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  1. My name is Jeremiah Hawkins, I am a 24 year old construction worker from the west coast of California, happily married with a daughter named Heather and boy named Joshua.. The only thing that is true about me now in that last sentence is that my name is Jeremiah Hawkins and I am 24 from California. Since the outbreak I have lost my family and everything that came with it one night after the outbreak. I put us in a ransacked corner store for the night just so we can have somewhere to stay with four walls around us. When I went scavenging for food and necessities like wood to start a fire to bring back to them they were gone... I don't know what to think if they are alive or dead.. I just keep living hoping one day I can run into them. Who knows if I would be in the situation if we just stayed home, we came to Chernarus for a vacation. The tickets were cheap and it was far away from home, what could have went wrong... little did I know. I guess that is what I get for being a cheap stake, should've went on a road trip instead. I will not falter in my mission to find my family, I will stay alive and do whatever is necessary to do so. I am not much of a trouble maker, I tend to steer away from trouble. This life is different now, I just hope I can get custom to it however deems fit for my survival.
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