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  1. Heey i am not so long in this game and i never build a base. I build a fence kit and if i take it in me hand it dont show thate i can put it on the ground to build is this a bug?
  2. Heey i have already a character his name is Damien mason. I realy dont know why i can login and than kick out?
  3. heey guy i download the mods and do evryhting whate i must do but ervytime i get kickt for some reason. i download the mods i accept the rules. and now i get kickt beceuse me character is not active? whate i can do? I come in the game and i walk 5meter and than i get kickt out beceuse me character is not active? Pleas help me
  4. * something mysterious happened and the ship ended up blowing up and i flew off and hit with me head the ground and I ended up blacked out. A couple hours later I woke up on the shore of Chernarus. He is a smart guy, sharp thinking and a jack of all trades. The scouting/survival experience has this character ready for any obstacles he faces from survival to combat skills. He is originally from best bushcraft group and joined to group to get a new direction in life, but he did not think his path would lead him to the shores of a Chernarus with a whole new element and environment he has to learn to deal with in the appocolyps.
  5. he tell me i must have 10 ours online game play for dayz and he can not find me dayz
  6. I dont have a code to join the server where i can find the code?
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