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      Rebel scum.

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    When you fail at babysitting @Zero

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      He'll be fine I swear.


  3. Otto

    The war....is over

    :: Dom shakes his head as he speaks into his radio :: "Man don't tell me you're staring into fires again. Fuckin' hell..." :: The transmission ends as he tosses his radio into his pack ::
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    I remember this fella. Didn't know you were back +1

  5. Otto

    Operation vanguard

    All I heard during my 1 FPS at the event was Boris screaming we are going to die and Joffrey screaming we are not going to die.
  6. Otto

    My Current Character is KOSable

    We gots a score to settle skin collector! The Damned.
  7. Otto

    DayZRP Seasons / Chapters / Episodes

    I'm honestly surprised with all the support for this. Last few lores lasted like 3 times as long as this one has run. I don't even think it's a good idea with the state of the game right now. We've got like 2 civilian firearms right now aside from handguns. Gonna be shaking my head when I see all the fresh survivors with AKs at the start of a new lore. Maybe use those resources we have of capable Event/Loremasters and maybe bring some factions in? Hell we've had several events with groups like the BPR and the CDF where people could just sign up and be approved to play those characters. I mean the same thing was done with the council way back in the mod, if there wasn't enough staff on to play they'd get volunteers to play characters for a mini event. I seen a few people discussing there needs to be something to fear earlier on in this thread. I know a few other people who don't really care about things that are in our current world but are not things that what we can see in game e.g. the military. So why not bring in a big faction once in a while? We have the ability to spawn in gear and teleport people. I've seen the work several community members have done with the builder mod with some classic mod recreations as well as some new ideas. Why not make an outpost or something for one of these groups? Even if its temporary. Let the eventmasters spawn in hordes of zombies more frequently in places like these or other player bases and settlements. You could just ask for approval from the groups. I think we've got some potential to do some things here without having to resort to a full lore wipe every year. The idea of a theme or season each year isn't bad, but why not do that with our tools and player base to build a solid lengthy story?
  8. Otto

    The North (Open Frequency)

    :: Another voice carried over the frequency shortly after, the tone stern and bitter :: "Man, what is it with people today? I ain't ever heard so much bullshit in months. Y'all solve your problems with bullets and threats. I don't like you, you don't like me shit. Hell if I'm walking down the street there ain't no law saying I gotta like Joe Schmoe when he come up to me... or even give him the time of day, but hell I ain't gonna shoot him for it. People making these big ol' towns and 'states' as they call em'. Half of em' don't last cus of bullshit bickering between dickhead 1 and 2. Do people still realize the worlds still turning around us? Hell didn't a jet crash nearby not to long ago? I wouldn't be surprised if someone bombed the shit outta all of us cus of the nonsense going on 'round here." "I'm really curious, what is this North you talking bout? Hell I barely see anyone past Ratnoe when I'm out and about. Am I gonna get gunned down for taking a piss by the train tracks now? Sheesh... I think what you fellas need is a good drink to ease your nerves. Hell maybe doing some of that crazy free-running on some roofs to get out the excess energy. Maybe a board game? I can carve you up a chess set if you'd like. Was gonna sell some booze in that fancy new 'town' but guess I should wait till yer done killing each other. Pff. 'Scuse me." :: The transmission fades to static ::
  9. Otto

    Distress call from Novaya Petrovka [Open Comms]

    :: Another voice comes over the frequency shortly after :: "Don't usually help out people I don't know but I'm right around the corner per say. I know some doctors not sure if they can make it this way. If you others got it handled however don't mind me." :: The transmission ends ::
  10. Otto

    Jay Carter "Surviving" [Open Freq]

    ::Upon hearing the transmission on his long range, Dominik goes to reply:: "So you found yourself on the prison island? Not quite sure what other "island" you have to swim back to. Ehh, swim to mainland is not that bad, cold though. Good luck." ::There is some semi-incoherent yelling about "Holliday and booze" before the transmission ends::
  11. Otto

    Suggestions for the Campfire Collection

    Object's Name: Compound Bow Reference Picture: Reason for it to be added/usage: Opens another option that would fit civilian or hunter characters to defend themselves quietly, as well as hunt animals for food. Object's Name: Crossbow Reference Picture: Reason for it to be added/usage: Same as the above, just re-add it tbh. Craftable bolts yes? pls. Object's Name: Quiver Reference Picture: Reason for it to be added/usage: Could be worn on the back or perhaps that fancy new belt slot to add more space for the above suggestions ammunition. Also fits as cosmetic befitting more "campfire" survivors.
  12. Otto

    108.7 Hz

    ::The muffled voice replies:: "Novo plaza, by the statue. Will change if issue arises." ::Static::
  13. Otto

    108.7 Hz

    ::The radio would come to life once more with a strangely muffled voice:: "If this is indeed the correct frequency, Mr. Moses would like to inform you that the items you requested have been acquired." ::Transmission ends::
  14. Otto


    Breaks the single most important feature. Can't craft or combine anything not even worth playing till tomorrow.
  15. Otto

    Open cans?

    Yeah they broke the water purification tablets and sewing kits. Tablets don't go in the water, you eat them for some reason and can't sew damaged clothes?