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  1. The rules always favour the attacker (especially of antagonist groups) ..... Discuss .... anyone else have an opinion on this? Choose one option above!!!
  2. My POV: Situation was tense. My character was bugging out and I logged and re-logged immediately. I ran from the point in which I respawned and saw three characters who were standing in front of me. I heard some people had came to the island and these antagonist groups had been consistently attacking us for the past few days so immediately, tensions were high. When I saw the 3 figures, I tried to hide and back peddle. However, one of them saw me and ran up to me. I raised my weapon and shouted "stay back please! I am not initiating, stay back!!" Then Boom ..... shot by someone from I don't know where. A sniper probably.
  3. @NozzyRP he is no friend of mine mate. Don't know the guy. Listen, I think your point is a bit vague. I was on about an obvious intentional racial incident of abuse. Was horrendous RP. Your on about interpretation. Two completely different things. Anyways, the amount of backlash I've recieved from writing this thread has me regretting ever opening my mouth. Hate mail sent privately. I have enjoyed this server and have contributed my own hard earned money to in game purchases as I was committed to it. Anyways, think its all about whats for you. Not for me. And thats cool. Was only wanting to hear other peoples viewpoints. Like I said, I am a new member. All the veterans backlashing me because this thread has apparently been debated about several times. How was I to know? Anyways, it's had no effect so play away. Was just creating discussion.
  4. @NozzyRP Again .... 88 was my year of birth ... end of 2nd time stating this but ok.
  5. Enjoyed reading that profile. Interesting spin. Thanks for commenting.
  6. Exactly! If I created a group called KKK, would it be accepted? Its RP after all??? No it wouldn't...why? Because its wrong. Therefore why allow it in any form?
  7. I wonder about the type of people who decide to a play a character that invovles any form of racism tbh. My character in game was a teacher before the apocalyptic era (reflects my profession IRL) probably why I dont tolerate picking on minority groups. Yes it is a game, but people use all media platforms as a way of racially abusing people because if they did it in real life, we all know they wouldnt be as brave. So why are we providing them with a platform to do so? Anyways, accept other points made about murder, killing, theft, robbing etc so maybe I'm flogging a dead horse. Appreciate everyone's opinion and response to my topic. I was genuinely interested to hear other peoples viewpoints. Especially from veteran players about how it enhances stories etc. However, my opinion still remains Im afriad. No offense intended. Just wanted to generate discussion on the topic. Im sure theyre are people form minority groups who play this server and was wondering how they felt? Maybe a rule to mention about the excessive use of racism in game could be created or it it already there?
  8. Lol I can see I'm out numbered here. Regret opening my mouth. Anyways, whatever ye are happy with. I've said what I had to say.
  9. Honestly, its just my view and if ye dont agree then so be it. We are all adults at the end of the day. However, saying there is a difference between OCC and ICC racism makes NO sense. This is 2019, not 1960's. Dont think any of you will understand how it feels unless your subjected to it or unless it applies to you (the racism that is). Telling somone to not be offended because its roleplay is an ignorant response tbh. Just don't see why anyone needs to act in that manner to play a video game. Anyways ✌ peace out folks.
  10. I wasn't calling Anarchy out, just laying down the fact it happend that time with an Anarchy member. Anarchy make this server in my eyes. Fear, chase etc. I have experienced this several times only once involving Anarchy. I dont have recording equipment .... yet ....but when I do, if it does happen I will post it here. Anyways this is a discussion form. If its about people giving their viewpoint on the server, then I should be allowed express my viewpoint no?
  11. Ya mate. 88 is the year I was born?? Your point?
  12. I've heard this excuse before. It aint about being thick skinned, its about promoting racism. Racists hiding behind screens getting their kicks out of abusing people because of their ethnicity because if they did it in real life, they'd get punched out or put down. If we as a community allow it in here, then how are we any different? Why is it needed for RP? Do people think it makes RP situations better? Just wrong in my eyes mate.
  13. Hello all. I've been playing this server for little over a month. I am new to RP and to DayZ .... kind of. However, I want to get people's thoughts on an in-game issue which I feel strongly about that I have encountered alot despite the fact I am a new community member. So, I have met a variety of people in game, most of who have engaged in some excellent RP and has made my experience on the server a positive one. I'm genuinely enjoying the experience but there's something that I believe is fundamentally wrong with the rules section. I was playing one night with my friend. We were being held up by members of Anarchy (the gang I love to hate and who have created an interesting story on the server). During a recent role play scenario, my friend was subjected to repetitive racial slurs. He was called a "black person"(we know the word) and someone sang "I'm an Alabama black person (we know the word) and I wanna be free!" down the headset numerous times because my friend's character was an African American. He is an African American in real life. I found it very hard to listen to and my friend became quite annoyed and to be honest, upset by it too. To my surprise, when I went to report or persue this issue, I was informed that this kind of thing is allowed and not condemned on this server. I am sorry but .... THIS IS WRONG. This server is used by people from all around the world and by people who love to game and like to relax and play video games. We all play to chill and escape real world bullshit. The fact that anyone who is different can be subjected to this is wrong (I don't care if this happens in real life or if it is considered RP banter, it shouldn't be condoned). Why is it allowed? Why do people do it? And why do we accept it when it happens? If this server is really about RP and for everyone, then it be should reflected in its rules. Would love other peoples thoughts or opinions on this. Peace ✌
  14. I've said all I have to say. However, since youve asked... if you truely want to know what I would of done? Yes, I would of pointed my gun at the player. But .... I would not of shot as my hands were down by my side, no gun in my hand, and you outnumbered me. You guys had all the advantage. It should of been clear that it was a bug because of how I spawned in and how I looked (stuck in the vehicle half in and half out in a standing position). My character in game is non violent. Check my profile. If your friends engaged in more than 11 seconds of RP, I would of got the chance to prove that.
  15. I am as Calm as you like lol Just irritated by lies. I spawned in and was NOT sitting in any driver seat. I was active for 11 seconds before they shot me. Like I said and for a third time: "when I logged in again I was stuck in a Zil with half my body standing on the driver seat and the other half poking out the top of the roof."
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