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  1. I voted in favor yet find myself agreeing mostly with what Rover mentioned about players finding loopholes to deal with it. Maybe slap on a in game time requirement for players who get to final warning? I feel like then the vast majority of players wouldnt have to deal with this but it would be an extra hoop to jump through for those so close to a permaban. Idk, I'll always vote for stronger punishments and less rules. I think there should be more freedom in RP but more respect to the rules then there currently is. I feel like I see a lot of players just run down the sheet in their head and go "is this ok or not ok, has this gotten someone banned before, and can I do it?" instead of "Does this respect the nature of RP, the community, and the server" Hopefully an extra level of punishment will encourage the type of thinking that we as a community want to see. I'm getting off topic. I'd like this to only be applied to final warnings or aggravated rule breaks. Which would sit on top of the other punishments handed out and not in place of them. So the both option, that you listed in your poll. Edit: Edited last line
  2. Looking at that mountain of reports like 👀

  3. Voted no for the sake of ammo and magazine spawns. I hate finding some of the modded guns as is and then having to find a magazine and on top of that then finding the right ammo. Every time we add new guns that dont use existing ammo or magazines it makes that problem so much worse imho. But I'd be in favor if they did use magazines and ammos that are already implemented.
  4. I'm a little confused here, could you elaborate on why you think its trolly and how it griefs nearby people? I mean, we might as well ban smoke grenades and grenades on that exact same logic as thats a huge area of the game where players are mostly being joking around with them and tossing them into fields with their friends. But players could easily mistake them for an attack if nearby right? And then next we can make it so you cant shoot your gun unless killing a zombie or a player because it might make it seem like there's an attack going on. I just dont really get it? I understand the point of realism and they shouldn't be blown up every day for years on end, but outside of that I dont really follow and would appreciate some clarification. I get that it's trolly in the sense that some players shoot them just for the sake of shooting them, but if I was in the apocalypse I'd shoot at stuff to make it explode too. Take the scenes of Zombieland for example, in the movie where they talk about 'enjoying the little things' and in one scene go through and destroy a store just because they can and society has ended. I hardly can understand how it's trolly but I understand how as a player living there you may perceive it as so.
  5. When the active player count dips a little, threads pop up about different ways to get people back on S1. This happened while there was a second chernarus server, Deer Isle was up and finally Livonia. But the issue with closing one is that when the player count goes back up, people immediately complain about there not being enough slots and then want another server to be up. Of course you could bump the player count on S1 past 80 to say, 100. But that has been tried before and the servers can't really take it and it becomes unplayable (Reportedly) So I usually see both threads and both arguments and then nothing happens haha.
  6. I've never ever use a silencer in Dayz, not once, for this exact reason. I enjoy the fact that if players shoot in a town, at least on Livonia, a real horde can come alive. And for once, you actually have to be careful when and where you shoot. So having usable silencers would make a ton of sense. I cant imagine finding the right silencers for your gun, taking out just the one and only zombie you need to kill to get out of town, and have a hell spawn open up on you. I think the fact that the vote currently stands at 27 for and 0 against makes this the only thing I've seen the community completely agree on. Edit: 41-0
  7. Mostly I'm on livonia because 90% of players are short jog from or even within eyesight of the river. I like the idea of being able to hop on and find someone or some people reasonably easy. I'd go days on chernarus where I wouldn't see someone and whenever an RP hub would go up, it would quickly be attacked by the bandit groups. Since there isn't a hub in Chernarus and there are so many POI on the map its hard to find someone. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Livonia has most of its gameplay stick nearby the river and its several times easier to get around. I'm pretty much repeating what everyone else has said at this point. I know you mentioned towns in Chernarus, and from what I've experienced you'll want to stay in the NW part of the map where the higher gear spawns are. So you'll see players in Zelenogorsk, Green Mountain, Vybor, and Stary due to the loot spawns at NWAF, the Vybor Military Base, and other small roadblocks and tents. It was at times, a struggle to find people even before the player base dipped, however with the recent rise in banditry on Livonia I've heard of even more players jumping back across. You'll want to go where people go to loot, and you're bound to find someone. I think a good solution to the on going problem would be to make a certain amount of groups limited to one map or the other. So not change the player count but maybe only allow a fraction of the groups to officially operate on Livionia. Characters would be allowed back and forth, but you wont be able to role as an official group if you want to hop over. I think this gives more freedom to dynamic groups and lone-wolf players and at the same time better ties the RP together so larger collective groups dont just jump 400km a few times a week.
  8. Thank god. Some people look over when im on the forums on campus and they think I'm on some kink fetish website from it being so dark and red and all. Which is just disgusting if you ask me. Like who would think that? And then I switch over to some kink fetish website. /s Looking forward to trying out the lighter theme!
  9. OP's character is from Austin Texas? Instant +1. Best of luck to yall, Medical RP is one of the more difficult yet rewarding forms of RP I've seen.. Stay safe out there!
  10. Link to the situation: Discord Any supporting evidence or notes: - NA Feedback: Went into discord with a question, you joined the channel in probably 10 seconds or less. I didn't time it but I should have. Super quick and helpful with the issue I had at hand. Giving feedback for being extraordinarily quick and suggesting you get tagged as fastest staff in the west. Suggestions for improvement: - NA
  11. 80° yesterday and 40° today. Hello Austin, Texas!

    1. Phoenix


      that's so funny, I literally just made a character from Austin 😄 

  12. Thank you guys, last night was amazing, fun, and exciting but also a first for me and I'll try to improve on it. I appreciate your roleplay and involvement in the situation. I've reached out to @kranen for advice and for room for improvement.
  13. Hi, I'll start by saying this was an OOC event that @poopslayerHP and myself set up and it was our first time attempting to do an event like this if you could call it that. Firstly, I'd like to say I never had a radio on me, even when I went to meet them. I was in their discord but was deafened just for the sake of it being clear I wasnt in another radio channel. I know I shouldnt have been in there at all but I was deafened and muted for the entirety of the event up until I received a radio afterwards by Noah Russo. Neo (Poopslayers Chracter) Myself (Jim Smokes IC) and Noah Russo (ImMasonn) have IC story lines that go back months that have developed each in their own. This is why Noah was inclined to save me but also willing to try and find Neo, as Neo has done many things that I dont want to write out here on the forums that ICly, make us really despise him. Anyways, just a little back ground. We set up the event in Lukow and are there for at least an hour I think, I do the best of my ability to provide good and meaningful hostage RP. Eventually Neo goes to speak with Noah on the radio but I was not there in the conversation, he comes back and informs me that hes taking me to the Irish. He asks if thats ok and I agree. We start our journey and shortly thereafter I point out a squad in a field behind us, I ask "Hey are those your friends" and everyone begins to notice them, so we start sprinting. I didnt know who they were just as much as yall didnt know them. We lose the man in the pinkhat and the priest for a little bit and then continue our trip into the woods. No landmarks or anything and I had no clue where we were except that we were near the border. We finally get to what I beleive to be Sitnik. I've been there before fighting the Irish and realize whats about to happen. Neo begins to try and get a hold of a man inside, with the recent server crashes and everything else going on, it was hard to get someones attention but finally a man inside came to the gate and began questioning Neo. A man in white pants comes up and I say IC "I think I recognize that guy" as we have a member who notoriously wears them. Neo tells the man inside and the man in white that they have captured a Bridgewater boy and a friend of Noah Russo and are giving them to the Irish, the man inside begins to open the several gates. The man inside asks to see me, and @Damontacitus who has been holding me up at gunpoint infront of a window open to everyone, orders me outside. I begin walking to the gate. @ImS8n runs up and shouts "EVERYONE PUT YOUR HANDS UP/HANDS UP OR DIE." With @ImMason. The man in the pink points his gun at one of them and gets shot, I comply because I dont even realize its them until Noah comes up to me and says "Put your hands down, run lets go". And we run off without even stopping to take his gun or his gear, of which I had none. I afterwards find out that there was a car and multiple groups out searching for me, and realize that this was the last possible second to be saved before being handed over to the Irish. While I agree it was a quick and sudden end to something long built up, the nature of Noah and his men being outside the Irish front gate demanded a fast getaway, and the RP continued once I was saved. I even spoke with @poopslayerHP beforehand and said regardless of what happens I won't be putting up a report, that if him or any of his men needed to shoot me if Noah got too close that it would be fine with me so that way they (Noah and crew) would have to value my life and find an RP exit. I know it didn't happen that way but the intention was there. The whole thing took hours and my entire night, and I think everyone, including you @Damontacitus, provided good and meaningful RP. It was our first time doing it and I'll strive to have a better exit in the future, but I assumed I was being handed off to the Irish and that it would continue. I mean I even gave perms to yalls entire crew for whenever you needed to log off. What else could I have done? After the event, I noticed you were worried and said you wanted to make a post about it on the forums. I spoke with Neo briefly about it but took no screenshots and respectfully left the discord so that you and your allies wouldn't think I was snooping around. I mentioned your post in the discord to Noah that they may put up a report but it was looking doubtful at the time. Edit: How on earth is this NVFL on me, I was held at gun point literally the entire time and only put down my hands and ran when another man with a gun ordered me to. I even remained in your discord deaf and muted for 10 or 15 minutes until I was given a radio, to which I spoke to you both briefly and thanked you both. Edit Edit: Clarified in post below
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