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  1. Akogishi

    Staff Feedback: Rover

    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: I joined the server/community about 3 weeks ago or so and have had numerous questions about rules, RP, and a few other general things. Each time, he has been very responsive and friendly to all of my questions and comments. He has been very helpful in making me feel welcomed and generally valued, even as a new member. He is a great asset to this community. Suggestions for improvement: N/A
  2. Akogishi


    That is a lot of wasted meat. You should chop them up and open a meat shack. Just an idea..
  3. If your grandparents were in Stary, maybe you came to see if they made it... Just my opinion, but I would make your reason for coming to Cherno be tied to your grandparents somehow. Or simply state that you were visiting them when the outbreak took place.
  4. Akogishi

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    Out of curiosity @Roland, what determines whether or not a mod makes the cut? Simple majority... 2/3 majority... Is there a minimum number of votes needed to consider a mod at all?
  5. Akogishi

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    If implemented well, the dynamic mods may add some interesting situations and RP. As for more items, I'm always for more items etc. I would really like to see more variety in characters looks and weapons. Hopefully stability/performance doesn't go to poo. I'm sure Roland would monitor this during the implementation and remove and/or make any necessary changes. Thanks for considering these Roland. Would there be a way to not allow certain items from spawning from the Mass Many mod? @Kordruga made a good point, some of the items look like ass.
  6. Hey! I see me in the second screenshot. My first day with the charity. I have the same image...
  7. Akogishi


    looks messy
  8. Hostile RP vs Campfire RP Discussion - Both are valid styles of RP and provide the opportunity for quality RP and the opportunity to further IC story lines. Creating and furthering story lines is what we should be focusing on. How does my character add to his/her or someone else's story in a meaningful way? How will my IC actions contribute to reaching my IC goals or someones RP experience? Try to come up with interesting and legitimate IC goals. If you are having troubles coming up with a goal(s), ask someone in the community. Furthermore, I believe for the experience to really be worth while, there needs to be give and take between both forms of RP and a little more thought and effort. Beyond this apparent divide in RP play style, a lot of actions by characters appear to be driven purely by gear/loot. We all understand how these games work, better gear = higher chance of success. This is a challenge to RPing in general because RP its not about winning or losing. RP is about creating a story and playing that story out. But this is something to just be mindful of while RP'ing. Since this is not vanilla we should be striving the "play" differently. How much loot/gear do we really need? Does this item and/or gear really fit my character? If I need/want something that I don't have, can I obtain what I need through interactions with others, through RP? Once you have the IC look/weapon you want (and fits your character), focus on furthering your and/or someone else's story/goal(s). As a side note, I think executions should be PK. However, they should be requested and agreed upon OOC prior (doesn't need to be a hard rule though). "Deaths" in shoot outs can be explained by non-killing blows and RP'ed out. If it is time for your character to go, let them go. It will provide a lot more RP down the road for others. Characters would actually care about dying and losing their friends. Enemies will grow more naturally and for legit reasons. Honestly, I feel like a lot of this stuff being discussed boils down to common sense and just being thoughtful in our RP actions. I'll go back to lurking now... *steps back into the bush*
  9. Akogishi

    The unknown observer

    I Googled it too.
  10. Akogishi

    The unknown observer

    What's the difference between someone and somebody?
  11. *It's been quite sometime since the message was broadcast. Trevor pushes the PTT regardless* "Hello survivor, I was wondering how progress was coming on your project. An update perhaps?" *Static returns as the PTT is released*
  12. A few suggestions to give civilians some additional utility gear options that are currently only found on military style gear: Items: LED lantern/square light that runs on batteries (more for RP and other uses below). The square light (Google PRINCETON TEC MERIDIAN for reference) that can be attached to glow stick slot on backpacks. (the square light should not be as bright as the flashlight but brighter than the glow stick) Civilian water bottle with pouch (Nalgene bottles as an example). Could even just add a water bottle pouch to be able to carry on belts (or backpacks... see below). Combine rope with dry sack for improvised backpack. Would appear diagonal across the back and take up the backpack slot. Combine lantern (gas or electric) with camping stove poles to make a place-able light post. Ponchos! So many people, including myself want these! Leaf hut/lean to shelter. This shelter would offer a survivalist shelter option that allows for some storage (storage should be similar to crate and cannot store weapons). Because of the storage capabilities I would make it as hard or slightly harder to build than crates, as far as effort to make is concerned. It would use materials found on small and big trees as well as some rope. For example: 10 fire logs, 1-2 large logs, and 2-3 large sticks. The finished shelter would have a triangular prism shape. Something like this <https://i1.wp.com/www.adventuresportsnetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/leanto.BC101.jpg?w=1000&#038;ssl=1> Backpacks: Combine rope with certain backpacks to add an additional slot(s) on the shoulder, back, bottom, top, and/or sides. The shoulder, bottom, and back portions of a backpack seem reasonable and only certain items would be allowed to be attached to these areas.The side and top slots, I'm meh about. Some ideas on what items and where they can be attached: Dry sacks and cooking pot (maybe even those protective cases? meehhhhh...) attached to the bottom of packs. Flashlight can be attached to top of shoulder of backpacks/vest, I have seen this on other servers and it is looks pretty cool and would be pretty handy for players who do not wish to use NVGs, helmet with light, and/or headlamp. Would also be nice to have a red light variant of the flashlight in this case. Would be nice to have a light that allows for characters to still wear hats/beanies/etc. LED lantern/square light, binoculars, cooking, pouches (the ones that can be put on belts), civilian water bottle/pouch, etc. attached to the back of backpacks. Slots should be on the sides of select backpacks for water bottles and/or small pouches (the ones that go on belts). Honestly, the necessity of these items can be questioned, I understand that. However, I believe the benefit to these additions is giving players options that help distinguish civilian characters from military/more hostile characters. Anyway, these are just some suggestions I thought of.
  13. Akogishi

    Held up, again...

    No hard feelings at all. It's just how things go. Only lost a couple of items. At least I'm not dead, yet.
  14. Akogishi

    Held up, again...

    Thanks, woke up in town to this... yayayay...
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