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  1. Peter is a escaped convict from Britain who escaped on a boat to Chernarus. After a few of months of staying as a construction worker. When the infection hit it was no harsh task for Peter as it was fairly easy as hiding and running for him was a very easy task for him. As the situation in Chernarus he knew he had to flee, he found a boat and sailed for days looking for safety. With the end nearing and all hope seemed to be lost he saw in the distance a Island he rowed towards it and passed out. He woke ashore in lands still filled with hell he just escaped.
  2. Ryan Glass is a Doctor from Dublin who went to the University College Dublin, he grew up in Dublin but who was originally from England, growing up in a caring home he become very nice and generous to other, he became a Doctor to make sure he could do this, being a young achieving Doctor he was highly praised for his success, he didn't have much of a social life so he didn't have many friends. he was requested to Chernarus to help a man who had a a very serious condition of cancer in his brain, this is when it all when to hell, as he was about to perform surgery it all started.
  3. Growing up in London as a homeless child, quickly growing up to be a great robber and scrapper, he got by for a while not getting caught, till eventually his luck caught up to him and he was finally throw in prison, no parents, no friends, no one. Due to crime increasing and to the reasoning of his crimes he where sent to Chernarus prison. He was there for a long time, made some friends and some enemies. He was a bad guy, but had a morale compass, he would only prey on those higher then him never lower
  4. A English school teacher who was moved to Chernarus to teach English. Not married. A Natural fight for survival. Helping others when can but if needed he isn't afraid to do what needs to be done. He is looking to join up with others as he believes in group in numbers. He isn't the smartest guy around but he does have a few tricks to help him get by. He is wondering if his parents and other family members are safe in England. As a young school teacher he doesn't receive that much money and was trying to land himself a new job when Chernarus offered him one which a much better payroll. Growing up in England and not going anywhere else in the world expect for Germany he hadn't seen that much of the world. He is smart, resourceful, charismatic and a natural survivor.
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