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  1. Thank you very much, it is always a pleasure to have a visit from our resident flying traffic cone Yes, the lock down was in part due to all of the leadership having to be away for 3 days all for real life reasons (bad luck) and two characters were PKd during that time, and 2 more tortured and maimed, and 2 characters incapacitated within our ranks. SO ICly it honestly didn't make sense NOT to have lock down, as we had children to defend and a lot of our "fighters" were absent as well as our leadership and many of our numbers. That being said, leadership is back, and we're in damage control mode. We will loosen restrictions on compound entry ICly as we see fit. That doesnt mean we will open our gates to everyone, just because we run charity doesnt mean people are obligated to walk through our gates, ano? We have a public area set up just outside as well and are almost always willing to bring things out if people are in need. Storage is also being managed again, we just lost our commissary supervisor and had to replace him, so let's give him a few days to get himself situated, lest we scare him out of his new position xD
  2. Sad to see Moe go as he and his chicken are truly a blessing unto this forsaken land! @Elrod it has been a pleasure having you, I hope to see the return of the great sentient NPC, Moe. But we happily welcome our newest medical staff @zakara711! Goals will be reformatted soon, in the wake of a couple PKs and some major in game events this week, we are currently still gauging the fallout and what the long term effects are going to be. Stand by. I am glad they have been quality representatives, we are lucky to have them. It certainly is difficult to get face to face RP with a group when the leaders dont get along, but hopefully you will get a chance with the rest of the group at some point. I was so sad to miss you! But @The Preacher will always set you up right with the most stellar RP this server has to offer. Thank you for coming by and I hope to get a glimpse at you next time.
  3. A very big thank you to @Bandsawbob and @PATRIOT for the wonderful RP and the fantastic effort you put into this group. RIP to both of your characters. I am very sad to see you go, but grateful that we got to have you.
  4. Just having a reason to get out and explore even if you wont find RP outside of the hubs is a good enough incentive for me. Cause right now it's like, if other groups arent online or they're nomadic and you dont know for sure where you'll encounter someone, the only reason to go out is to loot. It's very hard to encourage people to do that when there is nothing to loot. +1 on loot increase. I would hope it would come with spring Chernarus.
  5. Lookin sick G

  6. Yes ma'am I am already on it, Both will be updated after I also hear back with the others who are also nearing inactivity :3
  7. Wynne, sounding weary, could be heard over many voices in the background Hello, ehm...Jackson. Yes, I know of the bar, this is the one ran by Callahan, yes? But I cannot say I've ever heard of such a thing as the "Chernarus United Factions" ever before, and, I'll be frank here, the fact that we are the only group invited to your pub strikes me as a tad odd...could you ease my curiousity; what other factions are united here, exactly? She would release the PTT and lean her ear to her transceiver, awaiting a response
  8. Wynne would speak into her tranceiver wearily Pardon the delay, Hector. I and the rest of council have not been the ones to arrange this deal, Jeremy is the one heading it, so I'm afraid I do not know what the status of it is, as I have been rather busy with some very pressing matters. Maverick however is taking the reigns on this. He should be in touch. She'd release the PTT
  9. -1 This rule would allow for people to gain defender rights on someone who might just be hunting, aiming at infected, or an animal, or even jus testing their sights, because they accidentally walked into the sights Way too easy to misconstrue or abuse IMO.
  10. There is, Ron. You can use lockpicks to break into them.
  11. We had it before, I am not sure when exactly it got removed. Not a perfect solution, but a decent one. Its definitely somewhat more immersive +1
  12. // w i l d 

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      shit do be kinda wild tho

  13. Church Reaction GIF by Robert E Blackmon

    trying to clean the covid out of the Spero discord [2020; colorized]

    1. UwU Monke

      UwU Monke

      Patient Zero would be @Cub. Good place to start

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      it’s 2021

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      prove it

  14. Wynne would reply Sure thing, Antonio. I've already spoken with them. You have my frequency, we will set something up. I think this should be a priority. Until then, you stay safe. She would release the PTT
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