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  1. Ben was born in 1994, in Hungary. He didn't really stand out as a kid, never doing exceptionally good in school or competitions. But there was one thing that interested Ben even as a child, his fathers occupation. Major Péter worked as a detective in the hungarian police force, mostly on uncovering the drug cartel that occupied the undergrounds of Budapest. Ben always saw his father as some type of hero, saving the lives of others and working on arresting criminals. Unfortunately in 2004, Ben's father died in an operation while trying to uncover said drug circle. This was the final push over the edge for young Ben, deciding once and for all that his destiny laid with the police. With his newfound determination, Ben excelled in his academic studies, making it into the newly formed TEK Terrorelhárítási Központ (Counter Terrorism Centre) in 2014, and participating even in finally taking down the gang that killed his father. On his last mission he took part in a joint operation with the LDF, taking down a dangerous hungarian criminal who was hiding in Topolin. That's when all this mess came crushing down, and now he is stranded alone in a country he barely knows, without any of his former comrades.
  2. Kapocss

    S1: KoS 2X in Cherno + attempted VDM 4X - 04/10/2016 21:02

    My POV is pretty much same as Red's: Me, Isaiah, Red and Fenrir were driving down the road when out of nowhere a blue truck rams us, and they said in chat to stay in the car. Isaiah did not comply and glitched into the truck, and after that they sprayed the whole car down. (that happened in the time span of what seemed like 5 seconds) I personally couldn't even read the whole sentence in chat by the time I died.
  3. Well, well, where should I start? I was born in 1193, in Luxembourg. My father, Mark Davis was a business man, and due to his work, we always had to move on the regular. I despised that about him, along with his grandiose vision of "his son who will take his place in the family business" what a load of crap. The years passed, and I became more "independent shall we say", all those private tutors, all those visions about me becoming great, I wanted none of it. I wanted to become a soldier. Not one who fights for a country, or a great cause, just a mercenary. I remember hearing about the Libyan civil war from television. I was none the wiser, getting my dad to finance my "combat journalism". It was hell out there, all right. But as it turns out, it was just the type of hell I felt like I belonged to. I remember the first man I shot, the adrenaline... it brings me back. Hearing stories from the locals about a man who went by the name of Joshua Blahyi, or more commonly known as "General Butt Naked", stories about him sacrificing children and gaining unimaginable powers, going into gunfights with nothing but his gun. ...It fascinated me. The Libyan civil war might have ended for the most part, but I still longed for more. I needed to know more about these "human sacrifices" I traveled the lands far and wide, been to many conflicts, and got taught many things. Some tribesmen told me that they honor their opponents by eating a part of them, that way their powers and spirit can live within them as long as they live. ...It stuck with me ever since, and I took it upon myself, to try... and remember every one of them, carving their names into my skin, leaving a permanent scar so I never forget the price that they paid for my salvation. After spending years in Africa, I heard that Takistan was home to many, if not more conflicts as well. I LIVE for war, so that naturally meant I had to go. And then some shit went down in Chernarussia. So here I am, seeking thrill and glory on battlefields I barely know, with people I'd like to kill more than anyone else in the world. My name is Leon, and this is my story.
  4. Kapocss

    VDM near VMC

    Hello, the only thing I have heard is a car driving past by, I was looting in a nearby area. I honestly have no idea what happened in the area. (that happened at 17:20-ish CET so I really have no clue what happened, heard some gunshots in the past 30 minutes or so around me, but I generally avoided the sources of the shots.)
  5. Frank was born in 1994 in Hungary. After his family moving to the UK during his early years, frank joined the military. Two years after joining the British Army, the infection reached Britain too. Frank was sent down with his battalion to London to set up a quarantine and evacuate, but the government was too slow to react. By the time they arrived, they could see the flames from the burning city from miles away, as chaos ensued in the city. After a brief discussion, the officers decided that continuing the evacuation should still take top priority. This proved to be the fall of the second battalion of the Royal Anglian Regiment. latest?cb=20110630091323 As his unit fell into disarray from the overwhelming number of infected, Frank and a couple soldiers got separated, and only just barely made it out of the city. After a brief talk and a couple of hours of trying to contact anyone, the soldiers who made it out decided to head back towards their families before its too late. They soon realized that the infection spread quite rapidly, sending the whole country into chaos, Frank soon parted ways with them, searching for his parents, and his little sister, Anna. Their house, rummaged through and the neighborhood burnt to the ground, Frank failed to find anyone, but the dead and looters. This continued on for two weeks until he gave up. His family couldn't have made it out here for this long. They must have become infected too. He finally made up his mind: if there was a country out there that did not fall like Britain, he must find it. Frank set out on a journey for the following months, but he failed to find a sense of order anywhere. Local warlords ruling over a small group of survivors, military remnants going rogue, bandits and looters, it was always the same everywhere he traveled. His journey took him through eastern Europe, Turkey, and he ended up in Chernarus. With his car broken down and short on supplies, Frank is now forced to make ends meet in the country. Will Frank prevail, or his previous journey will amount to nothing?
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