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  1. 🎇Happy New Year Eve & Happy New Year!!!🎇

    firework sparks GIF

    I want to wish everyone a good one. I honestly don't know what this year will bring but I can say, happy to be awake and alive. Happy for all the friends I've made in RP. Even out of RP. 2020 has been a mess, but I hope that 2021 is better. That families can stick together & everyone stay healthy. And remember even if the world seems to be falling apart. You are never alone. Get up, get going!  You are stronger then you think.. Have a goodnight!!!

  2. Merry Christmas Eve!!!

    I hope everyone have a good one. I hope next year is better but only time will tell.

    Can't worry what you can't reach for so live day by day and see how it goes. 

    Enjoy the RP and stay warm!!

    🎄cat christmas GIF by Pusheen🎄


  3. Season 5 Thanksgiving GIF by Friends

    Happy thanksgiving to everyone!

    Even if you don't celebrate it I hope you have an amazing week!

    Stay safe!!!

  4. Im Back GIF

    Here comes the normalness. insanity!!! It was a good day!

    Is that a word? xD I hope everyone had fun!

    1. Watchman


      Excuse Me What GIF by One Chicago WAT

    2. Kattsura


      nothing nothing !!

      You Betcha Anna Kendrick GIF

    3. G_Date


      Nice to see you back. Will be nice to RP with you and @Wee_L_LR again 

    4. Wee_L_LR


      There nothing normal that happened yesterday! I'm surprised you didn't paint the room red with that poor hostage 🤣

    5. Kattsura


      I wanted too but the Noodle said no!

      So had to play nice.. 

    6. Kattsura


      Dr. noodle.. 

  5. Amazing RP by @Wee_L_LR & @Phelps69 & @vanon02 & @YaBoiChuck And everyone we met today! & Hope we can meet again!!!
  6. I Love You Kiss GIF

    Happy Halloween!!!

    Amazing RP by @Wee_L_LR &  @Phelps69 & @vanon02 & @YaBoiChuck 

    And everyone we met today! 

    1. Phelps69


      I agree, it was a pleasure RPing with everyone. 

      I love how from meeting one crazy German Doctor in Zelenogorsk can become something both unexpected and amazing. 

      Raise The Roof GIF

  7. When you returning gurl!?

    1. Kattsura


      chasing i don't know GIF by sharon-liu.com

      I don't know maybe sometime in the future!

      Though, I gotta admit that Halloween trailer got me.. 

      I'm a sucker for Halloween!

      jack o lantern pumpkin GIF

    2. Noble


      Yush me too!

    3. G_Date


      Think you and @Wee_L_LR Need to return katt will be nice to bump into you both again

    4. Kattsura


      I will for sure let him know! 

      skeleton GIF


  8. Congrats on LM !!!


    Clapping Raccoon GIF

  9. -1 I think character pages are amazing, shows the creative side to everyone. Some don't like to work on a long story and graphics that's fine. But for others they enjoy it. There no competition. It's an RP server. Creativity is needed. I enjoy reading where each character comes from, no matter how long the story is or its graphics.
  10. Kattsura


  11. Thank you so much!!! Thank you and Please make sure the safety is on.. !!!
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