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  1. Raised in London, England Haiden grew up with her two older twin brother Jaiden and Kaiden, along with their parents Carter and Jess Winters. Haiden grew up like a normal kid other than one issue she was partly blind. She couldn’t see very well, glasses or no glasses her sight never improved. Because of this she never left her brothers side whether in school, walking home, or out in the city she stood by them. Her parents however were not as kind as her brothers were. Nothing she or her brothers did was ever good enough for them. Their father was particularly hard on the boys as they grew up. With each year their father got worse and the boys kept their sister away from him as much as possible. They protected her from hearing his wrath. As the years went on Haiden was now 15 years old and the twins were 18. It was vacation time once again and their father the cheap man he was decided they would go to a to Chernarus. As the family arrived and finished touring the countryside and walking trails the start of the shit show started and finished what we know as an apocalypse.When the family heard of the outbreak they decided it was time to go home. As the family tried to go home they were met with nothing. Everything was already shut down, chaos spread through the cities no where was safe the dead were everywhere. The family made it out of the big city,Jaiden and Kaiden took turns carrying Haiden while the family went up into the woods. Night began to fall and the family had to find a quiet place away from the explosions and shootings. They found a shack in the woods and laid low. As morning light broke through the cabin curtains a scream chilled the teens bones. Their father screamed as blood poured from his neck as he laid on the bed that he and his wife had slept on. The teens hopped up off the floor Jaiden pushed Haiden behind him as they both looked at their father who now lays on the floor dead. Growls came from the bedroom. As they went into check, their mother she was different. Her skin pale and eyes were bloodshot. She lunges at the teens and Kaiden slams the door in her face. The twins grab Haiden and they left the house. Haiden wants to ask what happened to mom and dad but she kept quiet and held their hands as they walked down the rocky slope.
  2. Riley pov Walking back to the base of the knights I had nails and other goodies for them. I hear shots and ask if everything is ok for me to drop off supplies. I get the ok and make my way up. Greeted by a man who asks my name as I’m trying to get in without him following me inside. He yells about me threatening to kill him or something. I chat with kade because we had met before then the man passes out at the door I go in and no one could revive the man so he laid there.
  3. Riley Lux POV Walking along the airfield when I run into a man named Logan we chat for a bit until another name comes along. They both start chatting about the syndicate some not so nice things so I make some distance between us at some point in our walk around the airfield and radio this in to see if they want to clear their name. The reply was yes so one of the boys that was already close came and followed us keeping updates on where we were at. When we went to the well, there was a car I sat in it to check the gas while Logan filled it. Gun shots in the distance made the other man had his gun out and was crouching around then comes face to face with a “hiding” syndicate member and the initiates on him.. obviously didn’t go well for him but Logan and I put our hands up when the rest come out and walk/ run into the police station.. zombies everywhere.. they took some things like nails and odd bits from him. They questioned him about what he knew in the syndicate then bickered to one another if should scar him and decided to in the end, after getting permission to. They came over to talk to me and question me (jackie), pulled me into another room then brought me back. Told Logan they don’t hurt women and to go on the top floor. We both go to the top, I have one hand up so I could walk up the steps. He glares at me about waving then I say “hey don’t look at me like that I’m keeping this hand up so they know I don’t grab a weapon.. I like my head not being blown off” after they left we look around the police station, they put his gun in another room we grab it and go outside. He hears voices come through his radio as we chat. He turns it off and still hears it I type ooc your radio bugged shortly after he wanted to part ways ending with the little does not trust the women spiel.
  4. Pov Riley Lux Woke up,checked my radio on where my friends were at. I got word they were at Green Mountain so I casually walked to Green Mountain where I was met by Noah. I walk in and get told to see if I know the man they have captive. I walk over to him and watch as they talk to him and he talks back. I had known his name from earlier that day, still wearing the exact same outfit and his accent kept dropping so that lead to clues of him lying to his captors. Didn’t take long to identify the man and know where he was from because our previous encounter that day. I walk off and was asked if I know the name of the man. They had not mentioned any name to me when I arrived. I confirmed the name and the group without help. And told them about our meeting we had 3ish hours ago. After this I walked off to the side and later we left.
  5. Pov Riley Lux Rolling up on a group of people in the airfield talking. Me seeing alkis I walked up and chatted with him for a bit until the hostile group showed up. When they shot and exchanged fire, zombies came. Me and a group of people already had our hands up in the middle of the road and one zombie came and hit a one of the people with their hands up.The hostile group shot the zombie but the guy ended up passing out. I walk over to the dude and ask the group if I can help him which they come over and shoot him in the head. Shortly after my hands were up they recognized me and told me to leave which I did, saying “bye have a nice day”
  6. Pov Riley Lux When they came into the build I was immediately tied up shortly after they bring up the rest of the hostages. Not much rp is exchanged between hostile party and the hostages other than them saying why they are here “for things.” The other hostages were ic telling them that they were cold, hypothermia was setting in. Then when that wasn’t doing anything they switch to ooc stating I’m going to die. Which again the captors didn’t listen. About after 5-10 minutes mins they finally after they finished looting us one went down to get fire wood and brought up a fire they didn’t light it but they put meat in everyone’s pockets soon after that Luke died. After Luke dies they take us outside. I get pulled aside and wiggle out my cuffs. I get told to stand on a guard tower with my gun out. As soon as I’m walking over someone comes into the camp and starts shooting. I run behind one of the building and put my hands up and lay on the ground. As the shots keep going I crash. When I could log back in no one was around.
  7. Riley Lux POV Met the Potius guys and the OP in Kab and decided to roll with them after they said they were going back to the island. Riley, my character, was very interested in meeting the doctors for IC reasoning. After talking about the things on the island we headed to Stary Sobor as I had to drop off a suit to another friend there. After dropping off the suit we went up the hill near the lonely house in the field to link up with the rest of the group. We found a man asking for food gave him food and walked down the hill. The man shot and they shot the man and killed him. The man was @shroud .We ran off into the next town when shots rang out again. I ducked and hid in a house. After the shots cleared I left. Throughout the first instance and into the second I was in radio contact with the attackers, keeping them updated on the location when ever I got the chance radioing and whispering as I get out of hearing range. The reason I knew it was Potius was when they mentioned one of their operators being killed at the island. I was able to relay this to my friends on the radio and they told me that they were the ones who killed the operator. This solidified that the group I was with was Potius Cras.
  8. POV Riley Lux Me, @MasonnWB and @Replaceful were chilling in a open compound and were about to leave when a guy comes in and asks for food. We told him where it was, after rummage through the compounds things he stands Infront of all of us and says “you guys been marked yet... S or W” we were pretty much like “ehhh what?” At that point they draw guns on him and tell him to put his hands up. I backed up and went to the house where I crouched and waited for return shots after the man had stated his boys were around. After this I kinda stopped paying attention to the guys and started looking for any others that might shoot. Next I hear the shots going off and we bolt out the gate and run for cover.
  9. Riley Lux POV- Me and Noah Russo walked to green mountain. We say hi and I get blown up.
  10. Server and location: S1 Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time (UTC): 2019-11-11, 00:03 Your in game name: Riley Lux Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: Me and another man not with me were both held up and were put into a house. The man shot both of the captors and we both left. While just getting out of the situation there was a man that was sick so I gave him tablets and was getting him food when from across town we got shot at. We both ducked for cover and both put our hands up, I was saying "Im not apart of this please don't shoot". The man passes us and shoots into the house I was previously in and shot. After shooting he turns to me and the sick man with both our and up and no words exchanged and shoots us both.
  11. POV Walking on the railroad tracks I look to my right and see light coming from the buildings. When trying to follow the light we walk up on someone breaking into a base. Me not really having a gun other than a single shot rifle I backed off to the shipping containers and watched within unblocked hearing range. Noah Russo went off the find the man that had the light while the rest of us stayed with the group breaking in. When Noah comes back the group with the man that was shining the light the group that was breaking in suggests they tie up the man with the light for their safety.. when that conversation started I back up into the maze of shipping containers and heard gun shots shorty after. After being told to come back I walked back over and only one man was left alive. We took him to the train stationed and questioned him. After questioning we took him back to the base and took his ammo so he couldn’t shoot as we left. He proceeds to ask us to just kill him because we shot his friend and took ammo. At that point we leave and continue on our way. (Not really sure who was who horrible with names)
  12. Riley Lux once lived in Florence South Carolina. She lived there with her parents and 2 siblings. She had a normal childhood until her parents accident, a car crash that killed them both instantly. At the time she was 8 years old, the kids were taken into foster care and were separated, rileys world was flipped on her. Going into homes where she never felt welcomed, her life was literally in a big garbage bag travelling from house to house and state to state. Riley has had some issues in the past but they had gotten worse over years. Being in the foster system since she was 8 years old and now 16 has done a number on her. She doesn't trust many people, why would she. She was taken to a doctor and he told them to go to a mental health specialist. After months of testing he diagnosed her with mild paranoid schizophrenia. He along with many other doctors prescribed a mix of paliperidone,paliperidone palmitate, along with may others. A year went by and it seemed to have worked fine. She was fostered by a family that lived in boston, the Torrez family. They were kind hearted people, a little strict but that's what she needed. However the state saw them unfit to adopt so she was passed to the next foster home, She was still passed from house to house, who would want to adopt a teen. However one family did and they were allowed to adopt, the Lux family saw Rileys story and felt for her. They were in the system themselves and knew what a struggle it was to place a teen in a stable household with a mental disorder. Alex and Emily Lux applied to become foster parents and soon after wanted to adopt. Maybe her life wasn't going to be that bad after all. Riley soon agreed and the paperwork was signed. After a month living with them they decided to take her to Chernarus. Not only was her almost adoptive brother there but there was a doctor there that said they could help. They packed their bags and flew, going through customs were difficult but worth it. Finally arriving they shoved into the hospital quickly. She got to take some of the tests before the gates of hell were opened for the last time. She was separated from her family in the mass confusion.. will she find them?
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