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  1. Milo

    Baiting Sitnik

    Just From their POV what type of info could i of gotten from them. @ImMason
  2. Milo

    Baiting Sitnik

    We are sitting in base thinking about life when we got a msg from an insider that just recently joined them talking about they are on the way to attack. All of a sudden a group of guys are in the front asking for entrance and they all get denied. They keep asking and asking in till they decided to boost over. By then Kirby had asked them not to jump over the fence multiple times. He then proceeds to tell them put hands up and thats when the shootout begins.
  3. *Grabs radio off table stand and presses ptt* "Hey there are you still alive, whats your name .If you receive this msg head on over to the town of Sitnik. There is a strong community of people living and thriving as one. You won't find any * Transmission breaks for a moment* ing like this community in this country. We have plenty of work and homes for people looking to move in town. Just head over to town and ask for Leon and i can set you up with something. * Releases Ptt*
  4. Milo

    Metagaming s2

    What's fishy about it ? I asked a question that someone said that you was 5.0.3. I never sentenced you to death nor did I mention to any member that you are 100% 5.0.3. Instead of rping it out and just denying it and acting innocent you choose to to go the other route. You got annoyed and aggressive with your captors because you figured you got caught and death was certain as you said in your statement. What if I told you every person we capture we assume they are 5.0.3. We tell them we have proof of this evidence to see their reaction. This was not the case because someone told me you might be 5.0.3. Which you showed suspect behavior considering that everyone is tied up and heavily out numbered . Before we can get any rp out of you, you preferred to talk smack. You question where I got the info and from who, but are in no position to ask questions. You could of shut up and rp the situation out to determine if you got caught but you didn't give us a chance to do so. You ended up dying because of your actions and then report me for meta game. You gave us bad rp by talking shit. You clearly meta gamed. You said in your statement and I quote you. And for this meta gaming part, like really? I sure was talking over the discord with my friend and I know it's meta gaming, but did it hurt? Well yeah especially if you are accusing someone of the same rule you are clearly breaking in your video.
  5. Milo

    Metagaming s2

    So i was sitting in the church tower and watched three men try to hop over the gate. So i radio in the guys to start heading back to base. In total there was 5 guys out there in a house talking or something of that nature. So when the guys got there we let them in base without revealing that we are here to see if they would hold the town up since they was just trying to break in. We figure if the town seemed empty their true intentions would show. Some words was exchanged between one of our people and their's and that's when we all hop out to question the guys. out of the 5 people that was there one of them was @Blakstad an old friend that came from chernarus to visit me. My friend was in the house for at least 20 min with all other men just talking. You see @Blakstad is the one that told me that he think that Bjorn guy is possible 5.0.3. He told me that he recognizes him from Chernarus because his group and 5.0.3 had problem at one point and now are neutral with one another he would recognize members from 5.0.3 considering he is a leader from his group. So as an investigator that i am i asked him if he is 5.0.3 i still have no proof that he is in fact 5.0.3 but i still ask. Based on his response it gave him away because he seemed irritated the moment i mention that someone said he is 5.0.3. Still have no proof and didn't bring it back up so i told him to sit with the other hostages. Thats when a member of our council ended punching him in the face to were he proceeds to insult a member of our group even tho he is heavily outnumbered. I would also like to bring up the fact that @Leik did not value his life from the moment i asked he if he is 5.0.3. A person that is tied up and all his buddy's are tied up but yet choose's to throw insults knowing death will come surely from it. He does not value his life in a situation such as this. We let everyone go except the people that didn't comply. 3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage, or knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement when not involved in the fight. Characters found guilty of breaking this rule will be permanently marked as dead. I would also like to ask the GM @APositiveElmo if i make a separate report for NVFL and Meta gaming or if it can be handled in the same report since in his video he is clearly meta gaming and it show's he is completely outnumbered and didn't value his life by insulting a council member.
  6. Milo

    Metagaming s2

    I would also like to point out that @Leik and @KobraKidd is clearly meta gaming in this video by informing his buddy that he is uncon when he shouldn't even be talking during the situation. Considering the fact that both of them were hostages. 3.6 Using OOC communications like Discord, TeamSpeak or others to transmit or receive information related to in game situations is only allowed when you have a personal radio item in your inventory. As soon as your character loses the ability to speak or use the radio - for example has died, is unconscious, has been gagged, is surrendering (F1 or F2 animation), is handcuffed or had your radio item or clothing containing it removed from your inventory - you may not receive or transmit any in game information through OOC communications. While in presence of other players all such communication should also be transmitted in game using "double mic" mechanic. This means transmitting both through in game VOIP and external software simultaneously.
  7. Milo

    Metagaming s2

    I acquired the info from an informant that i would like to keep his name anonymous. If a GM requires it i will pm them the name so as not to get meta gamed.
  8. Welcome to the team boys lets make Lavonia great again @Cookie @Burns @Twizzler @Trijim
  9. Its on an poppin now boys
  10. Milo


    Is this in Lavonia since being on s2 I have not seen any modded cars
  11. Milo

    An Pobal ( The Community)

    The Life of the Community
  12. @Vandire it will be great when we reunite brother our travels brought us to lavonia it seems
  13. i was going back from brena and i was planning to head to sitnik but once we got stopped and the whole situation went down i thought the timer would of been up i guess i was wrong there's nothing more i can really say logs show position.
  14. Ok so it starts when Camo hits us up on the radio that people in a red sarka were following him and possibly shot at him but he was not 100% sure. At the time we was heading south and popped a u turn to see if we can catch these people coming back to the base. We see them come and start acting suspect so i approach the one that's driving the car and ask him if everything ok and if he needs help. He proceeds to pull out gun so i reacted when he started to move away so i asked him to put his hands up but he did not comply so i began to shoot but he un con me and i wake up. Soon after that i was killed. I spawned just west of brena i was talking to camo and atrix after we was dead. Camo picked me up bc he just happen to be in the area. As we are driving back to base the same guys stopped us, told us got out of car. They start talking to camo then i hear someone say weren't you the one that didn't stop. Someone response with yea that's him then shoots him they take the car and everything and i proceed to head back to base.
  15. just got done from playing will put my pov im the am
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