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  1. Before the Outbreak Leo Lancaster (Cobra) lived in the slums of Istanbul jumping form job to job. His parents were Immigrants from Chernarus and were very poor. At the age of twelve his mother passed away, after that His father became very bitter and Leo would Run away and join a local gang at the age of fifteenth. He fought for scraps and was always on the run. As he grew older he formed a strange sense of right and wrong, believing the more power one has the more corrupt they will be. As he mature and forgave his father and helped pay for a portion of his rent. The Virus eventually hit Istanbul fast and hard his peers from the slums used the chaos to loot and pillage, Leo however worried for his father and wanted to help him leave during the evacuation of Istanbul. Him and his father used all of their savings to catch a private boat ride with two others to Chernarus. The plan was to meet up with Leos Uncle a farmer he never met living in his home country of Cheranus. The first night of the boat ride Leo awoke to his father devouring the captain, Leo pushed his father over board. the other two were now infected and Leo used a handgun to kill them. He was devastated and spent the rest of the ride in silence. When he arrived in Cheranus it was hell. he met a man Named Jeff Bezos now (Viper). He saved Jeff who was overran in a building using the last rounds of his handgun. Jeff knowing more than Leo helped him run and hide, he knew those gunshots would attract more then they can handle. After that they helped each other survive, they made a blood bond to never separate and named themselves the Rowdy Boys. From that day forward they always had each others back. Leo believes Family inst restrained for blood relatives. He gave up the search for his uncle a man he never met. He only looks out for his real family now The Rowdy Boys. The Club aka the Rowdy Boys is the most important thing to him he wants the best for them, that being everything from just food and water on the table to a secure shelter. He knows not to mess with powerful people or groups and wishes to stay under the radar but inst afraid to defend himself and his friends.
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