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  1. Entry 1 - 1/16/2020 I don't know how long it's been. So long. I've been traveling for some time. It's ok though, because I still have the samples! Once I get back to Atlanta, we can conduct cure research. It's been so long, but here are my findings from First Night: Patients presented with high fever. The outbreak started NEAR Severograd (Or so they say...) Patients became delirious with fever, as their body temp reached peaks of almost 105 degrees F! Patients tissue breakdown is extremely slow, however, their regeneration of new tissue (I.E New muscles growth from damage) Patients APPEAR to present with basic symptoms of FFI (Fatal Familial Insomnia), their brain function is similar to those who present with FFI, but they never die. Patients have shown basic human functions. They are not "Undead". They have a Respiratory rate of 1-10 breaths per minute (depending on length of infection), and still blink, sweat, and salivate. Patients do not seem to die of hunger, but rather break down organic matter in the body for energy. They also seem to develop tactics. Screeching to alert others, running, and feigning fatigue, to make people think less of them, they have even been seen breaking down doors. The final, most important thing, they do not FEED on flesh or human tissue. They simply attack, and move on. This means their functions are not survival, but PRIMAL. Pure rage. I pulled the samples off of a few people. The CDC is sending a plane to me... I hope. I tracked the outbreak, it was my job to. If this was a real virus (I believe it's a prion disease and NOT a virus), it should have spread like ripples through Chernarus. The fact that it didn't, and it only STARTED in Severograd, proves this was not accidental. I believe, firmly, this was a bioweapon, released to test the effects on a civilian population. It just HAPPENED to get out of hand. Please, stay safe out there. -Seed
  2. Hi, all! Used to play a long time ago, back now, I look forward to meeting everyone, and having some great RP scenarios!
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