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  1. Milo

    NHF Media Thread

    The Boys rolling out to the next task @Nexino @Horatio @Crocodile Man @MasonnWB
  2. Milo

    Potius Cras

    I believe i ran into you guys already met guy named Kevin cool dude, all the way around def enjoyed the rp Welcome back
  3. Milo

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    It def was a pleasure brother wish we didn't have to hear all that extra shit in background hope we can bump into each other again
  4. Milo

    NHF Media Thread

    Major random gathering here, N.H.F mos def meeting people everywhere we go @Horatio @Hampze @WorPB
  5. Milo

    NHF Media Thread

    Just me and the boys ready for whatever. @Hampze @WorPB @Harry Taylor
  6. Milo

    Griefing S1 Cherno appartments

    Me @PUNISHER4256 and @C__H_A_S__E are part of the same approved group we had a stash there full of guns i meet up with @PUNISHER4256 a fresh spawn and took him to get guns and some gear. We left to saklitzy island and later on that day @C__H_A_S__E pm me to tell me if i moved all the guns from the stash i told him no that we was just there. Thats when he told me everything was on floor and he was going to put report in and i told him to do it bc its weird that it just happened, it would have to be so random for some one to find it the spot
  7. Milo

    A better tomorrow - DayZRP Movie

    I just started watching it dam its good had to stop it for later
  8. Milo

    Server wipe

    Start fresh i think server needed it anyway. Mind you a had alot of good stuff on old one as well but it is what it is
  9. Milo

    Need help stuck in a crash loop

    I verified my files everything ok there. I had to take pic with phone bc now my pc froze. I had no problems the whole time i was playing i was in game maybe 2 to 3 hr. Anyway this is what it says.
  10. Milo

    Need help stuck in a crash loop

    Ok so i just got in and then when i went inside tent looked at an item i crashed again. I will try again and take screen shot if i dont get in
  11. Milo

    Need help stuck in a crash loop

    I hope someone can help i was looting at tisy everything was fine and good intill i enter this one tent. As soon as i went in tent i instantly crashed. I tried loading in multiple times and everytime im about to load in it crashes its say x64 exe file. Nobody from my group has experienced crashes after talking with them everyone came up with i might be in a crash loop.
  12. Milo

    Hope Burns Bright!

    presses PTT Hello hello is anarchy there just wanted to give big thanks for the amount of weapons and nvgs you guys dropped off last night it did sure help out alot because of your generosity we will keep you in our hearts full of hope releases PTT
  13. Milo

    Anarchy [Open Recruitment]

    You guys are the group to hate, it makes for intresting rp and im loving the story of how good vs evil is unfolding. I cant wait to kill some more of you guys for my bloodlust or maybe some of my guys die either way i do enjoy this all. I would say hope to bump into you guys but we know we will. Wish we can create a great story between our factions for future storys
  14. Milo


    Talking to the people in the police station. Trying to spread our noble cause. @Frenchie @isaac lineheart @Blutdamon
  15. Milo

    N.H.F Chronicles

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