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  1. :: A cold, tired voice would come over the frequency :: "Been listening for a while now. Lot of talk going on it seems." "Nice to know some of you have got enough brains to see the skin collectors for who they really are." "But I am severely troubled-" :: There would be a short pause of silent transmission :: "I hear folks talk of right or wrong, good or bad. You seem- to be missin' the big picture." "It's kind of cute actually, listening to you corpos defend yourselves. Offering friendship and a place to stay for these people." "I wonder, who's your lead operator lately? You fellas care to throw me a bone? I'd prattle off some names, but hey you know how it is- you kill each other off if you don't get the job done. It's alright though, I understand quotas and all that. I'm just wondering who I'd have to address if I wanted to speak to some, old friends." "I mean I'd hope we'd be friends by now. You gave me all these nice things after all! I've got these documents of your targets, test subjects, blood samples, et cetera. I've got all these pretty IDs of yours. It really was fun visiting those compounds of yours. How much do these tablets cost anyway? I just wish I had taped more of a confession outta those so-called traitors of yours. You know, before you had them whacked." :: There is an audible soft sigh as the voice pauses :: "I'd hope by now you'd know who this is. I mean your folk proposed letting bygones be bygones with anyone. So tell me Op-er-ator-" "You care to have a sit down with a damned Drifter?" "Or are you content on continuing to be the enemy of humanity?" "There's a cold wind blowin' through Livonia I hear, and it's whispering your name. You stay safe out there." :: The transmission fades out ::
  2. Knock knock, any corpos home? 

  3. When you try to warn the tourists about the Kamenici.
  4. :: A chernarussian mans voice comes over the frequency :: "I could probably give you some information on the corporation fucks. Though I think it would be better if it was shared privately." :: The transmission ends ::
  5. Otto

    To Mr. Russo

    :: An annoyed Chernarussian mans voice comes over the frequency :: "Does someone want to explain to me what the deal is with this so-called Police force? I've been holding myself back from asking but I've heard many contradicting and asinine things lately." "Heard that you want to help restore and protect the region and the people, yet you make xenophobic broadcasts and threaten peaceful people. Then you start conflict with not-so-peaceful people that possess similar enemies. And now you're threatening a young girl like some pervert because your commander told you to get some guy. You people act like the same 'terrorists' and 'bandits' you keep raving about." "What retard allowed you to open your mouth on the radio and make a fool of yourself in this way? I'd honestly like to meet the 'police commander' who allows pedophiles in his employ." "Forgive me if I don't believe your kind intentions to this Russo fellow- I don't really give a damn. However, if I'm not mistaken you sound like the same angry idiot who was ranting on the radio about how you were going to 'double tap' him just a few days ago." :: There is a brief pause as two men talking and the clinking of glass can be heard in the background :: "For all I know you are a bunch of corrupt bureaucrats in uniform trying to stake your own claim here. Maybe if you want people to support you and believe you're actually here to do something good, then don't act like every other asshole out there." "Do something productive huh? Maybe find the strange men taking blood samples and looking for 'fertile women'. Unless that is you as well?" "Home-brewed vodka for anyone who does something actually worth a damn." :: The men in the background can be heard talking about moving something before the transmission ends ::
  6. :: A bitter voice broke through the frequency after the conversation had ended :: "Well then.. 'This new world should be based off of kindness AND unlawfulness AND hate filled lands driven by the people around us'...." "Sheesh. What kinda nonsense are you spewing fella? Could you make up your mind on what you're saying? Y'know people already make their own choices. You all talk like you've gotta end this fight or that fight against this great enemy or the next one and that things will be different. Man things could ALREADY be different. You all keep CHOOSING to fight. You keep making it into a fight." "You twist petty conflicts out of proportion and turn it into these great epics. Then last words are spoken, and people die. The bitterness you feel afterwards? Maybe you should've cooled that fire beforehand. So go on, get your revenge. Let this chaos reign and let the people thrive. Then take a step back and see what happens." "Cus you won't like some of things you let slip by. The things you choose to ignore. The things that fester in the dark that you tolerate. They come back and bite you. While you're so focused on your hell bent crusade you'll have forgotten what you should've been worrying about." :: There is an audible exasperated sigh before the man finishes his rambling :: "Wastin' my breath here. By the time anyone changes your minds it won't matter. You stay safe out there." :: The transmission ends ::
  7. :: A tired chernarussian voice would come over the frequency :: "I wouldn't be so sure. It may smell like a corpo, and it may walk like a corpo. That does not make it a corpo." "You are forgetting some important details. There is a reason why we dubbed them the 'skin collectors'. They didn't just take blood samples. No, they took tissue as well. They did not care what was wrong with you or what your blood type was. Frankly the more abnormalities would probably make them more interested." "The ones you describe seem to have specific requirements of their agenda. Either the corpos have changed their methods, or these are not the same people." "Nonetheless, I'd suggest shooting them." :: The transmission ends ::
  8. When "big bad Vlad" is Public Enemy #1. I guess the anarchists need to get some more vx gas?
  9. Shhh we all try to forget that group :^)
  10. Zero

    I’ll just leave this here. 


    1. Mugin


      Let it stay dead. Fuck.

    2. Otto


      Nice meme.


  11. :: The tired and bored voice of Dominik comes over the frequency :: "Hey fellas, how's it going? You still needing some sandbags and shit? I might have some stuff lying around and got nothing better to do. Lemme know." :: The transmission ends ::
  12. :: The cynical voice returns, the sound of clinking glass may be heard in the background :: "Man I'm getting flashbacks to the Battle of Novy Sobor. Coalition seemed pretty dense and dropped like bricks. Though, I'm sure the boys would patronize you lot for a round two. So much for peace in our time." :: The transmission ends ::
  13. I'm leaning towards a +1 for this. Honestly think teenagers wouldn't be bad but some of the so called "Child" characters that I've run into over the years make me question my existence. Just some character tropes I see all the time that just throw me off and make it hard to take the situation seriously: The kid with the 6+ split personalities. The 11~ year old with knowledge and speech equivalent to a philosopher or college professor. 12 year old Machine gun totting Susie who knows every part of every weapon in Chernarus. The 16-18 year olds who sound like my cousins preschoolers. The genetically bio-engineered assassin from the future. Almost every one of them afraid of nothing. Overuse of the desensitized excuse. e.g. Watches their guardian decapitated, responds with little to no expression. I could go on but I think I make my point. If you're going to play a kid, could you at least not all be child savant/paranormal demon/supersoldiers. That being said I have seen a few people pull off kids very well. But from my personal experience they're outweighed by the oddities.
  14. :: A dull mocking voice would come over the frequency :: "I'm sorry but did one of those prison goons just damn the anarchists and claim to support 'normal' people? Christ you're all fucking hypocrites. You planning on drugging more women in your little labor camp island? Surprised you haven't diddled any kids like some of the weirdos around here. But sure, be my guest! Piss off the anarchists and I'll grab my stove-top popcorn. I seen this movie like 20 fucking times. I'd try and reason with you but my patience for people without common sense runs out every time one of you lot open those sad excuses for mouths." "Have a nice day." :: The transmission ends ::
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