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  1. I just wanted to thank Terra for allowing me to return to my body after a glitch death! I appreciate it greatly and happy I didn't lose all of that work for nothing
  2. Personally, I feel it'd be better to focus full on this for now until The Division comes out, maybe? I think it'd be more efficient to figure out cool new things to implement into DayZRP instead of worrying about another game.
  3. Hey guys, new to DayZRP, really glad I could get whitelisted! Have been having an absolute blast the last couple days, met good people, some bad people, all in all actually feels like you are fighting for your life instead of normal DayZ... Hope to meet more of you out there! John Wolff
  4. Morgan


    Yeah just started happening after I downgraded. Not quite sure how to fix that.
  5. Morgan


    I guess the caption kinda messed it up haha. Just a cool picture I snapped while relaxing
  6. I mean yeah some people have worse than others, just saying. Like Rolle said he'd be willing to do it because localized servers are a good idea, but the need of a bigger player base is the issue.
  7. You could buy a deddy box for one or two U.S. Servers... And keep running the ones you have now, how they're running? Wont be ridiculously expensive and donations will increase when U.S. Players see 40 ping instead of 110? Again, just a suggestion. And the player base on here is pretty large, I'm sure theres people willing to staff it?
  8. I mean... It's a community suggestion.
  9. Ah, alright that makes sense then.
  10. Does it really matter if it may not happen? That's the point of suggestions. Posting it to bring attention to the idea, if you don't live in America then the post doesn't really apply
  11. Some it is, some it isn't. It'd just be nice to have a more stable connection for us muricans
  12. I just wanted to make this post to possibly get you guys to open a server hosted in the United States. As of now the servers are hosted in Sweden and we obviously don't get the best connection halfway across the world. If there is anyway you guys could open a server in central U.S. to better your United States server base, that'd be fantastic. If that's too much of a challenge, then it's no big deal. It'd just help us out a lot.
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