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  1. Known as Viper(or his government name: Jeff Bezos) is originally from a tribe in the Mojave Desert where they kill and eat to survive and pray to a God named Chucklimo. When the apocalypse hit the infected somehow found Viper's tribe and proceeded to destroy every last person except for Viper himself. He managed to escape and became a vagabond, landing himself in Greenland, until he met somebody that said they could take him to a place where there were no infected: Russia, specifically Chernarus. Viper was surprised to learn that is was more than just him going on this journey. The man had convinced around 7 other people to set sail with him. Viper and his acquaintances traveled from Greenland to Russia via boat, the journey took a little under a week. Unfortunately the mysterious fellow he met pulled the wool over Viper's eyes, and this man actually belonged to a cannibalistic tribe of Russians that were so engulfed in the crave of flesh that they would do anything to for a taste, even kill each other. When they arrived Viper and the others were immediately attacked by the other members of the tribe, but because there so many people on the boat Viper was able to fend off the attack on him as there werent as many tribe members. He spent days in Chernarus wandering the land alone, eating scraps, sleeping in dilapidated houses/flats. Until one day he was searching for supplies and went into a house that was occupied by Cobra, they hit it off immediately, enjoying the same types of music and movies and sharing the same ideals. Cobra thought it was weird that he prayed to some weird deity known as Chucklimo but he could look past it. Cobra and Viper then went on to form a club called the Rowdy Boys, a club about unwavering loyalty to its members even in the face of death.
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