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  1. Riley Lux once lived in Florence South Carolina. She lived there with her parents and 2 siblings. She had a normal childhood until her parents accident, a car crash that killed them both instantly. At the time she was 8 years old, the kids were taken into foster care and were separated, rileys world was flipped on her. Going into homes where she never felt welcomed, her life was literally in a big garbage bag travelling from house to house and state to state. Riley has had some issues in the past but they had gotten worse over years. Being in the foster system since she was 8 years old and now 16 has done a number on her. She doesn't trust many people, why would she. She was taken to a doctor and he told them to go to a mental health specialist. After months of testing he diagnosed her with mild paranoid schizophrenia. He along with many other doctors prescribed a mix of paliperidone,paliperidone palmitate, along with may others. A year went by and it seemed to have worked fine. She was still passed from house to house, who would want to adopt a teen. However one family did, the Lux family saw Rileys story and felt for her. They were in the system themselves and knew what a struggle it was to place a teen in a stable household with a mental disorder. Alex and Emily Lux applied to become foster parents and soon after wanted to adopt. Maybe her life wasn't going to be that bad after all. Riley soon agreed and the paperwork was signed. After a month living with them they decided to take her to Chernarus. They wanted to take her to a doctor there. They packed their bags and flew, going through customs were difficult but worth it. Finally arriving they shoved into the hospital quickly. She got to take some of the tests before the gates of hell were opened for the last time. She was separated from her family in the mass confusion.. will she find them?
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