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  1. png.png.c0dfc33d162e759b063b986ae9fe203d.png

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  2. Now this is meta. Playing Bingo with the boys @Mason


    1. HarveyLR


      *Marks bottom right.*

  3. Could you post your PC Specs, and is there any other information regarding the crash? I had a friend on dayzrp who kept crashing because he had corrupt files on his steam cloud that kept being downloaded everytime he would reinstall. However, he only crashed upon joining the server. Have you reinstalled the game? Edit: Upon a google search it looks like it may be an issue with newer drivers on outdated cards. I've also seen people talking about this issue when the minimum specs for dayz are increased. Just noting that. Apparently its a relatively common bug that can be caused by a number of things. I would also try the solution posted below by DerrickStorm first before anything else.
  4. Ah ok, thank you for the clarification. That helps.
  5. Here are some of your other car threads.... Just out of curiosity, could you explain any differences between these? I'm lost and confused and would appreciate some clarification. Thanks!
  6. I voted yes the first two times. And now I've changed my mind to no because this is getting annoying. Tripz, while it isn't my place to say it, I think your time would be better spent continuing the discussion on any respective threads instead of just creating a new thread entirely. That has helped me in the past, and you will always be surprised to see what discussions are already happening elsewhere on the forums. That said, I'm lost as to why you thought creating a third thread would be any different.
  7. I think that more things to do while roleplaying would be better. Cooking fat over a campfire gets old quick... Just let me slip some dex into that coffee and we're good to go.
  8. Voted No because mason told me to vote yes.
  9. I like the idea, I think it adds realism to a point. There would be prioritization of certain things such as clips, food, medical supplies in your vests. I like the idea of backpacks acting as long term storage so as to discourage players from becoming walking pinatas. Maybe people wouldn't grab every single item they find if they had to take off their backpack to grab it? I would see the idea as an inconvenience if it wasn't for the dozens of vests, pouches, carriers, clothes, etc. that let you store just as much if not more than the space in your backpack. There are plenty of other storage choices if players need them, and as Roland said, there is a strong argument to be made against the realism of pulling out an assault rifle in 2 seconds from your backpack. It would also be neat to see people actually having a use for pistols again as they would presumably be quicker to draw from a holster, and I welcome that kind of balance. Is the strongest argument against this idea that its inconvenient or annoying on a serious roleplay server? Eating food in this game is inconvenient. Disease in this game is inconvenient. Zombies are inconvenient. I'm a dog brain hostile pvper myself, but I'm fine with just keeping my guns on my shoulder so I'm lost as to why this is creating such an uproar in the community... That said, I wouldn't implement this if there was chance of me losing all my stuff or the script bugging out/breaking.
  10. I'd imagine it would be possible to just have a real feed of anything tagged as #dayzrp on twitter and then have it show up on the forums. But there would be no way to pre-check that feed and I imagine anyone with bad intentions would have a field day with an automated system like that... I like the idea of a forum twitter feed and voted in favor, but isn't that just basically the open broadcast radio? Can't someone just make a twitter thread from there?
  11. Learned clipping today and made some both high and low effort ones.
  12. @groovy blisna @Unii Good RP today in that town I can't remember. Really impressed by yall and had a lot of good laughs.
  13. An actual video of me expecting beans for low quality gifs about beans themselves.



    1. Hassan


      Nice catch

  14. Learned how to make gifs today and it's something I want to actively get better at. Here a few things I cooked up in Adobe After Effects while I was learning. Not sure if anyone would want to use them other than me but yall are more than welcome to use them as you see fit. All gifs should be uploaded here at imgur aswell as here at giphy. First Post (6) 6/27/2020 Second Post (4) 6/26/2020
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