and a couple of crew members must have caught the flu, they're hacking away like no tomorrow. I better not get sick, I'll really be annoyed. Goddamn sailors and their port of calls, it's as if these horn dogs immediately drop their pants when they hit a port. July 9, 2017 The Captain is cutting shore leave short and we are to depart immediately. Armed conflict has broken out throughout the country. Even as I write this I can hear the distant sounds of artillery fire in my hotel room. I vaguely remember reading about political tensions awhile ago but I had too much on my mind to pay attention. What exactly are the Chernarussians fighting for again? Flying out is no longer an option as one of the factions has seized the local airport. I guess I'll have to finish this trip with everyone else. July 10, 2017 Rebel forces have taken over the city! A couple of crew members were caught in the crossfire while the rest of us have been confined to the vessel by rebel troops. A rebel commander and his unit tore the ship apart looking for 'stowaway traitors'. They ended up hauling away some of the goods we were shipping, no doubt to help their military effort. Satisfied with his looting, he then ordered the ship to depart immediately. Captain Vasilios was adamant about not leaving any of the unaccounted crew behind but his protests were to no avail; there's not much he could do with a dozen rifles pointing at him and a tank's main gun trained on the ship's bow. July 12, 2017 The mood on the ship is grim. The Captain is devastated about leaving crew members behind and is cursing the Chernarussians. The waters have also grown increasingly stormy and the Captain has given orders to not stray too close to shore for fear of being beached. Meanwhile this flu seems to be breaking out like wildfire throughout the ship. Francisco seems like he's suffering from some kind of fever but he insists he's still capable of doing his job. July 13, 2017 What the hell is going on?!!! The Captain just shot The First Mate in the head! Francisco was sitting quietly at his station when he suddenly lunged up and bit into the throat of our helmsman João. The radio officer Pavel and myself tried to pull Francisco off but he was immediately on me. My God the man was impossibly strong! The same fate that befell our Brazilian helmsman would have happened to me if not for the Captain and his sidearm. As this went on we could hear shouts and commotion echoing along the lower decks. The Captain gave the order to lock the bridge until he can assess the situation. During the struggle on the bridge, the ship wheel was turned portside onto shore and into the rocks and we must have hit something. Goddamit! July 14, 2017 We're beached. The rock that tore into the side of the ship forced the Captain to beach the ship rather than lose her completely. We tried the PA early this morning and received no reply from the lower decks....only silence. Captain Vasilios issued orders to abandon the vessel as soon as we can. As Pavel and myself made preparations to depart, the Captain consulted the nautical maps. Thankfully we're beached on the Chernarus mainland near a place called....Rify. To be continued........... OOC: I tried to place the events of this story alongside the events of Arma2. I believe Dayz is supposed to take place in an alternate timeline alongside Arma2. I've tried to write a realistic 'ordinary' character. Aram has no real military skills and is not an expert 'survivalist'. I've written him as a city dwelling Armenian, with his only survival experience being his hunting and camping trips with his grandfather during his youth. Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed reading this. And no...I'm not Armenian lol. Since Aram is an Armenian name (I didn't know this before I picked the name), I figure I'll write him as such.
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