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  1. Wynne

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Dingle @Georgia Banks : It's been an absolute pleasure growing a close friendship with both of you IC Warms my heart to know my char is in such good company. @ImMason I absolutely loved getting to see a side of Noah that I hadn't seen before. Adored it. Finally get how a kid like that could run a whole crew, absolutely magnetic. @YAKMOUTH Hector has been an honor to finally become acquainted with, and he absolutely cracks me up. Can't wait for more. @lunathecat Mary is one of the most unique characters I've seen in DayZRP and I am so glad she is running in the same circles as Wynne. I love every encounter. Whoever the fuck plays Foley, not sure if you're new to the community or your character is new, but you are great, I can't wait to see what interactions do to your story. And @Vandire as always, God's favorite role player. Best RP BF a girl could ask for. You off that goop shit.
  2. Wynne


    I think for the first time in a long time, my character had one whole day where she didn't feel like she was in any danger. Hell yea bruthr

  3. Wynne


    I'd say I'm sorry for the huge album dump today, but I'm not. You're welcome. 😉

    1. RoverBeastHP


      Tis' is good!

  4. Wynne

    Wynne Walker

    Memories, notes, photographs, dreams, horrors...images that Wynne sees when she shuts her eyes.
  5. Wynne

    Refusing to RP with characters

    My character left a group she cared deeply for due to her disagreements with one other member's actions and attitudes. OOCly no bad blood, but I will say that the other party's IC decisions did begin to wear on me OOC, so I understand where you're coming from, as it was truly beginning to ruin my experience in that situation, because, on my end, even OOC I couldn't really make sense of why they acted the way that they did. So, I got out by finding a reason to push my character to the edge of her wits. The other party made it very easy for me, as his character did things that my character simply wouldn't be able to excuse or forget. I used the tension in game as a building tool until the IC relationship naturally devolved and snapped. It was unpleasant to role play out that level of confrontation, not to mention exhausting, but I will say, now that I am on the other end of it, it gave my character even more depth. It's been fun to try to figure out where to go from here. Unexpected results are the best part of role play. I hope you find a way to work it out and make it a part of your story!
  6. Wynne


    Feeling really fuckin good about this new character arc. It's been trans-formative, to say the least.

    1. Kas


      Those are the best kinds!!

    2. Dingle


      Have had a blast with you and @Vandire lately. Excited to see what our stories will bring! 

    3. Vandire


      Been the nuttiest arc since November, easily. And @Dingle, I'm stoked my man!

  7. Wynne

    Lore Wipe Discussion

    I voted no, because I do not want to see one soon. There are some huge story arcs playing out right now, especially Livonia, and I feel like the player count would drop heavily if people feel they lost the chance to really finish their arcs, because that would be emotionally taxing, let's be real. I think a lore wipe at 1000 days, roughly what it was in the past, if I am not mistaken, is reasonable, but give people that big chunk of time to wrap things up cleanly first, as I know there are many characters with a lot of love put into them. When the lore wipe happens, I would love to see it start at the extinction event. Tons of zombies, dynamic hoards, if possible, basic supplies common, but still dangerous to retrieve due to the zeds...I would like to see zeds de-buffed though. Bigger hoards, weaker zombies, 1 shot in the head, or maybe 2 hits melee at most, if youre hitting their head, should put them down. Im so sick of plugging 13 knife strikes into one gooey grandma. It feels like a sponge-spawn RPG when that happens lol I would love to see a staff run government, as mentioned above, trying to keep order amidst the chaos. I would love to see military safe zones, probably also run by staff with evacuation/refugee camps, and of course, gotta get those FEMA camps, scientists and doctors. So that would be...3 main staff run factions? 1. Gov't. 2. Military. 3. CDC or whatever equivalent. And everyone else just starts as a fresh survivor. Supply drops early on would be really cool too, maybe an increase in chopper crashes, and then over time those become super rare. Over time, those groups will probably fall apart, become more desperate, goals will change, etc., as they naturally do. Every month make loot scarcer? Hell yes. Especially guns. ESPECIALLY. GUNS. Its too dang easy finding guns in current game. Maybe hold a downfall separate and themed (somewhat planned) downfall event for each of the 3 aforementioned groups, forcefully breaking them apart, and once all 3 are canonically gone, thats when we allow player run groups again. Not really against a lore wipe, just against it happening suddenly or without much warning. Like, a couple weeks warning would be far too short. I think another 3 months would be alright, if it's widely known that it will happen. And then, idk, maybe spawn in a meteor to destroy us all lmao
  8. Wynne

    The 5.0.3 [Open Recruitment]

    My favorite part about that vid is how fucking quiet it all is, and how slow the car is going. Im dead.
  9. Wynne

    Round 2 Merge?

    It's really not dead. RP is concentrated, because, well, people group up, wandering alone in silence for hours still happens when the server is at full pop. The maps are huge, but if you spend enough time on them, you learn the most commonly used thoroughfares, where people will travel the most.
  10. Wynne

    Round 2 Merge?

    I would understand merging again when there is another lore wipe, but merging without a lore wipe would be detrimental to existing storylines and RP going on in both servers. I would *understand*, but I wouldn't want it to happen.
  11. Wynne

    Earth Angel.

  12. Wynne

    Borealis - Open Frequency

    *The tired, weary voice of a woman fades into the static* "Borealis, hmm? I can hear this transmission pretty clearly, so either you're under a beefy tower, or you're in Livonia. May I ask you which?" *the silence returns as she releases the PTT, waiting for an answer*
  13. Wynne


    Cant say Ive ever been so *touched*
  14. Wynne


    Aye, that he did. lmao
  15. Wynne


    Pssssst. December lore is up.

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