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  1. Wynne's voice would pipe over the frequency, wavering slightly Hello, to the people of Chernarus...the ones I've known in the months I've spent out here, and the ones I have not yet had the pleasure to meet. I apologize for my recent absence...I've been...a bit under the weather, as of late...But I have been listening, carefully. And watching. And when I'm not watching, others watch for me, and bring me news from across the Oblast... She would clear her throat I'm not from here. Obviously...but I sympathize with many of the locals. This is no secret. I have cared for the health
  2. Beanmama the biggest weeb DayZRP has ever seen.
    If you need proof, you only need to spend 5 minutes with her.

    1. BeanMama


      this is cap

      no one has ever been able to withstand 5 whole minutes with me

    2. Realize


      Sorry I exaggerated 5 seconds is enough 🙃


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  3. Seriously, I have to work extra hours for 4 days and the whole server decides to burn itself to the ground
    Come On Eye Roll GIF
    Can't take ya'll nowhere

    1. Wbtrex


      I had nothing to do with it this time.

    2. Panda


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    3. Faygo



  4. Realistic, not over the top, immersive, full of chads +1
  5. Vani is a Separatist from Donetsk, Ukraine, otherwise known as the DPR. She was born to a poor family in Ukraine, but would join an organized militia as a spy at a young age, radicalized by her older brothers. Her brothers unfortunately perished during the Ukrainian conflict, but Vani went on to prove herself as an effective spy and a competent enough sniper. She has found herself accompanying a Leytenánt she met in Ukraine, as well as what remains of her other Comrades. Led by her loyalty to Russia and driven by her convictions, Vani seeks to see all enemies of her chosen Nati
  6. Wynne would respond calmly, her tone even and sympathetic As much as I always want to see people taking a stand for what they believe in, Ivan, I know what your position was and knew how isolated you were out there on the East Coast...That group... She'd pause, searching for words ...For the first time, I thought Spero might not make it. It was as close as we've ever gotten to not making it. And we are fighters, when it comes down to doing what we think is right, we do fight for it. The war against the anarchists was the first glimpse of loss that Spero has ever really seen. At
  7. Tag yourself, I'm "bitch canadian girl" 

    1. Ethan-J


      hey I canadian too yay canadians

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      The Irrelevant Canadian

  8. Which were your best and worst moments? Best moments that come to mind were; Last lore; After escaping being kidnapped by CJ, last lore, walking up to Kopa and calling on KOG and Cartel for help, as I had been injured, and being attacked by wolves before I could reach the gates. I was unarmed and had to climb onto a tractor and they were still able to jump up at me. @Dingle just happened to be awake and came down to snipe the wolves and pull me the rest of the way up to the prison. The meeting that took place after and the role play that was born from that scenario was really game chang
  9. Working Over It GIF by moodman

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  10. Whether the role play is very starkly serious or light hearted and playful, this group has been one of my favorites to interact with despite only existing for a short time. I am so glad a doctor group has existed and survived on the server in some form for months now, and I really commend these players for rolling with the punches and evolving themselves throughout their storylines. As always, looking forward to even more.
  11. No, Kalyri, I think you put it rather succinctly. I was not on the LM team long, but I worked very hard on the events I did and I really felt like the work went underappreciated by the admin team, despite the hours I poured into not just planning them, but doing them in game. Both my planned events and my dynamic events had a ton of participation server wide, and seemed well received and enjoyable, but it just didnt seem like the leads even saw my effort. It seems the admin team has completely brushed my activity under the rug and this post has kind of solidified that they don't even ack
  12. I've had a lot of really great interactions with this group so far, from serious to hostile to extremely goofy vibe time. I have been impressed with this group's versatile dynamic and really look forward to more. Great graphics and concept, even better role play. Keep it up, fellas.
  13. ganggang

  14. "Man put glue in my eye and it felt like coom" - @Panda in a suave chernarussian accent "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH I DROPPED ME FUCKIN EARS" - @wastingdoor dropping his headset while hotmic'd
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