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  1. Gib more Shemagh colors yes >:c I know these are available on other servers, I'm not sure if we need to get special permission to add more, so hopefully the mod author is still around if thats the case.
  2. I am not immersed without my RPG

    R - ole

    P - lay

    G - un

    1. edgy Dingle

      edgy Dingle

      high five the office GIF by Testing 1, 2, 3


    2. TearsFallSilent



      When you get the good boom boom

  3. What I really dont like about this is that it will essentially eliminate the need for player trading posts, which are already struggling on the server. Nomadic traders may be able to do well, especially if they specifically take rubles off peoples hands and stock up at the NPC trader before their deliveries. Still, I think it would be better if it was player run, or even staff run, if possible, as a lore faction or something. Just spit balling. Im not particularly fond of the idea however, so -1.
  4. *the muffled wave of an incoming transmission would break through a long silence, and a woman's voice could be made out, ever so faint* "He...hello? I heard a transmission on this frequency earlier...I couldn't seem to get through then...but...I was wondering if you can hear me now?" *She would pause for a moment* "If you can...I can get you supplies. Just let me know where at and what you need." *Another pause* "...I hope this reaches you." *The transmission would cut*
  5. *Static would swell on the channel 96.6 MHz before a woman's voice, a subtle raising in her accent, would cut through* "G'mornin'," *Her voice would sound chipper, but weary* "Lookin' for my hunting party...if ya'll are in range, meet at the usual spot? I have loads of elk steak to share. Haven't seen a cold one in ages though, if you've got one." *a crackling could be heard, perhaps a stick, perhaps the snap of a spark on the fire* "Anywho, hope ya'll are well, haven't heard from ye in a couple days. Be seein' ye!" *The radio would slowly fade back into silence*
  6. Accurate information in invaluable, yet, rarely regarded as such. I think this is a great idea and has a lot of potential.
  7. SoulfulAssuredCoypu-size_restricted.gif.ea58f5ede0b187e17738df4ad2d107aa.gif

    Good ish good ish

    1. edgy Vandire

      edgy Vandire

      Meme Reaction GIFGods Favorite RP Couple™️ back at it again.

    2. edgy Wynne

      edgy Wynne

      @edgy Vandire

      If god loved me he'd give me a fucking SVD

    3. edgy Vandire

      edgy Vandire

      WHY DO YOU MAKE ME squint 

    4. edgy Wynne

      edgy Wynne

      @edgy Vandire

      Im not ur just high

    5. edgy Vandire

      edgy Vandire

      sadly this might be a possibility. 

  8. @edgy Vandire Good to be runnin and gunnin together again @edgy Dingle bless u father ding ding Always kiss ur homies gn
  9. Life happens homie, congratulations on the baby and I hope the family is well!l Welcome back!
  10. @BlueBullet Good to meet Chris 2.0 with Wynne 2.0. Very fitting. Always a pleasure, and I can't believe its been so long! @Spess First encounter on the character. Make me shit my pants and then dont even shoot me, tsk tsk! @th3haz4rd No way you only have 155 hours on this server, I KNOW I've seen you around in the previous lore season...either way, really loved what you had tonight. An excellent first adventure on a new character. Honorable mentions were whoever played Jake and Mark. Cant find you on the forums for sure, but you were great too. Im so sad some of us got separated! All in all, I just love with a bunch of RANDOMS come together in RP and EVERYONE in that group gives stellar RP. I live for that. So big shoutout to the rag tag crew that formed in the streets of Stary. Good show, chaps.
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