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  2. This group is great, btw, I am not sure if I've left a review since my last one. They've really evolved and they're dedicated as heck. I enjoy myself whenever I run around with them. I only wish we were awake at the same times!
  3. I use this mod on a server that I run, and it's absolutely brilliant. Easy to install, highly configurable, I love it and if I had to install only one mod, it would likely be this one. *Edit: By highly configurable I mean you can enable and disable ANY of the mechanics easily, AS WELL AS adjust percentage chances of things like illness, conditions for those percentage rolls, and more. HIGHLY endorsed.
  4. It's WAY over the top. Not just because of COVID, but seriously just in general this is absolutely ridiculous. I am glad, seriously, to have a reason to actually search for meds now, but it needs to be toned down to at least half the infection chance that its at now cause at the rate that it spreads its impossible to keep everyone well.
  5. Hi mom welcome to my room it's all clean yes?

  6. Been a while, real life caught up with me and I had to focus on that stuff for a bit. But I'm looking forward to getting back into the weeds soon. >:D

    1. RoverBeast


      Welcome back mum! Things have been happening since you left, happy to see you back soon 😄

    2. Pepsi


      come back mom

    3. Wynne


      Hush children, I am here

    4. JakeWalford


      Hey can you take the kids today? Work's been a bitch and theres no other baby sitters. THANKS!


  7. "Well, if it's no big deal, quit crying about it! Glad we could give you an opportunity to clean house! Our service comes with a convenient automatic re-subscription."
  8. "Funny, when the 503 hit our town when only two or three civilians are awake, they are brave and bad ass. When they beat defenseless farmers, kidnap women, enslave children, they are glorious bastards, call themselves king... Maybe you lazy dogs should just stop sleeping on the job. And don't forget, we didn't have to get in last time to leave your king to bleed out on the floor."
  9. A cheerful voice chimes in over the radio "You heard it here, folks, can't get deals like these anywhere! The doors are open at the prison, and everything must go! Even the occupants! Courtesy of the Coalition!" The radio broadcast drops, but as it fades, you would hear jovial laughter in the background
  10. "Next time, watch where you step...your ears still ringing? I told you, I don't want to fight with you. But as long as you stand as CJ's personal guard dog, you'll be at the wrong end of my sights, kid. Sorry we fucked up all your plate carriers. Have some pride and quit letting yourself be used by that dotard. You do realize that after you sent this, an actual 503 member contacted me saying you don't speak for the 503, and no one wants you there? You're better than them. They just use you because you can shoot better too."
  11. a static-ridden transmission would erupt over the airwaves "Good morning, 503! About 20 hours ago, you charming fellas rolled up to my front porch, yet again, and told me to apologize to you for any grief that myself and my friends may have caused you and your very sensitive band of whipping boys. CJ gave me his word that if I made an apology publicly over these frequencies, he would not return and...what was it? Marry me off to some half brained lap dog? Enslave my friends? Of course, CJ is not a man of his word, and not even 9 hours later, said lucky groom appeared in my town, and, well, it just confirmed something I already knew about that pudgy cod. His word doesn't mean shit. Well, ahem, here is your apology, my sweet king. Sorry we hit your base and tore down all of your doors save for one...oh, and sorry for shooting you, and your men. See you soon, your highness." There would be a scraping sound followed by a thud, the sound of a rifle being bolted, and the abrupt pierce of gunfire before the radio goes silent, and lays in the gravel, in pieces
  12. Why thank you :3 I'm glad you got to have such a erhm, well rounded experience with us! Never a dull moment! Can't wait to see you around
  13. Wynne is best mom change my mind...

    1. Pepsi


      She's a cinnamon bun

    2. RoverBeast


      She's DayzRP's national treasure

    3. Wynne


      Oh dear what did I do to earn the rank of cinnamon bun?


      bolts rifle

    4. RoverBeast



    5. Pepsi



    6. RoverBeast


      Highlander run!

    7. Pepsi


      I never retreat.

    8. Wynne


      perms to PK?

    9. Pepsi


      If you can kill me in one shot, you miss and I cap your ass first.

    10. Wynne


      Are you threatening to make my ass wear a hat?

    11. Pepsi



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