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  1. Hello, Since I'll probably be in the logs I'll say that I was there approx. 9 hours ago, the outside wall next to the gate was destroyed (at that time a 4 dial codelock was on the gate, that might be the one you mentioned) so I crawled in to take a look around, however I did not throw anything down there except the two ruined items I used to try and get into the tower. https://imgur.com/a/kVoU5nq It's hard to make out, but I basically fiddled around with the door for around five minutes, after which I still couldn't get the prompt to open the gate, so I tried grabbing a lock from one of the tents, putting it on thinking that it might fix the prompt, letting me open the gate, and then pulling the lock back down. After realising my mistake, I tried to destroy the gate and open up a hole so that the residents at least could go in and out, as I did it before with another tower and it worked fine. However, this gate was built in a way, that I did not anticipate, I was unable to crawl under the hole, and ran out of axes or hacksaws. Anything else that was done on the base or any possible griefing I didn't do myself, only took a look at the two outside tents and took like two magazines with me. After that I logged off because I had to do something else and tried to find an axe to at least let people in, but since this place is pretty far off from everything else I failed to find anything nearby. I do apologize for destroying that gate, however it was not my intention to block passage. Additionally I know nothing about the items nor the codelock.
  2. I have been playing on Livonia for the past couple of days and the only thing that I'm fairly upset about is their ability to box you in pretty fast paired with really good hearing. Most of the time when I was sneaking around them everything was fine as you have to really screw things up to get noticed if you are sneaking around them, but those couple of times I had to fight them because there was no other way everyone in 20-30 meter radius or even further out instantly heard my fist going up against a zombie and wanted in on it. One time I walked into a police station, one zombie comes out, I start punching it for a good 15-20 seconds, and then a second one comes out of one of the rooms and as I try to back out I notice that a third one is now blocking the way inside boxing me in. I can't pull out any firearms, I gave up on melee weapons because they are not very good right now in my opinion (my fire axe managed to last 6-8 zombies before getting damaged, I don't know if that's intentional or not, but that seems pretty low) I also cleared out one of the military bases once, took about two boxes of .45 and two boxes of 9mm, and about a dozen shotgun shells to flush them out (I did have to relog because my ump magazine was constantly bugging out so take those numbers with a pinch of salt because they respawned), but that seems like way too much ammunition spent, and you can't really sneak around them in those relatively small and open areas. So overall I think that something needs to be tweaked a bit, because some of this stuff can be really upsetting, especially gearing up for a couple of hours just to loose it all to a dozen zombies boxing you in a corner because they heard you having a fistfight. (I'm also writing this from my Livonia solo experience only, so your mileage may vary on this matter.)
  3. My POV is pretty much same as Red's: Me, Isaiah, Red and Fenrir were driving down the road when out of nowhere a blue truck rams us, and they said in chat to stay in the car. Isaiah did not comply and glitched into the truck, and after that they sprayed the whole car down. (that happened in the time span of what seemed like 5 seconds) I personally couldn't even read the whole sentence in chat by the time I died.
  4. Kapocss

    VDM near VMC

    Hello, the only thing I have heard is a car driving past by, I was looting in a nearby area. I honestly have no idea what happened in the area. (that happened at 17:20-ish CET so I really have no clue what happened, heard some gunshots in the past 30 minutes or so around me, but I generally avoided the sources of the shots.)
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