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  1. Urrrrrrm Hello ^_^

    Uh, you realize there was a lore wipe. Right fella?
  2. Gremlins

    Saw the name and thought of the movie. Clicked and saw graphic. Was not disappointed +1 Should be interesting good luckerinos
  3. Needs more spooky monsters. But yeah +1 nice reads my dude.
  4. Pandoras Box - Open Freqency

    :: After listening to the back and forth for a few days, a man looks at this notes before replying to the frequency. His light Chernarussian accent comes over the frequency :: "How about a nice game of chess?" :: The transmission ends ::
  5. Dominik Romanowicz

    Origin WIP: Dominik was born in a small town on the island nation of Taviana, Stari Sad. He grew up there with his parents who were decently well off, his father working for what he assumed was a shipping company. Something that always bothered him was the little knowledge to the history of his family that he had. His parents never spoke of theirs other than they fought in the Second World War, and besides a few family reunions he never really learned or met much of his extended family. School gave Dominik his academic education whilst his "family" gave him the knowledge to survive. The Romanowicz' neighbors were always treated like family, most of them being co-workers of Dominik's father. They taught him how to hunt and fish and survive in the wild, and when he was old enough he began to work at the company as well. ---- Abroad: After a few years of experience and change. Dominik traveled to the West for a better Education, between the money he had earned and the bit his parents had saved over the years this was not a difficult task. In his spare time he had become a decent musician, with an interest in the outdoors. The States had much more to show him than the small nature that was his home. However, once he had finished it was time to head home. He had received concerned letters during his stay, and he needed to see his parents. Further to the Southeast the nation of Chernarus had erupted in war, a rebel group known as the Chedaki had taken arms in South Zagoria. His father gave him a box, containing photographs and passports of his grandparents, some of them Chernarussian natives. --- Pre-Outbreak: Following the discovery of his Chernarussian heritage from his grandparents belongings, Dominik traveled to Chernarus following the end of the Civil War with the Chedaki to help with the reconstruction effort that had begun. He stayed there over the next few years becoming employed with the Wildlife and Ecological Institute of Chernarus to protect the native creatures and historical landmarks across the region as part of an effort to take better care of the land so dear to the Chernarussian people. He would be quite successful in this endeavor, becoming quite knowledgeable with the lay of the land, protecting the wildlife, and helping with anti-deforestation efforts. In the summer of 2017 Dominik had found himself working particularly in the South Zagoria area checking on the status of the wildlife population. When the bombing had begun he was further south unable to reach some of his fellow rangers to the north. Two weeks in he has had little contact with his co-workers or government officials and searches for some signs of stability.
  6. I can dig it, looking forward to seeing the +version and/or Re-done Book of Chernarus. Nice job LMs.
  7. :: Dominik would grumble hearing all the commotion on the frequency, sighing before grabbing his radio and pushing down the PTT :: "Uh yeah. I'm here too.. I think. I'm either hearing you or hearing things at this point. So what's the trouble this time?" :: He would set down his radio as he let go off the PTT, waiting for a response ::
  8. :: A plain voice responds to the frequency :: "Sure fella, I'll give you some 'feedback'." "Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if this Western man is some sort of actor, paid to talk on the radio. " "For all this talk I frankly have not seen hair nor head of this fella. Some might think they're hallucinating voices at this point cus I don't think this fuck is real." "Now I may be wrong but what the fuck do you want to do with the Kingdom? You said you helped those from the Alliance. Last I recall those two groups didn't get along too well." "Frankly I think you need some fucking life advice at this point. Some fuckers want to be left alone and other people to stay out of their business. Stop trying to open old wounds." :: The transmission ends ::
  9. :: Dominik would hear the transmission over the old frequency, pulling out his radio and seeing the blood on his hands :: :: His voice would carry over the channel as he held down the PTT :: "I kept my promise." :: The transmission carries for a moment before cutting out ::
  10. Back from the dead.

    Welcome back there fella, pretty sure there's a few people you know around.
  11. PAU Announcement [Open]

    :: A plain man's voice comes over the frequency after all the commotion :: "What's this movement I keep hearing about? Kinda lose track of things after a while. Eh I don't get out much." :: He sighs muttering the last bit still holding down the PTT:: "Yellow armbands and 'Puppies'? Huh... What did Glenn call those fellas.. Oh yeah, Roadkill." :: The transmission ends ::
  12. Coming home.

    Oh hi there fella.
  13. Welcome back dude
  14. Lost Souls Media Thread

    Dunno if I've had too many of Joseph Divone's mushrooms in game, but according to the LMs I've found the road to the old gods. Bifrost anyone?
  15. Hello? [Open Freq]

    :: Dominik pulls out his radio to reply once more :: "If you remember where Sonny's group did the tattoos, I can meet you there. Not that far from me, unless you've got a better place in mind." :: He lets go of the PTT waiting for a response ::