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"You make me feel alive, energy is crazy tonight."

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  1. Kattsura


    Beautiful ♥
  2. Kattsura

    The Russo Syndicate [Selective Recruitment]

    Welcome back!!
  3. Kattsura

    Something great on the horizon

    beautiful capture!
  4. Kattsura

    Walking in a winter wonderland

    OMG I love it luke ♥ @Wee_L_LR
  5. Kattsura


    Desde que te vi supe que eras pa' mí

  6. Kattsura

    Look ma' no hands

  7. Kattsura


    One of my friends asked me..

    Song that pops in your head right now.. With roleplay and everything happening around you..

    I said "Oh I got the perfect one"

    "Don't think about tomorrow deal with the here and now, believe me you'll make it out.  I can promise you that. No matter how hard problems are either in RP or RL. Remember to breathe. And keep moving forward. You will be ok."

    Enjoy the beats!! Have an amazing day!!


  8. Kattsura

    '' Sundown in the country side ''

    I hope we can find what we need, It does feel like the road keeps going and going!
  9. Kattsura

    '' Country Roads ''

    Awww it came out beautiful. I admit its a little harder to survive out here but we can do it! kitty santy paws!
  10. Kattsura

    Homestead in Snow

    This is the first time I see it. But it is beautiful.
  11. Kattsura

    First Winter Light

    Beautiful capture. funny how one moment something captures can be still for all time.
  12. Kattsura

    • Kattsura
    • Aiko

    Omg I love your profile!!!

    Chobits is a good anime! 

    cat neko GIF


  13. Kattsura



    Thank you for the ho ho hat and beard face warmer!!!

    Everyone make sure you get your FREE gifts from the store!

    Thank you & Thank you!!

    Have amazing holidays everyone. 


  14. Kattsura

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Amazing role-play, the emotions of the charity were truly tested with our humanity. Anger,sadness,courage, and remembering that we will be questioned at all time. We can only do some much. Save so much. Thank you guys. Keep being amazing. ♥ @TheLamp1 & @CaptainChips& @BackInNam
  15. Kattsura


    Where I capture moments, with friends and everyone I meet in this journey.
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