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  1. Eric Middleton is a High School PE teacher from London. He believes fitness is key to everything in life. Eric grew up in a stable house with both parents, being a big fan of basketball. His childhood was good till his teenage years and his father was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and only lived 14 months after his diagnosis. Shortly after that, Eric's mother died. This is when Eric went into a really dark place mentally and was trying to "find himself" during the time. Eventually, he was able to bounce back and went to college and got his degree in teacher Physical Education, and got a job at a local high school. Later down the road, Eric took some students on a field trip to Chernarus for a "Exercise Expedition." On that trip things went sideways during the flight into Chernarus and the airplane crashed into the forest and was never found again. To this day the high school he worked at honors him and the students lost in the tragedy. Now Eric Middleton is in the middle of a apocalypse doing what it takes to live and be peaceful to others around him. Eric just wants to live "normal" or whatever that is nowadays with the situation at hand being very far from normal.
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