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  1. I like some of the goals, not everyone is interested in trying to get people to change their ways or minds. Also nice to see lore that's incorporated from events that happened in game. Could smell that shootout in Berezino coming real fast Best of luck boys, see ya in game.
  2. :: A series of exchanged gunfire could be heard before an angry, tense Slavic voice came over the frequency :: "I've had it up to here with these fucking idiots!" :: The gunfire continues with some slight commotion and yelling :: "Whoever hired these stupid militiamen to police Berezino?! RAC? Politsiya?! They done nothing but cause trouble! First they shoot off American machine guns in Olsha endangering the people to the sick, THEN THEY FUCKING SHOOT THEIR OWN MAN FUCKING AROUND WITH GUN LIKE IT'S TOY! Tried throwing man the AK they took from him like child!" :: There is some pause and a bit of panting before he continues :: "The man's friends show up and shot everyone to shit even people just around bar thanks to the stupid Americanskis! Get rid of these retards for the love of god! They are degenerates why don't you fucking arrest them and do something helpful!? Fucking complaint filed fuck!." :: The transmission ends ::
  3. I'm not really agreeing that we need a lore approved non-military group however, I don't really see how that means that none would be viable other than a reporting/news/media agency? I mean of course they could be frustrating and hard to pull off depending on conditions in game. Local Police? Pretty sure that's a pre-existing organized structure that serves the civil rights of the region. I assume Chernarus or at least South Zagoria is fit into one or several oblasts of Russia? So is there any sort of federal/state services or organizations that would be around trying to maintain order? I mean we apparently have twitter access, radios are working fine. So are we going to get information from some form of government address? Like "hey folks, shits nuts! Stay indoors, don't let the crazies bite you!" or "Looters will be punished to the highest degree of the law, proceed to the nearest military checkpoint bla bla bla". Or is that the point? That we are purposedly being left in the dark? Has Russia gone completely dark and censorship of everything? I have no idea what you guys have planned, nor wanting spoilers- or asking you to do more than you want. I think I'm just reiterating some arguments that were provided here. Not saying we need a civilian lore faction, but I believe maybe people would like more dissemination of information to understand what's happening in the world they occupy so they may better acclimate to it.
  4. Well, back to the original discussion. It's day 6. And honestly I'm bewildered OOC and IC by what I've seen. All I've heard in-game is talk of people robbing and killing each other, some crazy man going around torturing people. People looting and talking about it on twitter. (Honestly good for twitter though). Then all the yelling on the radio about how the Military are bandits and thieves going around stealing supplies from people. Y'know, the same supplies that were stolen off of military installations and medical centers by the people complaining. Gee, I wonder why they'd be reacquiring said assets. If I run into one more fucking farmer strapped with a baby ak, a RPK and a fucking anti-tank rifle on his back I might lose it a little. Besides the casual civilian with their Kivaari walking around. Honestly half the people seem like they're still at the end of last lore while the other half are actually trying to live out things as they currently are. I've seen people avoid killing infected, trying to round them up in buildings or punch them out as to "knock them out". And then other people just trying to hunker down and hope it isn't as bad as it looks and that the situation will blow over and the military will come save them.
  5. Not positive, but that could just be the remnants of a pack. I've had several encounters where myself or group I'm with would traverse an area, be attacked by a pack and kill most of them and the rest run away. Coming back through that area later, or at least somewhere nearby- the remaining wolves would suddenly appear without any sound. Same thing going through areas near wolf spawns. Sometimes you encounter a pack, other times there could just be one or two. I also think it's inconsistent in their modes of operation. When they're searching or just moving into an area (just after spawning I guess?) from my experience that's when they tend to howl. If you're close enough and just happen to stumble into their area and the AI has already acquired a target previously or something, they just run/sprint towards whatever next comes their way usually without any sound. Just a thought. If you got wolves popping out of thin air in an open field on top of you, the dayz gods must be in a bad mood.
  6. I mean if that's the case I think it just boils down to, this is DayZ. Stuff is bound to- and meant to kill you. Kinda part of the game. Hell there were more dangerous things than wolves back in the day. Stairs used to just insta-gib you walking up them. You can't decide whether wolves are going to swarm you in a bad place or near a safe building just as much as you can't decide whether or not the next person you come across means to rob you, torture you or otherwise.
  7. I don't really like the 3-4 .308 rounds to the head it takes to kill a deer, but I don't really care if wolves are deadly. Don't think I've ever had a real issue with wolves previously unless I was mostly unarmed. Bit confused with your previous statement though. So is it the woods all by your lonesome, y'know where the wolves live that you're dying? Cus that seems like your fault to be traveling lightly armed during a dangerous outbreak in the forest. Or is it in the big cities? Walking down the street or being in a big city seems like a *go into a building* no-brainer to survive. You really saying wolves are a problem in cities when you can just close a door in their face? And from most of my encounters wolves go after infected in towns and usually stay off you until you literally head in their direction. Y'know the direction denoted by howling and barking.
  8. (Subject to editing) Background A troubled man with little knowledge of his origins. Abandoned as a child in Warsaw, Valentin was raised between foster families. He never really made any true friends or close ties with most of his foster parents or siblings. Valentin managed to finish his general education and stumbled between jobs to make his way in the world as he begrudgingly tried to find out the truth of his heritage. He found brief solitude and stability from a short time spent within the armed forces before being discharged. Moving on with his life was hard as Valentin could not seem to find a purpose. The military seemed to be the only place where he felt a sense of belonging. Moving to Moscow, he looked for new avenues of employment and education even considering work with private contractors. During his time in Russia he made some of his first few ‘real’ friends and acquaintances. One day, he mysteriously received a letter informing him of an inheritance that he had no knowledge of. His questions about his family would return to him, but his search would quickly be up-heaved this time by the start of the “frenzy flu” and the paranoia that followed with it. Fast-forward to the implementation of the so-called ‘vaccine’, Valentin was sick of being cooped up without any means to do anything meaningful- in his mind. As the world attempted to move on and Russia opened its borders at the turn of the new year, Valentin's restlessness grew uncomfortable for him. One of his few friends suggested they get away and see what was really happening. Following this reasoning, they packed their things and took up a few pamphlets showing off the outdoors of Chernarus. A mix of curiosity of what had really happened there, and the desire to unwind spurred their journey. Unfortunately, tensions would only rise as the world slowly turned for the worse. Valentin once again found himself trapped in a world he couldn’t control.
  9. :: A tired chernarussian accent comes over the frequency :: "Eh. I know I drank a lot to get to sleep last night, but did I wake up in the wrong decade?" "Last I heard there were actual Russian soldiers, you know- from I suppose what's left of the Russian Federation. 'Invading'." "You don't sound like them. Not really my concern, but- are two parties going to eh- how do they say.... 'Duke it out'?" "Perhaps it is just convenient timing so you can all be 'comrades'." "But as the man said, You're fighting for lands and politics." "What is the point if there's no people left to inhabit the land?" "'You are the same as any other trying to seize power." :: The transmission ends ::
  10. That's a very nice roadblock you have there. Hope you all can get people playing Chernarus. Goals look good and achievable.
  11. I've played with this mod, the rifle slings are dope and you can slap pouches on them I'm pretty sure. The melee weapons were pretty meh if I recall. Clothing a bit goofy. Zippos and stuff were nice. Can also beat people with that big ol' Maglite. Not sure if the Gewehr would work. Last I tried it, it wouldn't accept the mauser rounds the 98k we already have uses. Instead it used a different model of the same caliber that was in the FiDov pack, might be mistaken however. Of course if you like showing off your guns for raiders to steal, the gun racks are easy to make and also store ammo/mags. +1 from me.
  12. :: A cold, tired voice comes over the frequency :: "You want a story reporter man? Maybe a little somethin' that expands your latest headline." "Maybe- you should be on the lookout for some, 'Mountain Men'." "I'm sure they could fill you in on how the Corporation spun them wrong." "Without a Shadow of a doubt there'll be something to tell." "Might need some coaxing though." :: The transmission fades ::
  13. :: A cold, tired voice would come over the frequency :: "Been listening for a while now. Lot of talk going on it seems." "Nice to know some of you have got enough brains to see the skin collectors for who they really are." "But I am severely troubled-" :: There would be a short pause of silent transmission :: "I hear folks talk of right or wrong, good or bad. You seem- to be missin' the big picture." "It's kind of cute actually, listening to you corpos defend yourselves. Offering friendship and a place to stay for these people." "I wonder, who's your lead operator lately? You fellas care to throw me a bone? I'd prattle off some names, but hey you know how it is- you kill each other off if you don't get the job done. It's alright though, I understand quotas and all that. I'm just wondering who I'd have to address if I wanted to speak to some, old friends." "I mean I'd hope we'd be friends by now. You gave me all these nice things after all! I've got these documents of your targets, test subjects, blood samples, et cetera. I've got all these pretty IDs of yours. It really was fun visiting those compounds of yours. How much do these tablets cost anyway? I just wish I had taped more of a confession outta those so-called traitors of yours. You know, before you had them whacked." :: There is an audible soft sigh as the voice pauses :: "I'd hope by now you'd know who this is. I mean your folk proposed letting bygones be bygones with anyone. So tell me Op-er-ator-" "You care to have a sit down with a damned Drifter?" "Or are you content on continuing to be the enemy of humanity?" "There's a cold wind blowin' through Livonia I hear, and it's whispering your name. You stay safe out there." :: The transmission fades out ::
  14. Knock knock, any corpos home? 

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