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  1. That isn't contradictive. Humans are capable much of the time of reading between the lines. They are also capable of operating and communicating between the lines. Malicious people work within this gray area intentionally and hide behind this mentality. I've personally seen people create dozens of characters that all just happen to speak the same or target the same people, no matter what their "character background" is, because the person behind the keyboard and behind those characters has a bone to pick with someone ooc. And as I said, they operate within the gray area of the rules. How can I
  2. Honestly, this is flipped, my man. Its not that people are "taking it OOC" its that the comments/harassment are intentionally targeting people OOC. So many people hide behind the IC IS JUST IC thing just to be a dick to specific people in the community. But I'm sorry, I'm calling it. It's utter bullshit. People can tell the difference between comments/jokes/jabs at their character and which ones are made at them. And the problem isnt the person on the receiving end being able to identify that instance, its the person who brings the OOC into IC as a way to circumvent harassment rules. And if yo
  3. @JRPWell, for instance, it has been said that the staff shouldnt police discords. No, they shouldnt have to join every community discord and moderate them themselves, but. It is absolutely absurd in my opinion that, this community operates probably 75% through community discords, but the things said and done in those discords are not taken as serious evidence of toxic behavior even when presented to staff. Maybe you have had the fortune of having a better experience with this, but in my experience, and the experience Ive seen some others have, is that people are told to "suck it up" and get
  4. @JRPHomie, I am saying something about it right now. The truth is, that when waves are made and someone finally tries to stand up for themselves, the harassment gets 1000x worse and if its within the guidelines of the rules, which IMO are too loose/gray/vague when it comes to OOC hate and issues, nothing can be done by staff. That's my point. This rule change doesn't fix that, and that's where the real problem is, not just in offensive words themselves, as I said in my OP, but in the attitude and intent behind them, and the people who express that attitude and intent continuously. What I
  5. Very odd, so many people acknowledging this community is toxic, and basically just throwing up their hands about it or outright arguing against trying to make it better. "Welp nothing we can do!" This is the exact mentality I'm talking about, the mentality that enables it to continue. Because Im in a lot of game communities, geek communities, have been my whole life, and this is by far and away the worst I've ever seen, as far as bullying and hate goes. And yes, @EddieLR Spero discord when you were in it WAS pretty toxic. You were last seen active in spero discord on 12/29/2020 (I can
  6. I would much rather see the staff address the attitude behind these words rather than just a performative attempt at banning the words, but I also realize this community is in too deep with toxicity and that is an extremely tall order. Perhaps this is an attempt to plug the leak, but the hole is a lot bigger than this, there are cracks all around it... I wish so many of these words didn't have ooc intent behind them, otherwise I could see the point of "well its just role play", but 2000 hours on this server have really displayed to me that...most of the time it isn't just role play. That'
  7. This looks very lovely. I am thrilled to see what ya'll get up to.
  8. Hold on to your butts. Wolves a' comin.

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  10. Hey everyone So. We've been running this group for a long time. In my opinion it has been a supremely successful group, despite all of the hate and elitism that we have gone up against. We've completed our group goals, mostly to success, experimented with tons of different play styles, maps, hostility levels, base locations, strategies, varying storylines...we've gone from a 12 man crew to a 50 man crew and back down to a 20 man crew...10.3k Views on the forums for some reason...Massive firefights, heartwarming and heartbreaking role play, massive intertwining storylines that have not only hel
  11. Hey Roland. I think you're mistaken here. Maybe the text I wrote above wasn't clear enough; the images from outside the compound are not added by us, that is all vanilla. We provided those images to show how we could have realistically used the materials in the area to build the walls and structures. I have described all of this in the subtext for each image if you would like to have another look at that. The additions we made are all inside the walls in Cherno square. All of the interiors edited are located directly within the square, as in their front doors are accessible in the squ
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