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  1. Kyle Garrick enlisted in the British Army in 2014, serving a couple tours through Afghanistan ,Iraq, Ireland, and Germany He was working security for a small business and then everything hit and he tried finding his daughter but there was no sign of her anywhere. He checked everywhere his apartment, his office, he checked his colleague`s offices. He ran all around Chernaurus and is now looking for a sense of guidance and friends. Kyle is afraid that his daughter grace could possibly be dead but all he can do is hope.
  2. Mostafa comes from iraq and he came to Chernarus to help teach about seasoning food and teaching about culture about seasoning the foods and how to season food and he likes Gordan Ramsey and wanted to be him when he grew up and he became a master chef and has become good friends with Ainsley the chef and has been touring the world until the virus struck and has been surviving and has been teaching people the ways of seasoning He would try to teach others in his community to become a spice master. He came to chernarus to teach the chernorussians the ways of the spice. would apply to the local restaurants to teach the chefs the mastery of the spice. When the infection hit he used this time to learn more about the native spices. He also knew how to use his rifle to force the spices on to people to get them to love the spice.
  3. - User has been warned for this post -
  4. Dr. Mayfield is the best surgeon in the group.
  5. that man was much more than a man he was a friend a brudda i`m going to miss him
  6. rest in peace Brother you will be missed you were one of the best shame to see you go you were a beautiful bastard
  7. Alex was born into an okay family he was taught to respect everyone and fight back and is a formal person he likes to wear suits and very nice clothes he wants to good in the world but then the apocalypse hit and he had to watch his family get eaten and has had to survive on his own and doesn`t back down and will only fight for self defense or to protect his friends he is very skilled with handheld weapons and rifles because he went hunting as a kid and is very athletic and fast he went down a very rough road of stealing and grand theft he went to prison a couple times stole some cars but later in life realized he could be doing good
  8. nope the one on the had her head crushed in a trunk door
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