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  1. The Damned

    No pressure or anything. I guess I am back now.
  2. Dead Batteries [Recruitment Open][Active]

    If that roster keeps growing them batteries are gonna be charged.
  3. Yeah I hope we can get some more explanation on this. Cus all I'm getting from that is the amount of reports people will post when they get JFK'd from over a km away, an hour after they rob someone. But maybe I'm reading this wrong?
  4. Need a tanner.. [Closed]

    :: Dominik rolls his eyes as he presses the PTT :: "As much as I'd love to sprint all the way over to the airfield right now, I'm a bit preoccupied at the moment." :: He releases the PTT ::
  5. Need a tanner.. [Closed]

    :: Dominik pauses for a moment before answering :: "I suppose that could be arranged if it's somewhere reasonable." :: He ends the transmission waiting for a response ::
  6. Need a tanner.. [Closed]

    :: Dominik pulls out his radio to reply once more :: "Yeah alright got a few of these things ready. How many you looking for?" :: He releases the PTT waiting for an answer ::
  7. Need a tanner.. [Closed]

    :: Hearing the transmission, Dominik grabs his radio to reply :: "I might be able to work something out with you fella, just need to straighten out the details." :: He releases the PTT waiting for an answer ::
  8. Titan

    This actually looks pretty neat. I'm kind of curious to see how this group will treat the variety of groups they will encounter over time. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing you in game.
  9. The Damned

  10. :: Sighing, Dominik responds to the man :: "Fella, the blame came when you try to force a government on people that don't want it, or need it. If you're too blind to see that then I feel somewhat sorry for ya." "We've survived this long without any government supervision don't see why we'd need it now." :: He rubs his eyes and ends the transmission ::
  11. :: Dominik thinks for a moment to gather his thoughts before replying :: "I've been listening to most of these broadcasts, and hell it's a lot to absorb. Frankly I think I've heard so many contradictions from certain voices I don't know where to begin. One fellow instructed his comrade not to condescend the people he was addressing yet that same voice did himself when someone disagreed with him." "You folks talk about people not needing these weapons to defend themselves from the infected. That's not what they're worried about. It's people. And I'm quite sure you know that. This weapons restriction is supposed to be used to help remove weapons from elements hostile to your 'government'." So are the people of this region just supposed to sit back as they are defenseless against the marauders you know are out there? Perhaps the people would be more willing to cooperate and disarm themselves if their safety was guaranteed. So far it does not seem like it is guaranteed. Perhaps asking those you wish to 'Protect' to help you route out these rogue elements to ensure security would have been more productive before confiscating weaponry." "Instead, on this fine eve, I hear screaming, yelling, cursing and threats being exchanged because you use force on tired, confused and frightened people who have been left on their own by several governments and military forces. Granted, this was not their intention. So I just wonder, what made you think this was going to go over smoothly? Not really looking for an answer honestly. I'm pretty sure everyone can see the truth for themselves." "Merry Christmas South Zagoria." :: The transmission ends ::
  12. Blast to the Past | Share your Screenshots!

    I'd post some mod pics but they're mostly on my old pc. So rip like poor Igor here. And when you climb into places with B-17. But anyway here's some IG text for the lols Post reacting to being called Post by some chick IC GM Hassan enhancing my RP Blackwood trying to crush Welden with buses When you think you've found Spiderman But then you find da real Spiderman I don't know... Bifrost of Chernarus Witwenmacher's Internet gains GF aggro as he DCs 5-6 times Lastly, the local tourist attraction. The Sulphur clouds of South Zagoria.
  13. Urrrrrrm Hello ^_^

    Uh, you realize there was a lore wipe. Right fella?
  14. Gremlins

    Saw the name and thought of the movie. Clicked and saw graphic. Was not disappointed +1 Should be interesting good luckerinos
  15. Needs more spooky monsters. But yeah +1 nice reads my dude.