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  1. Born in Tirana, Albania, though moved to Sydney when sent mum sent Ali and myself on a 1 way plane ticket to Sydney to stay with our aunt who had a permanent residence to have a better life with more opportunities. I was only just a little fella who didn't know how to even bench when we arrived. Growing up in Balmain, Sydney was hectic as, they even allowed us to drop out of school in year 10. Aunt made me get a job after I dropped out of school, so taking advantage of my zyzz like stature working as a bouncer at the most hectic club I've ever been to, oh my god so hectic. I would of been the best bouncer anyone has laid eyes on I swear to god. They nicknamed me "Big Juzles" because I am just massive cuz. Unfortunately in 2016 our beloved aunt who was like a mother to me died, Ali and myself flew back to Albania to honour aunt passing. During our stay we decided to permanently return back to Albania to be closer to family at which time Ali and myself were offered a stable gig as security guards for a famous DJ and during our job we had to travel with him when he toured all over Europe during 2017 at which during July one of his last gigs was in Chernarus unfortunately it was exactly when the outbreak hit
  3. John Williams born in Birmingham he is the oldest of two children, in the early stages of his schooling career john would study at the independent Arundale School in Pulborough. Not for very long though as just in year 10 john would be asked to leave his school for anti-social behaviour for fighting 2 kids bullying a disabled child seeing nothing wrong with his actions aslong side his parents pulled him out of the school. This would be the starting point of a semi-unstable family life and education career as many school would be opposed to John as seeing him as a potential loose cannon for his prior actions and his parents relation strained because of this as the stress building for a lack of education for their children saw their parents split up instead of working through hard times.
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