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  1. Steven Clark lived most of his life in California before the out break, working as a national guard solider. His life state side was rather normal, just going with the flow of life. Wake up, work, eat, and then sleep. The one who lived the exciting life in the family was his brother Alecc, he traveled for fun, ran a business, to Steven he was living the dream. But Steven never complained, he had a roof over his head and a retirement in another 11 years so he was content. How he got there: Steven had no plan of going to Chernarus, well he would of never of known about this place if it wasn't for his brother. Alecc had somehow convinced Steven to take a month's leave and go traveling. Steven has been a fan of old castles even sense he was young, so that's what made Alecc suggest it, though everything else Chernarus had kind of would be a bore. So the two flew to Chernarus landing in Balota, then getting a ride to Cherno. The first few days were spent just milling about Cherno getting to know the lay of the land and meeting the locals. But one night as the brothers were drinking screams started to be heard. Not the screams of a fight or someone getting beat up, but the screams of murder. Steven left bar to look outside but middle of the night in Cherno is kinda dark. So he went back to drinking when he heard the police sirens coming up. As the night progressed the two got more and more drunk. When Steven woke up in the morning Alecc was gone, and there was distant gun fire. At this point the dead are now hunting the living.
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