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  1. The Tower

    Mostly out and about in Chernarus, too. Getting acquainted with how things have changed.
  2. The Tower

    Ooh, let us know. We were gunna hop in tonight anyway.
  3. The Tower

    Intended to deal with this before the weather decided it hated me. >.< I'll get this taken care of right away. - Weekend'll take care of it. - Timezones strike again to thwart planning. Pushed to tomorrow.
  4. The Tower

    The Tower - Most Hurricane Prone Group of 2017.
  5. The Tower

    Back at it now, after a lot of poorly timed situations. sogladnothinghappenedtomycomputer
  6. The Tower

    A Day in the Life in Chernogorsk.
  7. Jay Hapner

    Hapner entered South Zagoria through Western Chernarus with a Press Badge, coercing, convincing, and sneaking his way into the center of the Crisis. He spent his time tailing the Military and avoiding conflict and contact with the infected. He got few questions as to his lack of camera equipment and crew as he followed soldiers from held point to held point, avoiding getting too close as to not anger them and staying in the woods to avoid attention of the infected. He would rarely ask question and would often be lacking any signifying blue vests or helmets to make himself as a reporter. Fewer yet noticed his strangely in-depth understanding of the local countryside. He took his time stalking the military and interviewing locals so as to better learn the State of Affairs and the availability of commodities as the days pressed on. He would keep notes of his conversations, jotting down unreadable shorthand of the more important of the information, never leaving a direct record of what information he kept and what he did not bother to keep scribbled. He would carry a books and stuffed animals for children he found, using the opportunities to practice his chernarussian with the children would neither remember him well, nor converse with soldiers about him. He would change clothes constantly, presumably looting his new digs from abandoned houses and apartment complexes, the only constant being his cap and boots.
  8. The Tower Media Thread

    Shotgun is bae. <3
  9. The Tower Media Thread

    A poor connection can lead to disastrous situations
  10. The Tower

    We alternate between S1 and S2, depending on where the party's at. Been having an issue lately where me and another of ours are having weird problems staying connected to the server, so we've been a bit more sparse this week until we figure out what's borked.
  11. The Stable

    Uhh, I see a small issue.
  12. The Tower

    *Has sadly never played Dying Light* >.<
  13. The Tower Media Thread

    Tower Media Who doesn't love cataloging your favorite moments? I'll start. Only effective up to there, huh? Should have gone East. ;D Home Sweet Tower
  14. The Tower

    *disclaimer, it was not MSpaint, plz no archive* We think we got it, sir. =D
  15. The Tower

    Thanks for the extension, we've been boggling over how to alter the goals to sound like something less open-ended and more immediately achievable. As for the graphics, we've been tossing stuff around but I can make some temp stuff for until then. I also appreciate the recommendations on the Lore, I'll get to work on it right away since it's my own fault it's lacking and sounds like we'd known each other beforehand, as only two of us had. I'll knuckle down on this and hopefully have this ship-shape immediately. We've been having some great roleplay internally, on the radio, and with our visitors, it'd be a shame to lose out on more.