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  1. What Is this 


    1. Lemons


      Quality Memes 

  2. Make video evidence required for reports.

    What? What's the point of making video evidence required for a report? What if you get Kos'd and your OBS isn't fired up? Well if we make your suggestion a reality, then that person just gets on by because you forgot to fire up OBS. If we were to make video evidence required, there would be a lot less reports. Not because people aren't acting like asshats, but because people won't always be recording. This is an awful idea, I don't think it would bring any good to the community. Sorry, but that's just my honest opinion on this suggestion.
  3. "You've been taken hostage for our enjoyment"

    Tbh if the people who robbed you just wanted your gear, they probably would've just ran off with it right after they had stolen everything. If someone devotes and hour and a half of time roleplaying with you, it's definitely not just for gear. Back when i was in the Masquerade, we'd sit in TS and talk about people we wanted to capture, and what we wanted to do with them. Even if we needed gear, if we were to rob someone for the gear we needed, we'd still provide a good amount of time for quality roleplay. It was never a 10 second robbery with the drop weps 10 secs kind of deal, we always had something planned if we're planning on robbing somebody.
  4. Stats for playtime in the server?

    I'd also like to give a fat +1 to this. I think it'd be cool to see all your stats on here, don't see why this isn't a thing yet. +1
  5. Best Line when approaching players

    Howdy! I'm Farmer Jack James, nice to meet ya!
  6. Back from the dead.

    I always remember you contributing a lot of time to the forums, welcome back man.
  7. Group approval system

    Ever since we removed the system, I've seen a handful of cheesy groups in the community. +1 for adding it back.
  8. What's your reason for playing DayZRP?

    ImmortalHD had made a small series on DayzRP, so I decided to check it out. Too bad he deleted those videos though, it was a really good DayzRP series...
  9. Gagging restrained players

    If we're trying to go for a realistic type of hostage situation, I would feel that gagging a hostage would probably be the right thing to do. That's just my opinion though, and i'm not the sharpest tool in the shed so.
  10. The Masquerade Timeline and History

    I remember reading the old timeline on the group thread, I always wondered when it was going to be finished or updated. This is was a damn good read Todd. Oh, and long live Jamestown!
  11. DayZRP Map

    I'm pretty sure the map on the old website had abandoned settlements on it. It also included several "significant events" marks on it. Ever since we upgraded to the new website, I really haven't seen that much activity with using the Dayzrp map. So +1 to this idea
  12. Customization for characters, more civilian guns, and workable cars. That's about it for me.
  13. Todd's Scrapwork Audio Warehouse

    I don't know what all of this is, but I love it Todd.
  14. Reputation system

    Don't take away my beanz please. No change.
  15. Yoooo

    The legend returns. Welcome back, Burgz.