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"Doot Doot I eat a Fruit"

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  1. Updates all over the place, and a phat ass upgrade cause I got my xmas bonus. 

    make it rain money GIF

    1. Bean Bagger

      Bean Bagger

      So you buy Gold, and i try to 1up you with buying Emerald, just for you to buy Diamond.

      I have been outplayed, and outsmarted 😂👏

    2. Duke


      In the end, @Roland is the real victor in this.

    3. edgy Wynne

      edgy Wynne

      @Nutgos lmao didnt expect the xmas bonus to roll in so fast tbh 

    4. edgy Wynne

      edgy Wynne

      @DuquesneLR as a server admin myself, I am happy to lay down phat stacks for a server I play on literally way too much

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