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  1. Otto

    What do you guys think of this?

    I'm for the idea. I mean we have zombies and radiation why not spook it up some. The area has been torn with conflict over the years it wouldn't be to far of a stretch to consider the place being haunted in some areas. I recall back when we had those grand old mod tools, some friends and I made up some ghost/monster stories around Halloween specifically joking about a bloodsucker. We took some random people up to Black Castle where we had said the creature was. Apparently some admin had been listening cus after a few minutes a genuine Namalsk Bloodsucker started chasing around in the dark.
  2. Otto

    What do you guys think of this?

    It's the damn Wendigos. They're real!
  3. Otto

    A Strange Message

    :: The sullen voice replies once more, an audible exasperated sigh coming over the radio :: "I'm afraid that's all I can say for the moment. I don't mean to be bleak or to make you uncomfortable. Merely a caution." "If you find yourself closer this way give me a ring." :: The transmission ends ::
  4. Otto

    A Strange Message

    :: The sullen voice responds once again :: "If you recall the payment from our last arrangement, it's of a similar nature. However it's much more complex from my knowledge. You might have encountered it upon your travels. Hopefully that peaks your interest." :: The transmission ends ::
  5. Otto

    A Strange Message

    :: The sullen voice would return a bit hesitant this time :: "There's some things I've acquired recently that may be of interest to you. Involves one of your areas of expertise and I thought you might be interested in taking a look. Might be something in it for you. However it sounds like you've got some distance between us." :: The transmission ends ::
  6. Otto

    A Strange Message

    :: A sullen man's voice would be heard over the radio :: "I'll try to keep this to the point. This message is for 'Chef Ramsay'. You know who you are. You helped me and mine with a certain issue a while back. A 'planetary' issue if you catch my meaning. Not sure if you can hear me, but I think we should have a talk. No tricks. Might be worth your while." :: The transmission ends ::
  7. Otto

    Which civilian rifle would you like added? *EDIT ADDED NEW RIFLE*

    I voted for the 1895. I don't want to suggest adding really overpowered weaponry, but I think some unique calibers might be interesting. Maybe some big game type rounds or weapons with armor piercing abilities for sniping. They'd probably be better off being pretty rare. We already have the .338 for the AWM. But I'd be down for like a 9.3 in a double rifle (If we ever get them again) or another Mauser. SV-98 and SVDK (Might be a bit stronk with SVDK) also have armor piercing capabilities.
  8. Otto

    The Boys From the Ends Media Thread

    You guys were funny as hell last night. Keep it up!
  9. Otto

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    *Bird noises* Thanks for having me.
  10. Otto

    • Otto
    • Helix

    Thought I heard a familiar voice last night. Where'd you come from?

  11. Otto

    The Loud Minority/2.3

    I guess a semi-fair example. If I recall the fella in question was inactive at the time or was never around to be turned over.
  12. Otto

    The Loud Minority/2.3

    I guess I'll throw my two cents in. I've been in groups in the past or at least played with groups that got attacked a lot. It's not fun, but there are definitely ways around it. Squillium gave a good example of Chief and Novy Svet and the Trust before that. They found plenty of obscure places to hide out and still accomplish things they wanted to do from what I recall. People should pick their fights more carefully and realize not to start conflicts if they aren't worth it. I've seen quite a few of these groups this lore that get accused of attacking a certain group or groups constantly, yet I also have seen them give those people multiple opportunities to have it stop with reasonable demands to start with, that only got worse if they didn't comply. Instead they'd say no, or better yet, say yes and lie trying to back-stab them with another group later. Afterwards the consequences for this were obviously worse. Negotiate, compromise. I've done things on my character I didn't think I would've done at the start of the lore just because it benefited the well-being of my character or his friends. Be smart and reasonable. Value your characters life. Don't wage war against odds you can't beat if it's gonna have you end up with eating bullets every couple of days. Maybe talk things out? It's at least worth making an attempt.
  13. Otto

    What old school pistol would you like to add?

    I'd have to go with the Tokarev. It fits in well as an eastern sidearm and the 7.62 x25mm is a pretty nice round performance wise. Could also throw in a PPSh-41 if the Tokarev round was added. Wishful thinking
  14. Otto

    The Corrosion of an Imperfect Morality - Journal of Kazimir Yazov

    Sounds like Kaz and Dom have some similar concerns. Nice read fella.
  15. Otto


    Well this is a surprise. Welcome back man.
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