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  1. is a defector of the military. During the outbreak I tried to save as many as I could with no success. Due to this and the deterioration of civilization I have been trying my luck on the road joining various groups ever since. Through the long years I`ve grown much larger distrust of the general populous after having numerous attempts on my life but still long for the experience of a group that has each others backs. I recently left my previous group due to growing tensions between the members and in order to secure my safety I tried to distance myself from them as far as i could. I eventually found myself in Chernarus where I will start again and find a suitable place to rest my head and survive. I mainly stick to forests when traveling to avoid thieves and robbers and will only travel on the road when a vehicle is present. Once i find a suitable place to rest my head I will setup shop and make friends with the locals. I also love hunting so that is what i do with most of my time when I am not gathering materials for building my base up.
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