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  1. :: Dominik's voice would be heard in response :: "You ain't the only one fella. It's probably for the best. Guess I'll see you around." :: The transmission ends ::
  2. I gotta agree with Mexi on this one. You're talking about conflicts growing naturally but people are literally limited on how their characters can operate based on the rules. "Roleplaying a bandit a crazy person or a murderer does not grant you explicit rights to attack other players by itself, there must be other circumstances, previous history between the players or role play that leads to a situation where being hostile is warranted." Tell me how these previous circumstances arise? Like are we just gonna be squabbling over petty things like, "I don't like the color of your shirt it looks stupid" Like if you can't initiate on people because you don't have previous history, what exactly gives you previous history? Like if Joe can't hurt Bob, then Bob can never hurt Joe. I don't see any purpose for saying you can just ask //ooc can I perform hostile RP on you? We already had that. If you were a bad crazy person you could rob someone and torture them and they'd still have the power to prevent you from permanently harming them. That's the whole point of //perm to execute/permascar/torture/etc. If the crazy person isn't able to start anything and the nice person knows that ooc the nice people obviously aren't going to do anything to allow the crazy to have a reason to do something to them. I feel like these rules have for all purposes neutered hostilities. The only hostile actions I've seen in game lately are people being stopped for being stupid enough to steal from tents right in front of the people who own them. There have been a number of smaller hostile groups in the past who have created storylines and hostile RP with other groups without focusing on PvP, and we've usually had one or two super power groups on the server people were afraid of from all the time that I've been here. I don't even think I have to name them and I don't see why I have to argue this. Saying that DayZRP is supposed to be a more peaceful RP oriented place? Hell I remember times I got robbed back to back in a day and it was fun. The last time I felt this safe with nothing to fear on the server was when the trade post was open in the mod and you could sit there for most of the day. Last I checked that was something that was frowned upon.
  3. Otto

    Moretti Famiglia

    :: Dominik's voice would carry over the frequency :: "Still alive are you? I could've sworn you had your shit kicked in by that 14 year old girl. What did she take again? An ear? I'm sure Roxy would love to finish the job" :: There is a brief pause as he smirks to himself :: "I'm sure we'll be sending you to see Jupiter real soon." :: The transmission cuts off ::
  4. Otto

    To Ivan Lynch (Open Frequency)

    :: Dominik stops in his tracks hearing the transmission. He looks to Jericho before grabbing his radio to respond :: "So you got him... Huh. It's been a long time. I dunno if Ivan can hear you, I'm sure he'll chime in if he can." ::He audibly sighs as he leans back against the closest tree pausing for a moment:: "Ivan and I worked together for quite a while. I'd be interested in hearing what happened. Let me know if we can meet." :: He lets go of the PTT and stores his radio in his vest slowly before looking back to Jericho once more :: "I guess it's finished then. I mean he was the last one, right?"
  5. Otto

    Anarchy Announcement.

    :: Dom, surprised by the sudden broadcast, grabs his radio and replies :: "Was wondering where you fellas got to. Sounds like a shindig I'll bring some beers." :: He releases the PTT and straps the radio back into his vest ::
  6. Otto

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Oh damn. Welcome back.
  7. :: He broadcasts a reply once more :: "I didn't know an active combatant was a fella who puts his hands up and complies when 6-8 people surround and points guns at em, but y'know details." :: He releases the PTT ::
  8. :: Dominik pulls out his radio to broadcast a reply, his voice tired and stressed :: "I'm really tired of arguing with you people. This he said she said bullshit is going nowhere. And what's with all these bible quotes? You standing on some moral high ground or somethin'? Fucking hell fella. 'Don't lie or deceive?'. That's a laugh. One of yours claimed you had no ties to the corporation on another frequency a few days ago, which was not even 12 hours from when you attacked us with them. Some nice fucking horse you're riding. You know how much stupid shite is in that good book that people don't even follow cus it's nuts?" :: He releases the PTT briefly to sigh, before pressing it back down :: "Now, on more important note. Girl, My people had no intention to hurt you nor did I lay a finger on you. You got hit by some shrapnel that went through an infected in an effort to protect you. Now that's some wrong fucking shit right there and I'm sorry, but don't be putting that on me. If we were these evil people we would've just shot you when we had the drop on all of you in your camp. Your people were in the wrong place at the wrong time and hanging with the wrong people. Do you really think the nation's Defense Force would be attacking people if they weren't affiliated with the wrong kind of people? Feel better kiddo' but if you wanna sling words, just know the people taking care of you stabbed a kid not to much older than you." ::He shakes his head and tosses the radio into his bag ::
  9. Otto

    Bila Ruka PD

    Good luck fellas. I'm sure it'll be good/interesting.
  10. :: Hearing the broadcast, Dominik would grab his radio and furiously hold down the PTT :: "I can't believe you have the AUDACITY to speak such words. Your people know these Corporate folks the best? No one had even fucking heard of you people until about a damn week ago! My people have been seeing these corporate fuckers here for months." :: He grits his teeth barely holding back his rage, his breathing seething faintly into the transmission :: "You say you have children in your company? That you are not bad people? Then why don't you tell that to the girl you shot up when you all decided to help those Skin collectors ambush us? OR THE BOY YOU CUT UP AND LEFT TO DIE!?" :: There is a long pause as he tries to collect himself :: "You're call yourselves Mountain Men? You're gonna learn who really walks these woods." :: The transmission ends as he slams his radio down onto a table and kicks some nearby crates in frustration ::
  11. Otto

    For The Record

    :: Finally hearing the response he was waiting for Dominik picks up his radio to respond :: "I'm quite sure I would have noticed if one of mine ate someone. I don't think ol' Triceratops would've been able to walk back to camp if he was sitting in someone's stomach. But alas, details. I bet it just kills you though doesn't it? Working for something that will kill you if you don't, and get you killed for doing it. At least the dead man was smart enough to realize how enslaved he had become. You talk about doom? Whatever contract you've made with that corporation is yours." :: He releases the PTT ::
  12. :: After setting up the radio equipment, Dominik sits down and begins to broadcast his message :: "I'd like to set a few things straight. It seems like some people aren't very aware of what they're getting into. You see, there's a lot of rumors going around about the so called Corporation fellas. And well, I thought I'd bring everyone up to speed." :: He pauses briefly before resuming :: "You may have run into these folks. Their uniforms consisted of gas masks and pink armbands with a fancy logo attached. They'll tell you they're collecting blood and tissue samples in order to research the virus. They'll try to convince you, perhaps make you believe they can make things better... That they are here to help. This is not the case." "These people are mercenaries. Hired by the Corporation to retrieve samples from us, the people still living. You see, they act fairly normal when they don't have the advantage over you. They act polite and convince you to let them take samples. But when you're alone, helpless by yourself. That's another story. You see they've taken samples from one of my people. A young woman, a nurse. She was out on her own with no way of stopping them." :: There is an audible sigh before his voice resumes speaking once more :: "You may be asking, So what? Why does this matter? They just want to do their research... Well you see, these mercs have no loyalty to one another, and only blind loyalty to their company. You see, we found their people. We wanted our girl's samples back. We wanted information. And once we had them, we called out to their comrades on their own radios, demanding them to surrender the samples. Instead, they let two of their own die then give up some measly drops of blood. What kind of person cares about some tissue samples, more than a human life? The Corporation." "You see, I interrogated one of their men. He admitted to me, that if he failed at returning these samples and if his work here in this country was continuously impeded, the Corporation itself would kill him. Do you see it now? These aren't doctors or scientists as people know them. They are not here to help you. They have files on people, listing them as subjects. We are lab rats to them. I hope you understand now, what these people are." :: There is a long pause almost if the transmission was left running :: "Hmm. I almost forgot, and this is to the so-called 'Mountain Men'. Yes yes, we know who you are. You should really know who you introduce yourselves to. Now that you've decided to align yourselves with these blood-stealing Corporate folks, I can only assume you wish to help them find people to experiment on. I'm sure the people of South Zagoria would be happy to share in this knowledge." "Well this has been your friendly Damned Public Service Announcement. I thank you for your time. And to the people of South Zagoria, be on the lookout for these fellows. One named Logan, Codename-Wolverine. He likes to dress in red with a matching beret. There's also a female named Ash. Suppose they'll have to find some new lies to tell us. Have a pleasant day." :: There transmission slowly fades out with an eerie humming of what sounds to be 'One Way or Another' ::
  13. :: Dominik snickers, thinking back to the incident a few nights ago and presses the PTT on his radio. He speaks with his best Richard Attenborough impression :: "I heard you corporation folks have one sick Triceratops." :: He releases the PTT and smirks at Francis, shaking his head. ::
  14. Otto

    Anarchy And Their Total Domination

    Nah, you only initiate on them after they decline when you ask em nicely
  15. @LouieRP @stage Nice running into ya both again. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of each other. @Brodie @LemonLime You guys... I swear you were gonna make me die laughing. Thanks for the good time.