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"A sea of whiskey couldn’t intoxicate me as much as a drop of you"

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  1. OMG

    I love the profile song. 

    Made me laugh more then it should..

    animation laughing GIF

  2. Happy Valentine's to everyone I've met this year. You are all amazing. 

    I can't wait to see where the road leads us all. 

    Stay safe, have fun and remember celebrate love each day no matter what occasion.

    Celebrate every day!

    how to train your dragon smile GIF

    Ps... had to put toothless because he is a cat..

    cat ball GIF

    1. Nutgos



    2. Kattsura


      For the win?

      how to train your dragon hiccup GIF

  3. Thank you for every moment, every laughter..

    Happy Valentines!!

  4. Happy valentine's to you mi amor! 😉

    1. Kattsura


      I Love You GIF by Kika Tech

      Happy Valentines 

  5. Kattsura

    Yumi's - Captured Moments

    Yumi loves to see the world through her camera and tries to take images of everything.
  6. It was nice to meet you too!!!!
  7. Kattsura

    riverside sunrise

    Beautiful!! ♥
  8. Kattsura

    Hestia's Fragments

    Hestia loves to take pictures of everything she see's from friends to animals. ♥
  9. Kattsura

    '' Rest ''

  10. leonardo dicaprio love GIF

    1. Wee_L_LR


      That's literally how our current RP is right now, coming to a town near you! 

  11. sexy jessica alba GIF

    1. Kattsura


      couple in bed GIF

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